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New Public Artwork installed at Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops

The Kamloops Art Gallery and the City of Kamloops are proud to announce the permanent installation of a new artwork at the entrance to the Tournament Capital Centre. The newest public artwork recently installed in the city is by important British Columbian artist, Cameron Kerr. The work is from the Kamloops Art Gallery’s permanent collection and is now installed permanently at the TCC location as part of a public art partnership with the City of Kamloops.

Cameron Kerr has a longstanding relationship with the Kamloops Art Gallery. He created the commemorative wildfire sculpture that is permanently installed outside the TNRD building, which houses the library and art gallery, and his work was notably included in the exhibition An Era of Discontent: Art as Occupation at the KAG in 2012. The acquisition of this work, Freud’s Ceiling, is indicative of the Gallery’s mandate to collect work by living Canadian artists who have previously shown in Kamloops Art Gallery exhibitions.

Installing the work at this location allows the Gallery to share its permanent collection with a broader public. Public art is a key marker of all mature cities and this initiative is indicative of the dual importance Kamloops puts on both sports and culture. This work reflects the KAG’s commitment to supporting artists who are working and contributing to the conversation in British Columbia’s vibrant art scene today.

Freud’s Ceiling is based on a pattern found on the ceiling of an addition that was built on to Sigmund Freud’s house in London, UK, where the artist Cameron Kerr visited. The design references a naturally occurring pattern that forms in the visual cortex of the brain when one is half asleep. As part of his exploration, Kerr was also interested in research developed by a neurological scientist at the University of Chicago, Jack Cowan. Cowan discovered the mathematical formula that occurs in the visual cortex which produces hexagonal patterns.

Commissioned by the City of Vancouver to celebrate the City’s 125th anniversary, Freud’s Ceiling is part of a body of work that emerged from research into various sources, including art history, modernist architecture, iconography in the built and cultural environment, as well as the fields of biology and psychology. Freud’s Ceiling is similar to Cameron Kerr’s earlier work, in which he produced sculptural objects based on hexagonal concrete city planters. The carved forms and markings in these works evoke familiar urban shapes and reference the rods and cones that form the human eye retina.

Kerr’s geometric sculptures suggest a bodily relationship to our built environment and allude to perceptual processes, where the sculpture embodies the very mechanisms of viewing in the object being perceived and understood by the eye. Now in its prominent location at the TCC, the architectural references of this sculpture acknowledge the importance of this civic building to the citizens of Kamloops.

Cameron Kerr developed his marble carving skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy and studied with William Tucker and Anthony Gormley in the UK. He went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, where he worked with well known artist Liz Magor. Working in marble, he developed an approach that merges traditional, figurative and conceptual strategies.

Please direct all media inquiries to Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery, (250) 377-2410, or Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery, (250) 377-2406



Darcy Tucker Returns To His Roots


Hockey is certainly on the minds of Kamloopsians as the city gears up to welcome viewers across Canada for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, February 3-6 2016. This nationally televised event invites locals and visitors alike to rub shoulders with hockey greats such as, Darcy Tucker. Kamloops’s local hockey favorite, retired NHL/WHL alumni returns to town. It’s been over a decade since Darcy Tucker was last in Kamloops, but he will be coming back February 3-6 as a Scotiabank ambassador for Hockey Day in Canada.

“I honestly can’t wait to come back to Kamloops. It’s been years since I was in the city, but I have so many great memories of living in Kamloops and playing junior hockey, it will be great to be back.” Said Darcy Tucker. Many of you will remember when Darcy Tucker, number 16, played for the Kamloops Blazer Hockey Club. He spent four years playing for the club of what are arguably the franchises most memorable years when they won 3 Memorial Cup championships.

Darcy vividly remembers being scouted by Bob Brown of the Blazers. Brown had never seen Darcy play in real time. He had watched a video tape of him and selected Tucker, based not on points he occurred in the game but by how many times he got up after being knocked down, 22 times in fact. That type of tenacity would carry Darcy through his entire career.

Darcy recalled that life as a teenager in Kamloops did not allow for much time between school and hockey, when Darcy did get time, he enjoyed the beauty of Kamloops’ outdoors, hiking and skiing close by. Darcy has found memories of so many influential people helping him during his time in Kamloops such as his billets, teachers and coaches. Darcy says they really helped mold him and help him become the mature man he is today.

As a young child playing hockey, Darcy had always opted to be #10 or #12, those were his go-to numbers, but that all changed when he came to Kamloops and was tossed #16.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” laughed Tucker. I called my Dad and asked if #16 was okay. He said “Bobby Clark wore #16 so yeah, it’s good. Represent it well. “Every time I stepped on the ice in my hockey career, I did my best to represent #16.

Today Darcy is putting his experience and passion for the game into the work he does as a brand ambassador for Scotiabank, the major sponsor of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada. It’s a job he loves.

“I have the best job,” said Tucker. “I get to travel with the Rogers Sportsnet and Scotiabank teams and help host Hometown Hockey events across the country. I enjoy working with Scotiabank because they believe in team work and community, and they give so many kids the opportunity to play the game of hockey through their sponsorship.”

Scotiabank sponsors 5000+ hockey teams across the country, something Darcy thinks is incredible.

“Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, for me, it’s all about people coming together, not just players on the ice, but all the people behind the scenes too. All kinds of personalities played the game, and still do. It’s a chance for us all to bond together with a common passion.”

When Darcy returns to Kamloops for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada he is looking forward to reconnecting with several hockey greats which he admired as a young kid. “When I was as a kid, I used to think hockey on TV was a movie. So when I got to meet Lanny McDonald when I was a kid and got to shake his hand, I realized that my dreams of making the NHL weren’t impossible, they were closer than I thought. Today, Lanny and I do a lot of work together.

Darcy also has great admiration for Kamloops’ hometown boy, and former Canadiens team mate, Mark Recchi. “I played with Mark when I first started in the NHL and he’s an incredible mentor. He was very good to me as a young guy coming to Montreal. I knew he was from Kamloops and had heard great things – he’s a good quality guy and it’ll be fun to reconnect.

 Kamloops is certainly looking forward to having Darcy Tucker and Mark Recchi back on hometown soil in less than two weeks for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada. Bring your friends and family down for a great four days of affordable fun! More info found here

(Interviewed by Aleece Laird) 

Top 5 Family Friendly things to Explore in Kamloops, BC

1. BC Wildlife Park

This is one of my favourite places to take the family.  There’s always something new and exciting and the seasonal events are spectacular!  The BC Wildlife Park is a place for all ages to explore over 65 species of our local wildlife.  Every member of the family will enjoy seeing cougars, moose, birds of prey, snakes, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and timber wolves. The parks’ newest member is ‘Clover’ a white Kermode known as a Spirit Bear who will be in his new enclosure this year.  I love the fact that The BC Wildlife Park aims to create a unique educational experience in which visitors can see and learn about one of Canada's most endangered and cultural significant animals and BC's official animal. 

2. Cliffside Climbing Gym

Over the winter year we took the nieces and nephews to the Indoor Cliffside Climbing Gym and it was a blast! There were easy rock walls to learn on (where we mostly stayed) and also some more challenging for the experienced.  Walk through the door and you can be climbing within minutes; that's how easy it is to climb!


3. Harper Mountain Tube Park

Harper Mountain is just outside of Kamloops and has a Tube Park! We went a few times this season (never gets old) and each time it was full of thrill and laughs.  We also brought with us a some snacks and they had a bon fire going every time.  I love that feeling you get when you’re in the outdoors sitting by a fire after a long hard afternoon or evening of fresh air!

4. The Big Little Science Centre

This has to be one of the most fun places!  The Big Little Science Centre teaches science in an interactive environment with over 120 hands on stations, you can experiment on your own and also watch a demonstration.  It doesn’t even feel like science, and a must do if you visit with the family.

5. Hiking and Family Photo Opportunities

Hiking in Kamloops is endless and there is so much ground to cover – no pun intended.  From easy walking trails along the Thompson River to longer hikes in the mountains, every family young and old can experience our landscape within minutes of your front door.  Recently we hiked Kenna Cartwright Park and Lac du Bois Battle Bluffs, both of which have amazing viewpoints for those seeking a great family picture.  Click here for more hiking a viewpoints in Kamloops.


Holiday Events in Kamloops

Holiday Events in Kamloops

Posted by Amber Harding on 28 Nov 2014 / 0 Comment

It’s never too early to start getting in the holiday spirit in Kamloops—especially when local festivities are kicking off as early as mid-November. Here are some of my favourite holiday events (that are also family-friendly!) happening in Kamloops that you won’t want to miss.

Lights in the Night 
Lights in the Night is the kick-off to a 28 day shopping promotion in downtown Kamloops and is also described as the ultimate shopping party, with tons of great sales and special promotions offered. There’s also prizes to be won, plus crafts and games available for kids, making it a great family-friendly event. Downtown Kamloops, which is considered the area between 1st and 10th avenue, has some of the most unique stores and shopping in the city. My personal favourite isCastles & Cottages, which has everything from kitchenware to clothing to unique cards. It’s my go-to place when looking for a unique gift; it’s also a fun store to just look around in!

WHEN: Thursday, November 27
COST: FREE (except for any shopping you do of course)

Santa Claus Parade 
What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to attend the annual Santa Claus Parade? Taking place in downtown Kamloops, the parade begins at 2nd Street and St. Paul at 11:00am and travels down into the 600 block of Victoria Street. This 30 year-old event is the perfect one to attend as a family and get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

WHEN: Saturday, November 29

Wild lights at the BC Wildlife Park 
This is my go-to event when we have family visiting from out of town around the holidays. The BC Wildlife Park, which is one of Kamloops most popular attractions, puts up amazing animal light displays every year and people can walk around the park or ride the miniature train to see them all. With fire pits to warm up by and hot chocolate and apple cider available for purchase, it is a truly festive event that will get you and your visitors in the holiday spirit. You can also time your visit for when they are feeding the animals—two years ago we got to watch them feed the wolves!

My friend, Katie, and I at the 2013 Wild Lights!

My friend, Katie, and I at the 2013 Wild Lights!

WHEN: December 12, 2014 – January 4, 2015
COST: Regular admission to the Wildlife Park (Adult: $12, Children: $8)

Homes for the Holidays Tour 
Note: This event is already over for 2014 – but add it to your calendar for 2015!

This unique annual event is a fundraiser for United Way and has been happening in Kamloops for 13 years. The tour features homes volunteered by local Kamloops residents and decorated by Kamloops designers. Your ticket includes a self-guided tour of five fully decked out home as well as a holiday reception at the Old Courthouse in Kamloops. It’s a fun night out and a great way to get some Christmas decorating ideas. I have taken my mom on this tour with me for the past two years and it’s the perfect mother-daughter outing. I also recommend checking out the Saturday evening tour so you can see the lights as you drive around between houses. And make sure to save some time for shopping—you will feel so inspired to decorate after this tour you’ll want to go buy some new Christmas decorations!

 A sneak peek of one of the beautifully decorated homes during Homes for the Holidays. Photo: Amber Harding.

A sneak peek of one of the beautifully decorated homes during Homes for the Holidays. Photo: Amber Harding.

WHEN: Third weekend in November
COST: $40 per ticket

For more holiday ideas check out Tourism Kamloops Winter Events page!

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Written by Amber Harding

Even after traveling throughout Europe and North America, Amber Harding still considers British Columbia the most beautiful place on earth. Originally from Northern BC, she moved to Kamloops in 2008 and fell in love with the area. An avid trail runner, she feels very fortunate to live in a place where she never has to drive (or even run!) more than 10 minutes before she can access an expansive network of trails and run for hours. By day, Amber works in the non-profit sector as a fundraiser and communications professional. She loves anything movement related and can often be found running, in a yoga class, strength training, hiking, biking, snowboarding, kayaking or swimming – depending on the day and the season! Her perfect Saturday would include a long trail run with her dog followed by a visit to the local Farmer’s Market to stock up on local fruits and veggies. In the afternoon she would catch a hot yoga class and then head out to one of the many lakes surrounding Kamloops and spend the afternoon kayaking and fishing with her husband. The evening would be spent at home on the couch with some sushi, a glass of wine and a good book or movie! Amber loves coffee, good food and wine, travelling and animals. She feels grateful every day to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Official post on Hello BC - click here

A Taste of Fall in Kamloops, BC!

Explore Kamloops With Kids

explore kamloops with kids

We’re just back from spending a month out of the city at our family cabin on a lake near Kamloops, the first, and hopefully not the last, time we do something like that as it was an amazing family experience.  And as beautiful as the lake was and as hot and gorgeous as the weather was we did venture into town to break up the amazing “monotony” of picking wild strawberries, kayaking, swimming, riding our bikes, playing Clue and Ruckus, and then swimming some more.


The thing we found about exploring Kamloops is that there was so much to do and so little time. We could have been out and about exploring daily but the pull of the lake (and the heat!) meant we only fit in a fraction of what we’d have liked to have done.

The easiest way to figure out what you might like to do with kids while nearby, in, or passing through Kamloops is grabbing a copy of their Kids Map which is easy to find at various locations around town or any tourist centre. Not only does it list all the fun to be had – think everything from butterflies to bears and swimming and science – but it includes lots of coupons for discounts and deals. Our kids took possession of the map and poured over it making their “to do” list and we went from there.

One of our favourite things to do whenever we’re near Kamloops is to take in their Farmer’s Market. If you’re staying in town we’d recommend you be sure to visit the market  – either the bigger Saturday market or the smaller Wednesday market – and if you’re driving through and you can plan your trip to coincide with either market you totally should. Packed with amazing local produce and more, Vancouver farmer’s market goers will be astonished by the great prices and the selection is amazing. Our kids love to take in the Saturday market as they’re fans of the hot bannock which they liberally sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and they enjoy giving me “advice” on how many cherries and raspberries we “need”. The Saturday market also includes lots of crafts and local artisans – think fudge, soap, wooden toys and more. And the Wednesday market is right by the library and Kamloops Art Gallery (the Kids Map includes a coupon for free art gallery admission) so we often make a morning of it, stocking up on our reading and movies thanks to our BC One Card which lets us take out and return books at any library in BC FTW.


Local Berries!

We’re also big fans of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre which has a big waterslide and a smaller, more kid-friendly Pelican slide in their kiddie pool area which also includes a lazy river and waterfalls. If the weather’s ever inclement this is the first place our kids ask to go as they can swim there for hours. (The Kids Map has a coupon to save on admission!) And we love that they get to burn off energy doing something healthy. Of course once we’re done they always clamour to hit up Menchies which may offset all that healthy swimming, or Chapters where they carefully budget their money to buy books and games.  The waterpark at Riverside park is another favourite on hot days, as is swimming in the river or playing in the park’s playground.

During one of the rainy days when we were there we took the kids to Ruckers (yes, the Kids Map has a coupon!) which is full of arcade type games and was unlike anything we’ve ever done with them before. They left with lots of little prizes and would happily have gone back anytime. Other things on our list if the rain kept up (which is didn’t, sadly in this case) were the Big Little Science Centre and the Children’s Museum.

There’s lots of nature to explore in (and near) Kamloops as well. We spotted marmots, osprey, loons, ducks, deer and more near our cabin while we also visited the Butterfly Garden in McArthur Island Park. Sadly the weed eaters were out in full force during our visit so the butterflies were conspicuously absent but the park is quite an amazing place to explore.

Butterfly Garden

We also visited the BC Wildlife Park just outside of Kamloops. I’m a bit leery of animals in captivity, but just like the Vancouver Aquarium, the Wildlife Park does lots of conservation and rehabilitation and our oldest was enthralled to discover they’re breeding Burrowing Owls. She did a big Burrowing Owl project around endangered animals for school a few years ago and had never seen a “real” one so was very excited to learn more about their work around conservation. We explored the indoor exhibits which included info on rocks, plants and animals  in the lovely cool air conditioning and then ventured out to check out black bears, grizzly bears, elk, lynx, cougars, moose, bison and more. The park also has a miniature train, shows, a super fun playground and a splash park. It’s the kind of place where you could stop by for an hour or two or stay for the afternoon. And if you’re driving through Kamloops to another destination and need to plan a kid-friendly stop on your trip you’ll be very popular if you stop at the Wildlife Park.

BC Wildlife Park

BC Wildlife Park

Kamloops isn’t just for kids either. I’m a fan of browsing the boutiques on Victoria Street and we had a great night out sans enfants for our anniversary, dining al fresco at Brownstone Restaurant where we could enjoy Music in the Park  – free outdoors concerts every night in July and August at the Rotary Bandshell in Riverside part – by proxy.  We also met up with friends one afternoon and “the guys” went golfing at Tobiano and “the girls” (big and small) did some back road exploring and then met them for dinner at the clubhouse on the patio. The course runs alongside Kamloops lake and with sweeping views and it was a great place for a post-golf meal with or without kids. If you sit outside there’s lot of manicured lawn for the kids to run and play on without bothering any other diners while you enjoy a more leisurely meal.

When we left after our month there were still lots of things on our to do list. We wanted to catch Project X’s production of Alice and Wonderland, stock up on more produce and generally explore at Tranquille Farm Fresh and fit in some horseback riding. Oh well, there’s always next time. Because we’ll be back…

Photo credits
Kayak & berries: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit
BC Wildlife Park: Kelly Funk
Butterfly Garden: Karla Hoffman

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Eleven Great Places to Warm up with a Hot Cocoa

In Kamloops, with its countless delicious and diverse cafes, there is no shortage of great places to stop for a hot chocolate to warm up the body and soul as the weather cools down.

The Art We Are offers a unique and eclectic environment for those who love to surround themselves with creative artwork and a wide variety of delicious drinks. Enjoy a specialty tea or hot beverage while reading, catching up with friends or listening to live music.

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop and relax at the same time, why not try Blenz Coffee at Aberdeen Mall or the Starbucks at Chapters bookstore? Both of these offer a chance to warm up with a delicious beverage, as well as the chance to shop for a treat for yourself or for the perfect gift on a loved one’s Christmas wish list.

For those craving something sweet, Romann’s Swiss Pastries and Chocolates is the place to be! With treats ranging from cakes, pastries and chocolates to hot cocoa and more, there’s something for every taste. Don’t forget to ask about the Christmas specialty products!

Sweet Home Café is a great concept for families with young children. They offer parents the opportunity to relax with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, while the kids get to play and have some fun in the supervised play area. It’s a win-win all around!

If you’re strolling around the north shore or catching some of the sports action at McArthur Island Sports and Events Centre, stop in to enjoy a freshly roasted coffee in a comfy chair by the fireplace at Red Beard Roasters!

Numerous cafes in town offer organic, fair trade coffee that tastes great and that you can feel great about. A couple great examples to visit are The Grind or The Smorgasbord in the downtown core!

To fully enjoy a wander down Victoria Street and into Riverside Park, try a Nutella Latte or Italian Hot Chocolate at Caffe Arianna’s, a Chai Tea Latte at Caffe Motivo, or a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream at Zack’s Coffees and Teas!

~Sarah Reith

Get Your Creep on in Spookloops


For Immediate Release

“Spookloops” celebrates the not-so-scary side of Halloween

October 3, 2013, Kamloops, BC – Kamloops will echo with the calls of ghosts, goblins and ghouls as this interior city gears up once again for Halloween, that most fiendish of festive occasions. 

As the darkening days of October dwindle, this city situated where the beautiful South and North Thompson Rivers meet transforms itself into “Spookloops.” Around here, Halloween has become a destination event. From fascinating tours of the city’s spooky historical spots to a mind boggling, night time wander through a creepy corn maze, the city boasts an astounding variety of family friendly ways to celebrate the end of the harvest season and onset of wintertime.

New for 2013, Tranquille Farm Fresh, located on the shores of Kamloops Lake, will be offering tours of the property’s historic underground tunnels. The Tunnel Tours at Tranquille depart Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. offering guests a look at the underground corridors that once were busy passages for laundry, food and patients. In addition, the farm will be offering its Fresh Corn Maze, opening in mid-September.  Guests have the opportunity to wander among nine-foot tall corn stalks and unravel clues in search of the right path and the key to the maze. During the Corn Maze Extravaganza nightly explorations of the corn maze will include actors, fog, lights, music and scary sounds from Oct. 25 to 27.

The BC Wildlife Park is offering a perennial favorite, BOO at the Zoo, featuring a kid’s haunted house, freaky family farm, spooky light displays, haunted maze and trick or treating on Oct. 18 to 20, 25, 26 & 27, from 5 to 9 p.m. For those folks wanting to get their creep on, Sakred Skin & Studio is offering their second annual Haunted House with a kid-friendly event Oct. 29 from 4 to 6 p.m., along with an edgier, adults-only experience on Oct. 30 and 31 from 7 to 10 p.m.  

City streets and cemeteries take a dark turn when visitors join the Kamloops Museum and Archives hosts Deb Harrison and Sylvia Gropp for the Haunted Kamloops Tour held twice daily Oct. 23, 24 & 25. The tour explores the burial grounds and other locations around the city that resonate with spooky murders, hangings and other dubious dealings. The Wednesday, Oct. 23 tour is suitable for a younger audience. 


Interested in learning more about some of Kamloops’ more nefarious characters? The Kamloops Criminal Guided Walking Tour explores the disreputable past of the city’s criminals and ne’er do wells. The 90-minute tour departs from the Kamloops Museum located at 207 Seymour Street on Oct. 5 at noon.

Of course, any city that wants to be taken seriously as a purveyor of all things Halloween needs a ghost; Kamloops is home to the Ghost of Albert at the Sagebrush Theatre. Albert, believed to be the late Arnold Mallot, was the first person hanged for murder in Kamloops and his coffin was misplaced after the 1939 flood that destroyed the cemetery at the site of the theatre. However don’t worry, he’s a friendly ghost and his restless spirit now watches over Sagebrush Theatre patrons with a careful eye.

After enjoying all the ghoulish delights that Spookloops has to offer, visitors can (hopefully) relax over a glass of pumpkin ale at the Noble Pig, Kamloops’ only brew pub. This seasonal ale is brewed each September so that it’s ready just in time for the spookiest season of them all. Oct. 27 marks the third annual Oktoberfest at the Noble Pig – a great excuse to don your dirndl and lederhosen and raise a glass to celebrate this notable Bavarian event.

Throughout the Spookloops celebrations, visitors can choose from various accommodation options whether seeking family-friendly, downtown, or quaint river-side locations. To find out more about the Spookloops special offers and events, visit

About Kamloops, BC
Located in the heart of the interior of British Columbia, Kamloops is easy to get to, with several airlines servicing the city, major highways meeting in Kamloops and rail travel options. More information on activities, events, and accommodations in Kamloops may be found at


Note to editors: High resolution images are available. 

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Media Contacts:

Monica Dickinson, Tourism Kamloops: 250-372-8000, 250-819-0151(cell) or




Top 10 Family Fall Fun Ideas in Kamloops, BC

1. Perfect time of year to Fly Fish

Kamloops is central to over 100+ fishing lakes within a 1-hour drive through diverse and scenic landscape. Rent a free fishing rod at the Kamloops Visitor Centre!  Click Here for more info!

2. Tranquille Farm Fresh Corn Maze

Enjoy their second corn maze in 149 years! Bring your family and friends and try to figure out what paths to take to complete the maze as you wander through this 9 foot tall corn stalk jungle!  Your ability to decipher clues will be tested as you try  and determine the correct paths to take to get through it.  Running mid-September to October 14, 20123. Click Here to find out more!

3. Reba - LIVE in Kamloops

Reba, one of the most successful female recording artists in history, will be performing live at the Interior Savings Centre on October 11, 2013 at 7:30PM with special guest Gord Bamford! Click here for more info.

4. Tour Roderick Haag Brown Park on an Off-Road Segway Tour and see the Adams River Salmon Run

Learn to ride a Segway with your family at Shuswap Off-Road Segway Rentals! Ages 10 and up.  Click here for more info on tours and clinics.

5. Zip Line with Treetop Flyers

Located near Kamloops in the Village of Chase, treetop Flyers is an exciting family-friendly eco-adventure.  Click here for tour info.

6. Have a Boo at the Zoo at BC Wildlife Park

The park features over 65 species of wildlife spread out over 50 hectares.  Every member of the family will enjoy seeing cougars, moose, birds of prey, snakes, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and timber wolves.  Click here for more info about the park.

7. Pack a backpack and take the family (including the dog) on a hike or bike around Kamloops

Kamloops' vast, rugged landscape lends itself perfectly to being a great hiking and biking destination.  With beautiful fall foliage and dog friendly trails, hiking or biking at one of the many locations in the area is not to be missed.  Click here for locations and info.

8. Visit the Children's Museum at The Kamloops Museum & Archives and their Haunted Kamloops Tour

The Children's Museum, located on the first floor of the Kamloops Museum & Archives includes interactive displays, dress up areas, puppet theatre and more. Click here for more info.

9. Canoe, Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board as a Family

Kamloops has a ton of surrounding lakes with beautiful fall colours views, picnic areas and rentals.  Head out on the water as a family!  Click here for more info.

10. Have fun with science at The BIG Little Science Centre

The BIG Little Science Centre is dedicated to developing a passion for science among youth. Pop in for a hands-on experience at the 120 stations to experiment! Click here for more info.




2013 Kamloops Cocktail

It's that time again... the sun is shining and what better way to kick off summer in Kamloops with a Cocktail Competition.  After our largely successful summer campaign, "Real People, Real Experiences", we are excited to be keeping with that theme for the cocktail competition.

We had 5 lounges confirm their involvement this year and today at the kick off event, they all randomly selected a real person, real experience to fashion their version of the Kamloops Cocktail after.

Below are the participating restaurants and lounges and their theme.

First – the 2012 Kamloops Cocktail grand champion winner … Terra Restaurant. Terra is located in downtown Kamloops on Victoria Street and makes incredibly fresh tasty food for lunch or dinner and has a great patio to sip a Kamloops Cocktail. This year, their cocktail will be fashioned after Tim & Annette McLeod of Tranquille Farm Fresh (Real Foodie Experience). 

Next – Prestons. Prestons is located in the Coast Hotel Kamloops where guest’s savour unique and well prepared dishes overlooking a beautiful tropical courtyard or on the patio with great vistas of the city. Their cocktail will be fashioned after Bodie Shandro, owner of Paddle Surfit (Real Outdoors Experience).

Next up was Hoodoos at Sun Rivers.  The brathtaking views of the Kamloops cityscape offer the perfect contrast to the casual elegance of Hoodoos creating an unforgettable setting. Their cocktail will be fashioned after Ron Betts, an owner of Treetop Flyers Zipline (Real Adrenaline Experience).

Blue Dining + Lounge is Kamloops’ newest restaurant located in the Hotel 540. Known as fun, fresh and seasonally inspired, Blue is ideal for lunch or dinner in the heart of the downtown. Their cocktail will be fashioned after Donna Chang, owner of North America's only ginseng spa - Sumore Ginseng (Real Diva Experience).

Last but not least, The Fireside Steakhouse & Bar at The Plaza Hotel proudly offers a full range of locally raised black angus steaks and other selections in relaxed, heritage surroundings perfect for any occasion. Their cocktail will be fashioned after Hugh McLennan, talk show host of the Spirit of the West radio show (Real Cowboy Experience).

Judging of the cocktails will take place on August 15th at a location to be determined.  Check back to our website in a few weeks to learn more about the 5 Kamloops Cocktails and see how creative each lounge was in matching up their ingredients to their 'real person, real experience'.