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Live Theatre Under the Stars!

Posted on July 31st, 2012
Have YOU ever worn fishnet stockings? I have and had an amazing time doing so. In fact, I also had sparkly hair gel and fantastic eye make-up to finish the look.

Of course I’m not talking about my day job as a meteorologist, rather referring to my walk on role in Project X Theatre’s adaptation of the Rocky Horror Show in 2010. This was a part of a Tourism Kamloops promotion where I was ‘Double Dog Dared’ to do this role … it was a blast! Even though I do the weather on TV in front of thousands (through the camera) each day, being on stage with so many awesome actors in front of a live audience certainly gave me butterflies! It was a great time... even though I was a few dance steps out of rhythm while doing ‘The Time Warp’ with the cast!

This year, the theatre company is putting on Romeo & Juliet and James & the Giant Peach. This will be great for the families and I understand there are already some sold out shows! It's a treat to watch such excellent performances in the outdoors on a beautiful warm summer Kamloops evening. It is a super social event too as you're sure to meet some old friends attending as I did while taking in a show last year.
Get your tickets as the shows are on now through August 11 and I promise you will NOT see me there dressed as a Giant Peach – I’ll leave the fun to the talented actors!

For more info on X-Fest - click here: http://www.tourismkamloops.com/home_showSection_ID_614.html

~ Mark Madryga, Tourism Kamloops Ambassador



Project X Theatre has Begun! Two Weeks of Fun!




First Hand Crafted Wines from Kamloops Now Available


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2012 Year to Date Accommodation Tax Revenue in Kamloops up 4% over 2011.

Kamloops, BC: Tourism Kamloops is reporting a 4% increase in 2012 accommodation tax revenues for the months of January through April over 2011 numbers for the same period.

Tourism Kamloops in part attributes this increase to strengthened family leisure travel as a result of ongoing marketing efforts targeting metro Vancouver and regional British Columbia. This builds on the continued strength in sport tourism in Kamloops.

“These numbers are in line with forecasts set for 2012.” says Lee Morris, CEO. “With robust targeted family leisure marketing campaigns into the BC market and the continuation of diverse sporting events being hosted in Kamloops, there is considerable optimism that the forecast revenues for 2012 will be achieved.”


For More Information:
Ms. Lee Morris CEO
Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.319.4247
E: lee@tourismkamloops.com




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You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Gelato!

The weather in Kamloops is warm, so that makes for a delightful time consuming the best summer treat … ice cream. But have you ever had gelato? I haven’t, until today and sad to say, I’m hooked.

A beautiful afternoon in Kamloops, and my two boys and I were taking a nice walk down the brick sidewalks of Kamloops. The trees have exploded into various shades of green and people are out walking their dogs, wearing sunglasses and sporting flip flops. I was looking for coffee and walked into the locally owned Zack’s Coffee, and what to my boy’s wondering eyes should appear, but a case full of specialty gelato. I’m an ice cream fan, as are they, but there’s something about the presentation of that Italian style ice cream known as gelato, sitting there looking all yummy and covered with special oozing icings and chocolate drippings.

The lady at Zack’s was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She asked if the boys would like to sample before making their decisions, and after two samples for my 6 year old, and ahem … FIVE samples for my 8 year old, the youngest went for chocolate and chocolate chip and the eldest picked vanilla and chocolate. Of course, as their loving mother, I made sure I helped them finish the gelato which was so nicely put into their little cupcake-style cups.

I still did get my coffee and we sat outside on their sidewalk patio enjoying watching the people pass by, loving the sun and happy that summer has now been welcomed by a scoop (or two) of gelato! Mmmmm!


~ Awesome Aleece

Tourism Kamloops’ 2012 Kamloops Cocktail Competition Kicks Off

Kamloops, BC: The 2012 Tourism Kamloops Cocktail Competition is underway. 2012’s competition is embracing the celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial whereby participating establishments will concoct their cocktail as an interpretation of the history of Kamloops. Using a maximum of six ingredients, the competing cocktails will be included on the establishment’s menu for the duration of the summer season (July 9th – September 4th). Voting will take place on a weekly basis at
www.tourismkamloops.com/cocktail , with finalists moving on to the next round until July 30th, at which time the top five cocktails will be announced. “We’re excited to be hosting the Kamloops Cocktail Competition once again. This event showcases our
diverse hospitality industry and encourages locals and visitors to celebrate a significant historical milestone for Kamloops in a festive, summer-inspired fashion,” said Tourism Kamloops’ CEO, Ms. Lee Morris.

On August 9th, a panel of judges will assemble at St. Andrews on the Square to sample the five final creations and select the overall winner. The 2012 Kamloops Cocktail campaign combines the innovation of local restaurateurs with the
celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial, all in the spirit of embracing summer in Kamloops.


Contact: Ms. Lee Morris, CEO, Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.372.8000 C: 250.319.4247
E: lee@tourismkamloops.com

Wild! Fresh! And Oh So Natural!

Posted on July 4th, 2012
Kamloops’ Farmers’ Markets are a true delight for the veggie lovers out there. Some of you might be thinking …“But Mark, I HATE vegetables and now that I’m older, I just won’t eat them.” If I can’t convince you to try the difference truly fresh veggies make in their taste and quality, then how about I tempt you with other delectable items like fruits, homemade breads, honey sticks, native-made bannock and tasty sweets.

[caption id="attachment_521" align="alignnone" width="295" caption="Mark, 1964 - Age 1. Retrieving vegetables from a Woodwards shopping bag."][/caption]


Now we’re talking, right?! There are actually FOUR Farmers’ Markets in Kamloops which sell local produce and products from April through October. My Mom and Dad had a great garden when we lived in Kamloops and we were never short of fresh peas, carrots, beans, corn and tomatoes. I for sure ate more veggies when I was a kid, but the Farmers’ Market is a fun place to meet the farmers, growers, bakers and makers of great food, which more than makes me happy for good, healthy produce… yes, even veggies!

[caption id="attachment_522" align="alignnone" width="295" caption="Mark, 1968 - age 5. Planting garden in backyard with dad in North Kamloops"][/caption]


So what’s your favourite vegetable? Mine is asparagus, believe it or not. We used to pick it wild when I was little, out by the Kamloops Airport. And for fruit, I'm a berry kind of guy… blueberries and raspberries, and oh yes, I definitely love watermelon!

[caption id="attachment_523" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Mark, 1970 - Age 7. Posing with big vegetable garden in North Kamloops."][/caption]


So head out to one of the Farmers’ Markets this year in Kamloops, meet the locals and stock up on some really amazing food!

~ Mark Madryga