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Kamloops Heat Won't Keep Pokemon GO Players Away

Local Kamloops company teams up with Tourism Kamloops to help tourists catch em' all


KAMLOOPS, BC, July 29, 2016 – Kamloops is the latest British Columbian community to catch Pokémon GO fever. Turns out the community is a hotspot for Pokémon activity and it is attracting locals and tourists alike to the city centre and surrounding area to ensure they catch em’all.

“Our programmers were clearly some of the first in our community to get hooked onto this latest mobile application. As a creative and passionate group we immediately saw an opportunity to channel our latest interest into something that could engage everyone around us,” explains iTel Networks COO, Dan Rink.

iTel Networks developed a live Pokémon GO index map that identifies and updates locations of Pokémon in Kamloops.

“We get excited about anything that brings people to Kamloops and keeps them exploring,” says Beverley DeSantis, CEO of Tourism Kamloops. “We were thrilled when iTel came to us with their map and are proud to partner with them to ensure all game enthusiasts have access to the map.”

Locals and tourists alike will find Pokémon on hiking trails, mountain bike paths, throughout the charming downtown core, at Riverside Park, and even throughout local wineries.

“Pokémon seem to love hanging out in all of our favorite places too. It is a great way for the whole family to discover new aspects of Kamloops and get outside to enjoy the amazing summer weather,” says DeSantis. “The best sight so far was watching a family enjoy our nightly music in the park series and watching their kids playing together and hunting Pokémon. The mobile app is bringing people together in a fun new way.”

The Pokémon GO index map can be picked up directly at the Tourism Kamloops Visitor Centre or downloaded at pokemap.itel.com.


About iTel Networks Inc.

iTel Networks is a national carrier of business-exclusive internet, telecom, and cloud services with a simple philosophy: provide the best and most reliable solutions at the most affordable price.         

They are the first real alternative in a market dominated by unresponsive mega corporations and small operations who don’t have the infrastructure and expertise to create and support reliable services. They have built a “network of networks” that allows them to combine the power of every service provider into one, which enables them to provide 100% uptime and service to businesses all across the country, even in the most remote locations.


About Tourism Kamloops

Tourism Kamloops leads the marketing of Kamloops as a unique, accessible, and affordable destination on behalf of the City of Kamloops, the Kamloops accommodation industry, and tourism stakeholders.


For media inquiries:

NAME: Jordan Rinke
TITLE: Chief Technology Officer            
PHONE: 1.888.899.4835 ext. 1019
EMAIL: jordan@itel.com

New Golf Technology - What the Pros are Using!

Written by: Bill Bilton, Head Pro, The Dunes and Sun Peaks

Equipment at the highest level is a very complex topic and the pros are using the best gear based on the science. The most practical advice is to "Start with your clubs and stick with science. Over the years, club makers have gone back to the books to study a physics concept called 'moment of inertia' to improve the performance of clubs from putters to drivers", Forbes, Golf Goes High Tech. Taylor Made leads the way on the PGA tour, with Callaway, Nike, Cobra, Ping, Titleist and a few others following suit - all high end brands with specs suited for world class players. The lie and loft angles are set perfectly for posture and ball flight preference; the shaft stiffness is set for swing speed. Most specs are obtained from a tour player, or any player hitting balls with a “Trackman”. The Trackman records the results – head speed, ball spin ratio, launch angle, etc. A professional fitter can then suggest the best shaft and club head for that player. Professionals usually have equipment with the weight of the club centered directly behind the “sweet spot” of the club head, whereas a weekend golfer may use a club with the weight distributed around the perimeter of the club head paving the way for good results on shots slightly amiss. A professional will have a golf shaft typically quite stiff for more control versus a novice player with a golf shaft with more flex. Hence, the importance of getting fitted!

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17 Unreal (But Real) Photos of Mountain Biking Nirvana In The South Thompson Shuswap

Nirvana (Noun): place or state characterized by freedom from pain, worry, and the external world

Mountain Biking Nirvana: The South Thompson Shuswap


Close your eyes and ask your imagination to script the most epic, unconfined and exhilarating mountain bike ride in Canada. You probably envisioned a ride that spikes your adrenaline, ignores your brakes and tears through terrain that feels like it was made solely for the purpose of being conquered on two wheels. If your imagination put you on adrenaline-spiking trails your mountain biking ambition should bring you to the South Thompson Shuswap. With seemingly endless kilometres of tracks that weave and fly through eleven different environments and across open, hilly and mountainous lands there is simply no better biking destination in Canada.


Each area within the South Thompson Shuswap has its own distinct features.

Kamloops: Home to Canada’s Largest Municipal Bike Park and countless trails through desert and golden grassland
Shuswap: Hundreds of kilometers of isolated, flowy trails through lush and scenic landscapes

Sun Peaks: Steep downhills through fields of wildflowers with a chairlift available to take you back to the top


Combined, these destinations (all within a short drive or long ride of each other) give the region a strong claim as one of Canada’s premiere mountain biking destinations. These iconic destinations remain largely undiscovered to cyclists in North America. That means the hero dirt, the preserved trails, the massive jumps, and the striking vistas are yours to experience without any traffic.

Want to see what mountain biking heaven looks like before visiting? Behold these photos, taken by local and visiting mountain bikers, and consider a trip to these trails before the season ends.













Big group ride with even bigger descents. #burntheberms #mtb #explorekamloops

A photo posted by Mike Coulter (@mikey_coulter) on https://www.instagram.com/p/1lADrstCNW/






Consider this your invitation. Mountain biking nirvana awaits in the South Thompson Shuswap. These links will get you from two feet to two wheels in no time. We’ll see you on the trails.


Sun Peaks Resort Bike Park


Mostly Mental Shuttles, Kamloops



Shuswap Trail Alliance

10 Reasons Why The South Thompson Shuswap Is Canada's SUP Capital

The South Thompson Shuswap is a paradise for those who love to stand up paddleboard. With countless lakes and rivers to paddle on and the perfect, sunny weather to fulfil your SUP dreams, there’s simply no better place in Canada to be on a board and walk on water. Just take a look at these incredible pictures from Shuswap, Sun Peaks and Kamloops.

Need more convincing? We didn’t think so. But just in case, here are the 10 reasons why the South Thompson Shuswap is Canada’s SUP Capital.


Amazing landscape diversity

Only in the South Thompson Shuswap can you paddle on water surrounded by lush forests, towering mountains, arid deserts and bright green grasslands. You can find almost any biome in The South Thompson Shuswap and paddle through it.



The quietest, smoothest waters

Love the feeling of having a lake all to yourself? In the South Thompson Shuswap you’ll see more wildlife in the water than you’ll see people. The result: quiet and smooth waters perfect for SUP.



309.6 km's of lake all to myself! #SUP #exploreshuswap #SalmonArm

A photo posted by David McAleenan (@mashola) on https://www.instagram.com/p/2jZrsQELnr/


Famous SUP culture

Stand up paddleboarding is more than just an activity in the South Thompson Shuswap, it’s a way of life. Locals and visitors find their peace on the still waters of area’s lakes and strong SUP businesses help support the cause.



#sup #paullake #explorekamloops

A photo posted by @christian.dennis on https://www.instagram.com/p/3rbQF3GqmT/?taken-by=christian.dennis


Crystal clear water

The lakes of the South Thompson Shuswap clear themselves at an astounding rate, meaning the water is fresh, pure and so clear that you can see straight to the bottom. This calmness in the water allows you to explore a whole new world under your board, where dash by and curious turtles swim at your feet.



Incredible scenery

Did we mention the views?



Secret beaches

With miles of waterfront and isolated lakes, the South Thompson Shuswap is famous for its secret shores. Paddle up to one and spend the day (and maybe your night) on your own private beach.




One of first ever paddleboards imported to Canada came through the South Thompson Shuswap, making the region one of the first SUP areas in the country. In the region, you’ll find some of Canada’s most knowledgeable stand up paddleboarders who are eager to share their advice on where to SUP.



Best weather in the country

The South Thompson Shuswap is known for its blue skies and warm, comfortable temperatures.



Dog friendly

Stand up paddleboarding doesn’t have to be just for those with two legs. With dog friendly hiking trails and beaches, the South Thompson Shuswap is a natural fit for adding a dog to your paddleboard.



Everyone can do it

Most importantly, SUP in the South Thompson Shuswap is an activity for everyone. Beginners love the calm, gentle waters while more advanced paddlers can find challenges in downwinding in the Shuswap. Whatever your skill level or familiarity with SUP, there’s water waiting for you in the South Thompson Shuswap.




Paddle-Specific Local Businesses

Ready to walk on water in Canada’s SUP Capital? Any of these paddle-specific local businesses will have you on the water as soon as you can get to the South Thompson Shuswap.

Paddle Surfit

+1 250-318-0722


Tailgate Tours



Wake Up SUP



Explore Paddling in Kamloops!

Written by: Doug Smth

The rivers of Kamloops collect the meltwaters of mountain ranges of the Interior, flowing downstream where they meet to become the Thompson River. The South Thompson River comes from the Monashee Mountains to the east, collected in Shuswap Lake, then it flows 60 km west to Kamloops. The North Thompson River starts in the Cariboo Mountains to the north and flows for 355 km south to Kamloops.   The confluence is right in the center of Kamloops.   The Thompson River flows for another 15 km to Kamloops Lake and then beyond to Ashcroft, Spence’s Bridge and to Lytton where it joins the Fraser River. The rivers of Kamloops offer a combined total of over 100 km of recreation opportunities for on-the-water activities. 

Paddlers can launch their boats at a number of spots along the South Thompson River. The best launch spot is at Pioneer Park where there is lots of parking, a boat launch area with beach landing spots, a back eddy start/finish, and choices of upstream or downstream paddling. A popular choice is to go upstream to the Yellowhead Bridge with an easy paddle back downstream for a 3.5 km out-and-back route. Paddlers can also go downstream to the confluence of the two rivers and back, staying close to the shoreline in either direction. Upstream paddling is all hard work, so it’s always best to stay close to the shoreline. Other launch/landing spots on the South Thompson River include Valleyview Boat Launch, the Lafarge Bridge (21 km upstream), the Pritchard Bridge (42 km upstream), and at Chase.   An excellent choice is to paddle downstream only, leaving a vehicle at the landing spot. Downstream paddlers can expect to do 5 to 8 km an hour!

There are a few spots to hand launch on the North Thompson River. Paddlers can go upstream from Riverside Park which will be a good workout since the North Thompson River flows more quickly than the South Thompson River. There are a few spots along the river to launch in Westsyde with the best choice being the foot of Harrington Drive. It is possible to launch from Rayleigh, the Tournament Capital Ranch too, but there are no official boat launches. Farther upstream, paddlers launch at the McLure Ferry and the Little Fort Ferry for long downstream paddle adventures.  

Paddlers can also launch from McArthur Island to explore Rabbit Island, the 12 km section downstream, or upstream to the confluence. At Cooney Bay the river empties into Kamloops Lake and paddlers can explore the shoreline west to Battle Bluff or along the east end of the 25 km lake. During freshet, the estuary floods and paddlers can explore the Tranquille Wildlife Protected Area wetlands.  

All boats should carry safety gear (a pfd is essential) and paddlers need to take precautions for weather conditions, faster flowing water during freshet, river hazards, fitness considerations, cold water, other and paddling safety  considerations. The best time to paddle the rivers of Kamloops are mornings, weekdays, or the off-season when the powerboats are not out in force. At those peak times, paddlers can go to one of hundreds of lakes in the area, picking a new location each time all season!

2016 Kamloops Tourism Revenues and Visitation See Unprecedented Numbers




For Immediate Release
July 11, 2016, Kamloops, BC: Kamloops is a direct beneficiary of the hot tourism wave being felt across the province.  2016 started strong as the city played host to two prominent sporting events in February and April – Hockey Day in Canada and the IIHF Women’s World Cup Hockey Championship.  Kamloops understands the significant correlation between exceptional event hosting experiences and the ability to drive room nights, hotel tax revenues and overall visitation.
“Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT) figures for April 2016 have reported a 52% increase over the same month in 2015 - the largest MRDT receipt for April in Tourism Kamloops’ history.  Year to date tax revenues to the end of April have also accounted for a 33% increase over the same period in 2015”, reports Beverley DeSantis, CEO.  “This is fantastic news for our accommodation partners and for the Kamloops tourism industry at large.  Demonstrated revenue and visitation increases result from Tourism Kamloops’ shift in marketing to inspire visitation in off-peak tourism periods.”
The Kamloops Visitor Centre has also been buzzing.  Total visitors assisted by the Kamloops Visitor Centre to the end of June are up 41% over 2015.  While these numbers are inclusive of off-site visitor engagement by the Visitor Centre team, this increase reflects a proactive shift to mobilize visitor services throughout the city and in partnership with other organizations such as the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association’s Citizen on Patrol (CAP) Team.  Increased visitation from BC (up 18%), AB (up 21%) and other Canadian provinces (up 32%) have dominated the guest arrivals list.  Visitors from Europe are also reporting growth (up 25%).
In addition, Kamloops’ tourism industry is in alignment with the success reported throughout the province.  In a recent release by the province, room revenue for British Columbia showed an increase of 22.2% for the month of April 2016 with a total year to date increase of 21.3% based on participating MRDT communities.


Media Contact:
Beverley DeSantis, CEO
Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.372.8000
C: 250.517.9094
E: bev@tourismkamloops.com


Photo Credit: Maur Muzza Mere

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Media Dinners Calgary, Vancouver & Seattle

Tourism Kamloops is fortunate to be invited to join our destination marketing partners from throughout the province to host and attend media dinners in key target markets in Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle each year. Over the past two months and during these three events, we have been face to face with over 150 journalists, bloggers and social influencers pitching Kamloops story ideas.  Many of our conversations revolve around “what’s hot”, “what’s new” and “what sets us apart”.  These events present a great opportunity to strike and nurture relationships that, in essence, have the potential to lead to earned media exposure for Kamloops.

By working in collectively with our destination marketing partners and our dedicated tourism stakeholders, results can be impressive.  We recently received coverage in Quantas Airline’s magazine from Australian freelance journalist Guy Wilkinson as a result of his visit last fall 



This 5 page spread in their June edition will be seen by approximately 422,000 readers and equates to an advertising equivalency of approximately $86,463 CAD ($18,425 per page AUS).


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