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Kamloops - You've Done it Again!

This is an email we received yesterday from some guests who recently passed through on the Rocky Mountaineer.  Congrats Kamloops for helping make their trip so memorable!

Hi all, my wife and I had the pleasure of holidaying in Canada this year and before leaving Scotland we made a wish list of our dreams to make the holiday special. Top of the list was to return with a photo of us taken with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Other items on the wish list like photos of live Canadian wildlife (bears and eagles etc.) were achieved but after three weeks in Canada and travelling from east coast to west coast we still never saw a mounted policeman in uniform. Can you imagine our delight when we arrived in Kamloops by train to be met by mounted gentlemen saluting our arrival and then how proud we were of all Canadians to find out they were volunteers. What a fantastic example you have set for the whole of Canada and if we had a nomination of the best community we saw on our visit, it would be Kamloops. Should we ever visit Canada again Kamloops would be top of our list of must sees. Please accept this e-mail as a sincere thank you to all members of the Kamloops community for their continued excellence in service to visitors to your wonderful town

We would be happy to share your excellence with the world, they could all learn the value you place on tourism is a winner and the highlighted felling of welcome when you reach the enchanted City of Kamloops is an example for everyone to follow. All Canadians should be proud of how you set the standard; your memory will linger long in our dreams. Thank you Kamloops.

- Mr & Mrs Tannerhill from East Lothian, Scotland



35 Million Film Directors Wanted for CTC Project

35 million film directors wanted for Canadian Tourism Commission project to help inspire more travellers around the world to come and explore Canada!

Move over Hollywood, get ready TIFF, there’s a new show in production as Canada becomes the country-wide set for a tourism video, one where the stars—and directors—are all local and getting reel.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is reaching out to Canadians through its 35 Million Directors project: to help create a new video to inspire more travellers from around the world to choose Canada for their vacation.

Starting today, Canadians can upload experiences from coast to coast to coast, videos or images, to a new website. Footage and photos must showcase Canadian travel experiences - from a favourite hike to a music festival, a sporting event to dining al fresco downtown. ‘Directors’ will want to capture moments that will whet the appetite of international travellers looking for unique and authentic examples of what is available across Canada.

Contest Prizes: The cherry on top: a contest with prizes for the best entries and even a random draw so everyone’s got a shot. The contest runs until from August 22 - September 16, 2012, when the CTC will then look at the story-line Canadians have created, select the best entries, and mix in the work of a few professional directors to create a grassroots video advertisement to inspire travellers from around the world to visit Canada.

“We’re out to create a story from the point of view of Canadians and what makes them proud about our great cities, our geography and nature, our cuisine, our culture, or perhaps the friendliness of a local festival,” says Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO. “We hope Canadians are out there this summer enjoying what our country offers whether on a trip or during a lunch break. Many are already capturing what moves them on phones and cameras and sharing with friends and family. We want to share these images big time with the world, and add a grassroots dimension to our marketing efforts in attracting more and more international visitors to Canada.”

Inspirational help will be on hand as well from Canada’s deep pool of talent. Renowned visual artist Douglas Coupland has stepped forward to post his own video. Film-school students are encouraged to upload clips of their own.

The final two-minute video will debut at the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) Congress in November and be shared with Canadians before CTC starts using the video in international travel campaigns.

For further information, please contact: Margaret Nevin Senior Communications Advisor Canadian Tourism Commission Tel: 604-638-8406

Congratulations to Terra Restaurant - Kamloops Cocktail Winner

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Tourism Kamloops’ 2012 Kamloops Cocktail – Five Finalists Face Off

Kamloops, BC: The five finalists of the 2012 Tourism Kamloops Cocktail Competition have been determined. On August 9th, Ramada’s Rooftop Lounge, Hoodoos at Sun Rivers, Terra Restaurant, Frick and Frack and ORA Restaurant Lounge will face off at St. Andrews on the Square where a panel of judges will select the overall winner based on the presentation by lounge, presentation of the cocktail and how well the cocktail tied into the city’s history.

2012’s competition embraced the celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial whereby participating cocktails featured an interpretation of the history of Kamloops. Using a maximum of six ingredients, the cocktails have been included on the establishment’s menu since July 9th and will remain after the competition until September 4th. Online voting took place weekly at A total of 3866 votes were cast over the 4 week period.

“Tourism Kamloops would like to thank the restaurant partners for participating in this event. This event has allowed us to showcase Kamloops’ diverse hospitality industry and has encouraged locals and visitors to celebrate a significant historical milestone for Kamloops in a festive, summer-inspired fashion,” said Tourism Kamloops’ CEO, Ms. Lee Morris.

The 2012 Kamloops Cocktail campaign combined the innovation of local restaurateurs with the celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial, all in the spirit of embracing summer in Kamloops.


Contact: Ms. Lee Morris, CEO, Tourism Kamloops

P: 250.372.8000 C: 250.319.4247