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Kamloops Accommodation Industry Endorses 3% Municipal Regional District Tax

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Kamloops Accommodation Industry Endorses 3% Municipal Regional District Tax

September 15, 2016, Kamloops, BC: The Kamloops accommodation industry has confidently supported a lift in Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT) from 2% to 3% commencing July 1, 2017. With 70% of the accommodation owners representing 83% of the room inventory voting in support of the tax increase, the message is clear that increased funding to support tourism marketing is a priority.

Every five years, Tourism Kamloops in partnership with the Kamloops accommodation industry and the City of Kamloops, seek to renew the levy as a significant funding source for destination marketing led by Tourism Kamloops.

“2016 has been a banner year for tourism in Kamloops,” notes Beverley DeSantis, Tourism Kamloops CEO. “The local tourism industry has witnessed impressive increases in revenues and visitation with accommodation revenues reporting an increase of nearly 18% year to date June 2016 over the same period in 2015. In addition, we are seeing similar increases in tourism visitation through our visitor engagement initiatives of 36% year to date August 2016.”

“Additional marketing funds to Tourism Kamloops will support the industry’s desire to shift from traditional summer tourism marketing, to an emphasis on “needs period” promotion encouraging visitation to Kamloops outside of July and August. Destination and experience development initiatives will be at the forefront to building tourism experiences in the winter, spring and fall seasons,” adds Joey Beltrano, Kamloops Accommodation Association Chair.

As part of the MRDT renewal process, Tourism Kamloops along with industry partners, have undertaken a renewed strategic plan process for the next five years 2017-2022. An overview of the plan will be presented to Kamloops City Council on September 20th with the request that a bylaw be passed for the provincial government to levy the tax on their behalf. The complete application for MRDT renewal will be submitted at the end of October to ensure a seamless transition on July 1, 2017.


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Beverley DeSantis, CEO
Tourism Kamloops
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New Public Artwork installed at Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops

The Kamloops Art Gallery and the City of Kamloops are proud to announce the permanent installation of a new artwork at the entrance to the Tournament Capital Centre. The newest public artwork recently installed in the city is by important British Columbian artist, Cameron Kerr. The work is from the Kamloops Art Gallery’s permanent collection and is now installed permanently at the TCC location as part of a public art partnership with the City of Kamloops.

Cameron Kerr has a longstanding relationship with the Kamloops Art Gallery. He created the commemorative wildfire sculpture that is permanently installed outside the TNRD building, which houses the library and art gallery, and his work was notably included in the exhibition An Era of Discontent: Art as Occupation at the KAG in 2012. The acquisition of this work, Freud’s Ceiling, is indicative of the Gallery’s mandate to collect work by living Canadian artists who have previously shown in Kamloops Art Gallery exhibitions.

Installing the work at this location allows the Gallery to share its permanent collection with a broader public. Public art is a key marker of all mature cities and this initiative is indicative of the dual importance Kamloops puts on both sports and culture. This work reflects the KAG’s commitment to supporting artists who are working and contributing to the conversation in British Columbia’s vibrant art scene today.

Freud’s Ceiling is based on a pattern found on the ceiling of an addition that was built on to Sigmund Freud’s house in London, UK, where the artist Cameron Kerr visited. The design references a naturally occurring pattern that forms in the visual cortex of the brain when one is half asleep. As part of his exploration, Kerr was also interested in research developed by a neurological scientist at the University of Chicago, Jack Cowan. Cowan discovered the mathematical formula that occurs in the visual cortex which produces hexagonal patterns.

Commissioned by the City of Vancouver to celebrate the City’s 125th anniversary, Freud’s Ceiling is part of a body of work that emerged from research into various sources, including art history, modernist architecture, iconography in the built and cultural environment, as well as the fields of biology and psychology. Freud’s Ceiling is similar to Cameron Kerr’s earlier work, in which he produced sculptural objects based on hexagonal concrete city planters. The carved forms and markings in these works evoke familiar urban shapes and reference the rods and cones that form the human eye retina.

Kerr’s geometric sculptures suggest a bodily relationship to our built environment and allude to perceptual processes, where the sculpture embodies the very mechanisms of viewing in the object being perceived and understood by the eye. Now in its prominent location at the TCC, the architectural references of this sculpture acknowledge the importance of this civic building to the citizens of Kamloops.

Cameron Kerr developed his marble carving skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy and studied with William Tucker and Anthony Gormley in the UK. He went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, where he worked with well known artist Liz Magor. Working in marble, he developed an approach that merges traditional, figurative and conceptual strategies.

Please direct all media inquiries to Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery, (250) 377-2410, or Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery, (250) 377-2406