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Food Trucks

What an assignment- sampling Food Truck cuisine on a beautiful summer day!

Somebody had to do it- right? So my colleague Patrick O'Donovan and I trundled to downtown Kamloops. Now we couldn’t possibly sample all of them and expect to return primed for work on a Friday afternoon. So as responsible adults we showed some prudence and avoided rolling around under desks the remainder of the afternoon..

Our first stop was a St Andrews Square where Samidges Food Truck was located. Despite, some impressive menu items including their signature Samidge made up of thinly sliced roast beast, lettuce, tomatoe, sautéed mushrooms, onions, cheddar and mayo on a toasted hoagie while looking and tasting like a cross between a beef dip and a sub, we both chose a Deluxe Dog featuring ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, banana peppers, hot sauce, onions and mayo.
Go figure! There are times when you just feel like a dog…..in fact wanting it so badly and eating is so fast that the only image we took was way too late!

Samidges Facebook Page


Our next truck was located at 5th and Victoria outside the TNRD building. Bellringer Espresso is perhaps the biggest of the bunch in terms of physical size, neatly housed in a converted school bus. Despite room to move inside that also includes a few chairs and tables in the back in case of inclement weather, Bellringer keeps it fairly simple offering hot and iced coffee drinks, impressive organic smoothies one of which I had plus signature sandwiches, special culinary plates of the day and fair trade coffee by the pound. If you want specialty java on 4 wheels, this is the vehicle to hunt down!




We next moved on to Riverside Park in downtown Kamloops to find the Pig Rig. Cat & Joe’s precisely featuring southern BBQ and perhaps the best succulent smelling food truck yet. Who could resist pulled pork tacos? Patrick couldn’t and if we had of done this day’s trip in reverse, I would have been right with him….come on- BBQ pulled pork topped with slaw and in between Tequila Habanero sauce and chipotle aioli on a “Fresh is Best” corn tortilla- how could you resist? Well… I did but it wasn’t easy. Even reading the chalk board menu with the Ripped Pig pulled pork sandwich with beans and fries as their “Big Gun” dish wasn’t easy resisting.




Next it was on to Eats Amore the following day- no way could we pony up to  more food on one day unless we were doing dinner as well….speaking of dinner, Eats Amore will be located downtown on select dates for dinner. But today our minds were on lunch fixings with offerings such as pasta, salads and 2 signature sandwiches – Italian Delight and a Meatball sub. I had the Meatball Sub that featured local grass fed beef- it was yummy! Patrick had the Italian featuring whipped bourzin, lots of local arugula, fresh mozza, prosciutto and balsamic drizzle.

Eat Amore specializes in homemade pastas, salads, sandwiches, and deserts. To the best of their abilities they serve S.S.O.L. Food, (seasonal, sustainable, organic and local) in all dishes.



FYI- On July 26th, Privato Winery and Vineyard will be hosting their annual local grazing Farm2Chefs event! This year they are featuring talented chefs from all around Kamloops. More information available at http://www.farm2chefs.com/


For Kamloops Food Truck summer location listings, visit the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association website at www.kcbia.com/downtown-kamloops-food-truck-calendar/


A Bigger Ball and a Foot for a Club!

I was lucky enough to have been invited by Sun Rivers Golf Course to go try out the brand new sport of Foot Golf. As a former soccer player and a non-golfer I was really excited to see how this would work. Some logistics for those of you who have yet to try it out:

  • Footwear: I used runners but you are also able to wear indoor soccer shoes or golf shoes but NO outdoor soccer cleats
  • Dress code is the same as it would be for regular golf
  • You will play 18 holes of foot golf on 9 holes of golf (2 holes per golf green)
  • The foot golf holes are not on the same green as the golf holes and are much bigger in size
  • The distance you have to kick the ball is much shorter than the distance you would have to hit the golf ball
  • You can either bring your own ball or rent a ball for $5
  • You can use the same score card as golf and follow the same PAR rating for each hole
  • A round of 18 holes will take approximately 2 hours
  • Any and all levels can play

Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I loved how you can play the hills and kick it in what seemed like the wrong direction and have it roll down and end up within putting distance of the hole. I found the putting the most difficult part but heard from some people afterwards that it was easier if you used the front of your foot instead of the side so that will be what I work on next time. We were lucky enough to get carts as it was all part of the experience but I would definitely be willing to do it without a cart as all you really have is yourself and your ball which you are most likely chasing anyways.

I am guessing we will see much more growth in this sport as golf courses are starting to diversify in order to attract new golfers, some of whom may have never stepped on a golf course before. Of all of the people who were out on the course the same day as me, I heard only positive comments. Everyone enjoyed it. Now go give it a try!!!


Downtown Kamloops Offers Additional Visitor Services

~For Immediate Release~

July 3, 2014


Downtown Kamloops Offers Additional Visitor Services


Kamloops, BC: a new tourist information outlet has opened in downtown Kamloops, a partnership project of Tourism Kamloops, the KCBIA and the BC Wildlife Park. With increasing visitor traffic throughout the city, the additional outlet looks to further compliment current welcome services to visitors enjoying the downtown core.


“We are thrilled to have put together the Souvenir & Visitor Info Store in our beautiful downtown,” says Tourism Kamloops’ CEO Ms. Lee Morris. “With more and more traffic in our downtown core, this outlet was the perfect opportunity to get out into the community and welcome visitors face to face.”


The newly opened seasonal outlet is located at #103 – 340 Victoria Street beside Boston Pizza and is open daily from noon until 8pm. Not only do the Visitor Centre Certified staff welcome visitors and help them add to their “must do in Kamloops” list, but there is also a growing selection of Kamloops souvenirs for purchase including T-shirts, postcards, maps and more.


“For us, it was all about the partnership of this exciting pilot project,” says KCBIA General Manager Gay Pooler. “Together, the BC Wildlife Park, KCBIA, and Tourism Kamloops have joined to develop this vibrant location.”


The KCBIA’s CAP Team was using the space as their headquarters for the summer months and were looking to drive more traffic to the location. The idea to add a retail component was formed and the three way partnership easily fell into place providing the added bonus of a satellite office for the BC Wildlife Park to increase their presence downtown.


“We’re very pleased to be a part of this project,” says BC Wildlife Park General Manager Glenn Grant. “Whatever we can do to further enhance the experience visitors have in our city is a win/win for everyone.”


Pooler thinks this three month pilot project is the perfect outlet to test the downtown marketplace for her retailers. “We want to see if there is an appetite for this kind of retail and these hours downtown,” she says. “This is valuable information for our retailers to assess opportunities.”


So far, the team acknowledges they’ve seen good things. “The outlet has been open for one day and already has seen good traffic,” says Morris. “We look forward to showing each of our guests the warm, welcoming personality Kamloops is known for to encourage visitors to return in the future.”


For More Information:


Ms. Lee Morris CEO                        Glenn Grant GM                              Gay Pooler GM                                

Tourism Kamloops                           BC Wildlife Park                                                KCBIA

C: 250.319.4247                                 C: 250.819.0928                 C: 250.318.0184



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