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Downtown Kamloops is "Alive After Five"

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Downtown Kamloops is "Alive After Five" - August 22 to September 2

August 15, 2016, Kamloops, BC: Downtown Kamloops officially becomes the place to be this summer as local merchants, eateries, cafes and retailers open their doors until 9pm weekdays nightly starting August 22nd through September 2nd.  Coined “Alive after Five”, this summer celebration embraces all the things we love about Kamloops’ downtown – live music, sidewalk dining, warm temperatures, natural gathering spaces all in the spirit of supporting local, distinctly Kamloops experiences.
“This initiative is the result of a new collaborative group called Focus Downtown, which includes the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Kamloops, Rocky Mountaineer, Venture Kamloops and City of Kamloops and supported by the downtown merchants to unveil a Kamloops experience to our destination visitors that we, as locals, cherish,” says Gay Pooler, General Manager for the KCBIA.  “Our downtown in itself is an experience and the support of the local businesses enhances its vibrancy to welcome visitors and locals alike.”
“Kamloops’ downtown is our secret gem, that we need not keep secret any longer,” adds Monica Dickinson of Tourism Kamloops.  “Its charming ambiance, great shopping choices, exceptional dining options and proximity to Riverside Park all bundled with a fantastic summer forecast is the perfect mix for an exceptional experience.”
“Alive after Five” is only a snapshot of a longer term plan for Kamloops’ downtown.  This preview will kick start planning for future summer-long initiatives seeing downtown merchants staying open later. This exciting movement will positively enhance Kamloops’ destination offerings ranking Downtown Kamloops as a “must do” activity on any itinerary and will encourage incremental overnight stays in the city.
For further details on participating merchants, visit


Media Contacts:

Gay Pooler
General Manager
P: 250.372.3242
C: 250.318.0184
Monica Dickinson
Director, Industry Relations & Communications
Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.372.8000
C: 250.819.0151
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That’s a Wrap! Holiday Gift Ideas in Kamloops, BC.

Tis’ that time of the year and the hardest part might be thinking of something to share with your family, friends and loved ones.  There’s no shortage in Kamloops - a city that offers experiences, attractions and activities all year round.  You’ll have no problem filling that stocking or fulfilling your Secret Santa surprise.  Some ideas you ask?  My suggestion - start with these:


Take the family out for a Snowshoe day. Stuff that stocking with a snowshoe rental GC from Runner's Sole and a Café Motivo GC for a cozy winter day in Kamloops.

Get a family pass (or just for the kids) at Harper Mountain and ski, board or tube! Rather, drop the kids off and enjoy a day to yourselves with the next suggestion.

Enjoy a share-zees gift at Sunmore Ginseng Spa – they have a great couple’s package!

Surprise your other half with Western Canada Theatre’s productions Blind Date running from Jan 23rd to Feb 1st 2014 or Kamloops Symphonys' The Magic of Vienna Jan 11th, 2014.

A great stop for a unique gift for that someone who has everything is the Art Gallery Store and other local merchants. You can get great one-of-a-kind peices!

Spruce up the home or office with Kamloops and area prints from local photographer, Kelly Funk. Or, a GC for one of his upcoming workshops in the New Year.


There’s plenty of time and copious holiday gift ideas for this magical time year. Get started, avoid the lines and settle in for a merry, stress-free and fun holiday season!

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Kamloops Halloween Attractions - “So Much Fun, It’s Scary”

Kamloops, BC: Local attractions are pulling out all the stops to offer Halloween fun for all ages. In fact, the festivities start early October to entice locals and visitors to take part in the Halloween magic featuring everything from a ghost train and corn maze to haunted cemetery tours and zipline adventures.

“This Halloween season in Kamloops has something for everyone,” says Tourism Kamloops’ CEO Ms. Lee Morris. “The younger kids are invited to bring their parents to a Spooky Skate at Memorial Arena, a Spooky Swim at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, Boo at the Zoo at the BC Wildlife Park and a giant corn maze at the Tranquille Farms.”

The giant corn maze is in fact the Tranquille Farm’s first in 147 years where visitors are challenged with the task of finding their way through the 9 foot tall corn stalk maze using provided clues.

“Older kids and adults will enjoy the Ghost Train, hosted annually by the Kamloops Heritage Railway,” says Morris. “A headless horseman, ghost bride and other characters ensure those travelling on the rail tour get a good fright! Plus, the Kamloops Museum & Archives is taking guests exploring ancient burial grounds and historically spooky spots throughout the city.”

Older kids and parents will also enjoy the Agri-Adventure Tourism X-perience combining a Zipline tour with Tree Top Flyers and pumpkin picking. And those who are 19+, can cap off a Halloween weekend in Kamloops with a self-guided walking Brew Tour downtown stopping for a pint of the Noble Pig’s festive ‘Pumpkin Ale’.

“We have a ton of information on all things Halloween at and invite our locals and visitors to come let loose and just play in Kamloops this Halloween.”


For More Information:

Ms. Lee Morris CEO, Tourism Kamloops

P: 250.372.8000   C: 250.319.4247


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Curling….there is more to it than you may think!

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to learn to curl at the McArthur Island Sports Centre with some great curlers who are also great teachers. It seems as though we all walked in thinking it was pretty easy and all it took was chucking a rock from one end of the ice to the other. Guess what!?!? There is more to it than that! I don’t mean to make it sound difficult or that you have to be an excellent athlete to participate. I mean to say it is a wonderful challenge and since there are so many variations to throwing the rock they have made it a sport that anyone can participate in, whether you choose to use the aids available is up to you.

What I really enjoyed about learning to curl was that they show you one step at a time. If I were to just walk onto the ice and try to throw a rock, I imagine I wouldn’t be as graceful as I may think I could be without some tips from the pros. We went through each step of the game and learnt how to do it the proper way. Afterwards we split into 2 teams and had a mini game. With 6 sheets of ice it is possible to have 48 people participate at the same time.

This is a great team building opportunity for groups of almost any size, ability or age. You start with some instruction and then jump into a mini tournament. There are some surprise twists you will find as the game goes on that keeps things fun and exciting for both teams.

So, as the game goes on I imagine you will be getting kinda hungry and possibly even a bit thirsty! Curling and beer do go hand and hand for some and one of the perks of this venue is the fact that you are allowed to bring your beverages onto the ice with you. It might not be the smartest decision, but it’s allowed! If you make your way up the stairs you will find the Bread Garden Lounge. If your team has a break you can sit and watch through the windows onto the ice, or watch one of the TV’s located over top of each house while sipping on a hot chocolate and enjoying a delicious soup and sandwich!

For those of you who are interested in trying the Learn to Curl program or the Corporate Curling team building offered by the McArthur Island curling club here are the contact details.


McArthur Island Curling Club - website




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FORE!!! Golf in December? It's No Joke!

On a sunny but brisk December morning, Let Loose Lisa and I were feeling up for a round of golf...  but where, oh where might we golf in December?  With the beautiful weather we have been having, I'm sure you'd believe me if I said we went out and played a round of 18 at one of our 12 local courses... but in honesty - we'd be waiting all day due to frost delay.  So, we instead ventured deep into our city centre to a location so central, you'd have to be a hacker to miss it!

We arrived at Legends Indoor Golf which is located in Lansdowne Centre.  Upon arrival, we were immediately impressed with the facility.  As you walk in, there is a section to the right selling golf equipment which is very reminiscent to entering a Pro Shop.  We instantly felt that this place was for golfers... the modern feel and decor was definitely above par to many other similar establishments I have seen. There are 5 simulators in the main area all fitted with a bar top table and a few chairs and a few more tables down the centre to accommodate larger groups.  There is a more private room fitted with leather chairs and the largest stimulator of them all perfect for a private party.  The whole facility is licensed with a snack bar and options for catering.

Let Loose Lisa and I were immediately drawn into the large private room.  We were anxious to test these simulators out and I was first up.  The first thing Dave (the owner) showed us was the golf analysis tool.  I stepped up and took a swing while a camera filmed me from the back and side.  Next, he brought up an avatar which indicates the proper movements of a swing.  What I found out was that I actually have pretty good form.  Other then my arms not being quite straight enough, my posture was very good and my accuracy was better than many experienced players (or so he said).  I found this so interesting because I am not a golfer at all, and have only played a few times in my life but he said with a bit of practice, I have potential to be really quite good.  This was great news to hear and actually made me more motivated to get out and practice  this upcoming year!  After the analysis, he showed us a few of the 21 courses available including Banff Springs, Pebble Beach & Wooden Sticks (to name a few)... the High Def screens were so realistic - (including sounds of birds, waves, etc.) it does actually feel as though you are right there. 

If playing a full round of golf isn't quite up your alley - there are several other fun games to pick from including skills contests (window break, hit the tractor, long drive competitions, etc.)  Heck - you can even bring your Wii or Xbox to set up and play or play a round followed by watching a Canucks game or the like.  There really is something for everyone here.  If you're a serious golfer, you will love this facility to practice over the winter - head on down for Men's or Ladies' Night, lessons with the GPA certified professional or just grab a group of friends and head down for a drink and some fun!  Bring your own clubs or rent them there... the options are endless.

From out of town?  No problem... Grab a foursome and head into Kamloops overnight.  One night accommodation at the Best Western Hotel Plus Kamloops, complimentary breakfast and a round of golf at Legends all for $70/person (based on a foursome).

Overall - this is a great new tourism product in Kamloops and Lisa and I will definitely be back down sharpening up our skills for the spring ;)

- Kamloops Kendel


Watch our Video from Legends:



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Confessions of a Glam Girl: Big Style, Little City

Its more than easy to become overwhelmed in large urban shopping areas.  In Canada we're addicted to malls, likely because we live most of our year at the mercy of winter.  In a few of our warmer cities we stroll streets such as Younge or Robson for the next trend in fashion.  The possibilities are endless as to what you can find, which is exactly the problem.  Big city shopping is great if you can negotiate your way through the crowds, confidently pick your pieces out of the trillions of choices, and if you're still in love with your first impulse purchase by the time you get to the end of the parade of retail stores then you're a better shopaholic than I.  Sure, big cities have little niche boutiques, we've all heard about them through a friend of a friend.  No one ever bothers to give directions to these super chic hideaways.  Alas, the urban boutique remains to most, nothing more than an urban myth.

Kamloops is the answer to 'Big Style in the Little City'.  First, the city enjoys favorable strolling conditions year round.  Low amounts of year round precipitation are perfect for protecting your latest footwear fetish, it also doesn't hurt that shopping, accommodations, spa, dining, and nightlife all fall within a very small downtown quadrant.  Second, MILD WINTERS.  Don't let Vancouverites tell you any differently, they're just bitter that our summers are far better than a coastal summer and they're attempting to halt a population shift to the interior.  Climate conditions contribute to dressing for the occasion; this fall and winter we've spotted plenty of tall boots, ankle boots with wedge heels, and lots and lots of cape coats.  Its very common to see groups of well dressed men and women cruising Victoria Street; in the daytime with friends and small puppies, perhaps lunching at popular spots such as Terra or The Noble Pig, or taking in a speciality coffee or dessert at Blenz or Swiss Pastries.  Think of socializing in Downtown Kamloops as socializing in a 'northern' Scottsdale or West Hollywood, its just that chic.  During the evening hours you'll find beautiful settings and beautiful people at favorite dining locales such as Felix on Fourth, The Brownstone, or The Commodore.  The Commodore doubles as live music and a resto-bar, staying open late for cocktails and mingling.  Other late evening favorites are the rooftop patio at Carlos O”Briens (weather permitting of course), and Rivers Nightclub or Cactus Jacks Saloon.  The most important factor in picking Kamloops as your style headquarters is of course the shopping. Getting away from the hustle of retail meccas; Downtown Kamloops offers all boutique shopping. The beauty of the boutique is that all of the guess work has been done for you. Talented buyers like Anthony from Jardines Domaine or Connie from Main Street Clothing have travelled extensively to view collections by countless brands, picked only the most stylish pieces, and brought them back to Kamloops.  This is a secret most locals would prefer to keep to themselves, we wouldn't want to create a shortage if word was to get out.  Domaine carries the best from fashion lines like- Michael Kors, Paige Denim, Mexx, Billabong, Dex, Gentle Fawn, Hunter, UGG, Mia, the list could go on forever.  The staff is impeccably dressed, friendly and knowledgeable, always offering advice on the next big thing. Main Street Clothing is a great source for high end denim (amongst other great items).  Its actually happened that I've dreamed about a pair of jeans worn by Kristin Cavallari, the next day I walked into Main Street Clothing and I bought them (in case you are wondering the brand was AG).  Also wonderful staff, the mother/daughter style duo that run this boutique are fabulous, friendly and always fashionable.

Finally, if you're really serious about taking in all that Kamloops has to offer you will leave time in your busy day of shopping, dining, and socializing for a little relaxation; the best remedy, a blow dry at the new blow dry bar located in Beauty Code Boutique, or a mani/pedi at Ardeo Spa.  While at Beauty Code check out their fabulous selection of cosmetics, ask Cass for tips on application, she's Kamloops best kept secret having received her Make Up Education in West Hollywood and working in Vancouver, she IS the “Big City Style in the Little City”.  Ardeo also offers spa services, set in a tranquil and modern environment, consider this the perfect escape to prepare you for a busy night out.  Downtown Kamloops has many more stylish secrets, boutiques, consignment, dining, four star accommodations, the possibilities are endless.  My best advice is that if you are really looking for big style, or a fabulous weekend away, everything you need is available and easily accessible in Kamloops.

- Elisabeth Bass

Follow Elisabeth on Twitter @elisabethbass

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