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Press Release | Kamloops Named by Trivago as One of Canada's Best Value Cities in 2017

Come to Kamloops for a Canada 150 vacation that is affordable and memorable
For Immediate Release
February 7, 2017, Kamloops, British Columbia – Kamloops has recently been honoured with the designation of one of Canada’s best value cities in 2017 by Trivago, making it a must visit destination for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration. The hotel search website created the list of affordable destinations through an algorithm that considers both hotel prices and overall ratings.
“We have always known that Kamloops as a travel destination provides exceptional value”, says Monica Dickinson, Tourism Kamloops, Director, Industry Relations & Communications. “It is an honour to have our city recognized and celebrated as one of Canada’s most affordable places to visit.”
Hotel affordability is important for Canadians in 2017 as they look to include travel within Canada to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary. Tourism Kamloops believes that in addition to providing great affordability, the city offers tourists an impressive roster of experiences, enhancing the overall value of the destination.
“A Kamloops getaway is a great fit for many”, boasts Dickinson. “From our vibrant downtown to remarkable golf and renowned outdoor adventure to a rich arts and culture scene and everything in between – if you want to experience it, Kamloops has it at an affordable rate.”
In addition to a vast array of tangible vacation experiences, Kamloops offers four distinct and equally beautiful seasons, as well as easy access from major urban centres such as Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. But unlike those large urban centres, a vacation in Kamloops often requires minimal planning, no lines or traffic congestion, and rewards visitors with top-notch, value-added experiences.



For more information about your perfect Kamloops vacation, visit
Media Contact:
Monica Dickinson, Director – Industry Relations & Communications
Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.372.8000
C: 250.819.0151

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A Story of Ranching and Showing Cattle

A Story of Ranching and Showing Cattle

Kamloops has a rich cowboy history.  We celebrate this history twice annually during the Kamloops Cowboy Festival in March and the Provincial Winter Fair in September.

The Haughton Family personify this celebrated culture in Kamloops; they are pioneers. Their roots in 4-H Club and the Kamloops Bull Sale go back to 1928 and 1929 respectively. They have been proudly involved in the Provincial Winter Fair and the Kamloops Cowboy Festival for decades.  This is Jim Haughton’s story.


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Downtown Kamloops is "Alive After Five"

For Immediate Release

Downtown Kamloops is "Alive After Five" - August 22 to September 2

August 15, 2016, Kamloops, BC: Downtown Kamloops officially becomes the place to be this summer as local merchants, eateries, cafes and retailers open their doors until 9pm weekdays nightly starting August 22nd through September 2nd.  Coined “Alive after Five”, this summer celebration embraces all the things we love about Kamloops’ downtown – live music, sidewalk dining, warm temperatures, natural gathering spaces all in the spirit of supporting local, distinctly Kamloops experiences.
“This initiative is the result of a new collaborative group called Focus Downtown, which includes the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Kamloops, Rocky Mountaineer, Venture Kamloops and City of Kamloops and supported by the downtown merchants to unveil a Kamloops experience to our destination visitors that we, as locals, cherish,” says Gay Pooler, General Manager for the KCBIA.  “Our downtown in itself is an experience and the support of the local businesses enhances its vibrancy to welcome visitors and locals alike.”
“Kamloops’ downtown is our secret gem, that we need not keep secret any longer,” adds Monica Dickinson of Tourism Kamloops.  “Its charming ambiance, great shopping choices, exceptional dining options and proximity to Riverside Park all bundled with a fantastic summer forecast is the perfect mix for an exceptional experience.”
“Alive after Five” is only a snapshot of a longer term plan for Kamloops’ downtown.  This preview will kick start planning for future summer-long initiatives seeing downtown merchants staying open later. This exciting movement will positively enhance Kamloops’ destination offerings ranking Downtown Kamloops as a “must do” activity on any itinerary and will encourage incremental overnight stays in the city.
For further details on participating merchants, visit


Media Contacts:

Gay Pooler
General Manager
P: 250.372.3242
C: 250.318.0184
Monica Dickinson
Director, Industry Relations & Communications
Tourism Kamloops
P: 250.372.8000
C: 250.819.0151
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12 Of The Most Photogenic and Incredible Hikes In The South Thompson Shuswap

If you haven’t taken a hike in Shuswap, Kamloops or Sun Peaks, you’ve been missing out on some of the world’s greatest trails. With thousands of kilometres of tracks strewn across one of Canada’s most diverse landscapes, there are hundreds of amazing hikes in The South Thompson Shuswap and countless opportunities to snap an epic picture. Mountain peaks, desert rocks, lush meadows, hidden beaches and foggy forests all await those who bring their hiking boots and camera to the region.

Most visitors utilize the area’s expertly-made trail guides to map out their perfect day. For specific trail guides, visit the hiking pages on the websites for Kamloops, Shuswap and Sun Peaks.

With so many incredible kilometres of maintained trails to explore, it’s difficult choosing where to take your next adventure in The South Thompson Shuswap. Here are a few of our area’s most unforgettable and photogenic hikes:


Embleton Mountain Trail

Near Sun Peaks Resort, this mountain trail rises to a remarkable view of Heffley Lake. At nearly 9km, it’s a great path for exercise and offers a rest stop at the top complete with picnic tables. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, as during the warmer months, this trail weaves through areas of blooming alpine flowers.


Salmon Arm Nature Trail

Located just outside the quaint town of Salmon Arm, this boarded walk is perfect for bird lovers. The South Thompson Shuswap is known for being a resting point for a majority of Canada’s migrating birds and many of them find respite in the quiet waters of Salmon Arm. This Nature Trail connects to several longer hikes that feature some of the province's premier bird watching.


Evening light on the nature path in Salmon Arm

A photo posted by viktoria haack / canada (@viktoriahaack) on


Gibraltar Rock, Kamloops

Just a scenic, thirty minute drive from Kamloops, this trail originates from peaceful Paul Lake and rises through shaded forests. The path meanders around Douglas-fir and pine trees until it reaches a fantastic overlook at Gibraltor Rock that just has to be photographed. On the way down, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the region’s roaming bald eagles and osprey. Save some time for relaxation at the end, as the trail finishes on the sandy beaches of Paul Lake.


Europe, you are gorgeous, but I get to live here #BeautifulBC #winning #realworld #ExploreBC #PaulLake #Kamloops

A photo posted by Cat Molson (@cattymoi) on

Mount Ida Trail, Salmon Arm

The journey up Mount Ida is challenging and immensely rewarding. Winding through cedar forest and finishing at a dramatic cliff peak, this hike bestows grand views of Salmon Arm, Shuswap Lake and neighboring Mt. Bastion.


The West Peak trail Mt. Ida

A photo posted by Steven Gien (@stevengienphotography) on


Battle Bluff, Kamloops

This trail starts with a gentle rise near the shores of Kamloops Lake and elevates to a fantastic overlook in which you can see beyond the Thompson River and endlessly into the distance. It isn’t the steepest trail to start but the final 500 metres offer the perfect challenge. Of course, that challenge comes with a payoff as the hike’s summit features one of the most scenic and rewarding views in the region, especially when done during golden hour.


Hike #2 ?? #kamloops #hiking #hellobc #explorebc #battlebluff

A photo posted by Laura Mcilveen (@laura.florence) on


Margaret Falls, Shuswap

This rushing waterfall is an icon of the Shuswap area. Hikers can walk right up to the fall and take photos from an adjacent bridge. Not be overlooked is the hike to the waterfall, which winds through a mossy forest filled with roaming wildlife.


Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. ???? #waterfallwednesday

A photo posted by Sabrina Hunter (@outonmyadventure) on


Sicamous Lookout, Sicamous

Accessible through forestry roads, this lookout is an icon of the area. With a sturdy ramp for hang gliders, it’s a beautiful setting for a picnic lunch and photo opportunity.


Grasslands Trail- Peterson Creek, Kamloops

Peterson Creek was originally a meltwater channel, formed at the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. These days, over 6,000 metres of designated, dog-friendly trails meander through the park. The grasslands trail is highlighted with views of glacial slits, exposed bedrock and a rushing waterfall to go along with a bird’s eye view of Kamloops.


golden hour #petersoncreek #explorekamloops

A photo posted by @christian.dennis on


Tod Peak Trail, Sun Peaks Resort

Peaking at over 2,150 metres, this trail up Mount Tod passes through many of the environments that The South Thompson Shuswap is known for: alpine forests, large meadows, freshwater streams and fields of flowers. The biggest reward is at the top, where a 360 view of the gorgeous landscape and rising blue mountains awaits.


if you're lucky enough to be in the mountains, you're lucky enough #views

A photo posted by brigette aleman (@_bridgeysmalls) on


Gils Trail, Sun Peaks Resort

A backcountry skiing favourite in the winter, this trail down Mount Tod is just waiting to have it’s picture taken in the summer months. Offering distant views, lakeside paths and bright alpine flowers, Gil’s Trail is one of the area’s best kept secrets. Throughout your hike, you may not see anyone else on its maintained path.

Sunset Trail, Kamloops

Accessible for hikers of all-levels, the trails that weave through Kenna Cartwright Park outside of Kamloops are best experienced in the evening. Near sunset, the grasslands turn to gold for a magical hour. There’s simply nothing like it. Pack a dinner and enjoy a meal on the park’s aptly named Sunset Trail, which holds picnic tables amongst the shimmering fields of gold.


Juniper Ridge, Sun Peaks Resort

The hikes from Sun Peaks Resort truly have it all. Incredible overlooks, sweeping vistas, blooming flowers, lush meadows and wandering wildlife are available on foot to those who venture up the chairlift. Juniper Ridge is famous for its fragrant, colourful alpine flowers that combine with elevated mountain views to create a photographer’s delight.


Bonus Hike (cover shot), Kamloops:

Long Lake in Lac Du Bois Protected Grasslands.


Next time you take a hike in The South Thompson Shuswap, be sure to tag your Instagram photos with the local tourism hashtags!


Ready to get your hiking boots on the dirt in The South Thompson Shuswap? These businesses will help you maximize your hiking experience in the area. Give them a call and we’ll see you on the trails soon.

Noble Adventures

Tailgate Tours

Sun Peaks Resort


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17 Unreal (But Real) Photos of Mountain Biking Nirvana In The South Thompson Shuswap

Nirvana (Noun): place or state characterized by freedom from pain, worry, and the external world

Mountain Biking Nirvana: The South Thompson Shuswap


Close your eyes and ask your imagination to script the most epic, unconfined and exhilarating mountain bike ride in Canada. You probably envisioned a ride that spikes your adrenaline, ignores your brakes and tears through terrain that feels like it was made solely for the purpose of being conquered on two wheels. If your imagination put you on adrenaline-spiking trails your mountain biking ambition should bring you to the South Thompson Shuswap. With seemingly endless kilometres of tracks that weave and fly through eleven different environments and across open, hilly and mountainous lands there is simply no better biking destination in Canada.


Each area within the South Thompson Shuswap has its own distinct features.

Kamloops: Home to Canada’s Largest Municipal Bike Park and countless trails through desert and golden grassland
Shuswap: Hundreds of kilometers of isolated, flowy trails through lush and scenic landscapes

Sun Peaks: Steep downhills through fields of wildflowers with a chairlift available to take you back to the top


Combined, these destinations (all within a short drive or long ride of each other) give the region a strong claim as one of Canada’s premiere mountain biking destinations. These iconic destinations remain largely undiscovered to cyclists in North America. That means the hero dirt, the preserved trails, the massive jumps, and the striking vistas are yours to experience without any traffic.

Want to see what mountain biking heaven looks like before visiting? Behold these photos, taken by local and visiting mountain bikers, and consider a trip to these trails before the season ends.













Big group ride with even bigger descents. #burntheberms #mtb #explorekamloops

A photo posted by Mike Coulter (@mikey_coulter) on






Consider this your invitation. Mountain biking nirvana awaits in the South Thompson Shuswap. These links will get you from two feet to two wheels in no time. We’ll see you on the trails.


Sun Peaks Resort Bike Park


Mostly Mental Shuttles, Kamloops


Shuswap Trail Alliance

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10 Reasons Why The South Thompson Shuswap Is Canada's SUP Capital

The South Thompson Shuswap is a paradise for those who love to stand up paddleboard. With countless lakes and rivers to paddle on and the perfect, sunny weather to fulfil your SUP dreams, there’s simply no better place in Canada to be on a board and walk on water. Just take a look at these incredible pictures from Shuswap, Sun Peaks and Kamloops.

Need more convincing? We didn’t think so. But just in case, here are the 10 reasons why the South Thompson Shuswap is Canada’s SUP Capital.


Amazing landscape diversity

Only in the South Thompson Shuswap can you paddle on water surrounded by lush forests, towering mountains, arid deserts and bright green grasslands. You can find almost any biome in The South Thompson Shuswap and paddle through it.



The quietest, smoothest waters

Love the feeling of having a lake all to yourself? In the South Thompson Shuswap you’ll see more wildlife in the water than you’ll see people. The result: quiet and smooth waters perfect for SUP.



309.6 km's of lake all to myself! #SUP #exploreshuswap #SalmonArm

A photo posted by David McAleenan (@mashola) on


Famous SUP culture

Stand up paddleboarding is more than just an activity in the South Thompson Shuswap, it’s a way of life. Locals and visitors find their peace on the still waters of area’s lakes and strong SUP businesses help support the cause.



#sup #paullake #explorekamloops

A photo posted by @christian.dennis on


Crystal clear water

The lakes of the South Thompson Shuswap clear themselves at an astounding rate, meaning the water is fresh, pure and so clear that you can see straight to the bottom. This calmness in the water allows you to explore a whole new world under your board, where dash by and curious turtles swim at your feet.



Incredible scenery

Did we mention the views?



Secret beaches

With miles of waterfront and isolated lakes, the South Thompson Shuswap is famous for its secret shores. Paddle up to one and spend the day (and maybe your night) on your own private beach.




One of first ever paddleboards imported to Canada came through the South Thompson Shuswap, making the region one of the first SUP areas in the country. In the region, you’ll find some of Canada’s most knowledgeable stand up paddleboarders who are eager to share their advice on where to SUP.



Best weather in the country

The South Thompson Shuswap is known for its blue skies and warm, comfortable temperatures.



Dog friendly

Stand up paddleboarding doesn’t have to be just for those with two legs. With dog friendly hiking trails and beaches, the South Thompson Shuswap is a natural fit for adding a dog to your paddleboard.



Everyone can do it

Most importantly, SUP in the South Thompson Shuswap is an activity for everyone. Beginners love the calm, gentle waters while more advanced paddlers can find challenges in downwinding in the Shuswap. Whatever your skill level or familiarity with SUP, there’s water waiting for you in the South Thompson Shuswap.




Paddle-Specific Local Businesses

Ready to walk on water in Canada’s SUP Capital? Any of these paddle-specific local businesses will have you on the water as soon as you can get to the South Thompson Shuswap.

Paddle Surfit
+1 250-318-0722


Tailgate Tours



Wake Up SUP



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Tourism Kamloops Team Attended the Vancouver Outdoor Show March 12-13

The Tourism Kamloops team travelled to Vancouver  March 12-13th, 2016 for the Vancouver Outdoor Show, B.C.’s largest showcase of outdoor gear & adventure travel experiences. Tourism Kamloops’ booth was set up next to Sun Peaks Mountain Resort and we saw a high volume of traffic coming to both booths over the weekend.

There was a large amount of interest in Kamloops as an outdoor recreation destination. The top two interests were biking and hiking, family friendly activities were also of interest.

Overall, this show is one of the largest outdoor shows in North America. It was extremely busy, with attendance numbers in the thousands.

Visitor audiences were strongly aligned with Tourism Kamloops marketing initiatives, therefore we will likely attend in 2017.





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Home Town Hockey Hero Returns to Kamloops

T-minus 3 weeks and counting until hometown hockey legend, Mark Recchi is coming home! Recchi will join other hockey greats such as: Lanny McDonald, Kirk McLean, Darcy Tucker and others in celebrating a four day, hometown hockey festival coming to Kamloops! Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada will kick off February 3rd up at Sun Peaks Resort.  Many other exciting community events will headline hockey festivities throughout family day long weekend.

“I can’t wait to come home!” said Recchi. “To me there is no better place to host Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada.” As a three-time Stanley Cup champion and winner of many National and World championships, Recchi certainly thrived playing hockey, a game he started to play at the tender age of six. “My friends and I would play hockey all the time- Spring, summer and fall there was always a game happening somewhere in Kamloops.” said Recchi.

Today Recchi is the Player Development Coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins and thrives on helping young players break into the NHL. Recchi owes a lot of his passion and hockey skill development to amazing coaching and support which Kamloops is known for. “In my mind, Hockey Day in Canada signifies and promotes the passion we have for the game of hockey. It brings out the best in everyone… and sometimes the worst when your team loses. (Laughs) It’s a special day to recognize the sport and I think Kamloops is going to be an awesome host.”  Said Recchi.

 Kamloops is known for exceptional grassroots minor hockey development all the way up to being home of the WHL Kamloops Blazers Hockey organisation. This year the WHL will be celebrating its 50th year with an exciting, Pro Am Alumni game featuring teams made up of NHL and WHL alumni in a fun, family oriented game including such names as: Lanny McDonald, Mark Recchi, Darcy Tucker, Wendel Clark, Kirk McLean and more! Game to be played on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at the Sandman Centre. Puck drop at 7:30pm

Recchi is excited to be home, to reconnect with friends and family both on and off the ice and be an ambassador for Kamloops hometown hockey. Bring your family and friends down for an exciting and affordable hometown hockey weekend.

Make sure to check out for ticket information and updates.

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What to do and where to stay this Fall in Kamloops!

Tourism Kamloops has a great promotion going on. Book a stay at one of our nine participating accommodation partners and receive a free $50 Visa pre-paid gift card. This is a Booking Bonus you won’t want to miss (especially when accommodation rates are starting as low as $69+tax)!

The Salmon Run Weekend Getaway:  

This is the perfect time of year to view the Salmon Run at Adams River located approximately 40 minutes east of the City. Although not a dominant year, hundreds of Salmons can still be seen. With beautiful fall foliage, the drive along the Thompson River is stunning. The Country View Motor Inn is conveniently located on the east side of the city, making access to the Salmon Run that much easier!

The Romantic Weekend Getaway:

Did you know that Kamloops is Canada’s newest wine region? With four new wineries to experience, it’s the perfect excuse to take that weekend getaway. Three of the four wineries are located on the East side of the city. Cozy up river side at The South Thompson Inn, ideally located in this region.

The Downtown Experience:

Make the Kamloops DoubleTree Hotel your home base as you explore downtown.  Explore galleries, coffee shops and locally owned retail stores. Catch the newest production at Western Canada Theatre or the Kamloops Symphony. Go on a self-guided brew tour or heritage walking tour. Meander along the river to take in the ever changing fall colours or check out Peterson Creek Park – access to hiking only minutes from the downtown core.

The Shop till you Drop & Casino Experience:

Cascades Casino is your Kamloops entertainment destination.”  Enjoy Live entertainment every weekend and three different restaurants on site. Or head over to Aberdeen Mall, the largest retail space in Kamloops… get your Christmas shopping done early! Convenient accommodation options in this area include The Hampton Inn, The Coast Kamloops Hotel, Best Western Hotel Plus and the Ramada.


Bringing the family to get spooked this Halloween? You’ve come to the right destination. With haunted houses, boo at the zoo, corn maze extravaganza’s, ghost trains and more – this Halloween will be one for the memory bank!  The Comfort Inn Hotel and the Maverick Motor Inn are both great family accommodation options with indoor pool and waterslide.

To Book your stay in Kamloops and take advantage of the $50 Booking Bonus – go to

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Weekend Getaway Guide for Couples in Kamloops

Weekend Getaway Guide for Couples in Kamloops

Instead of roses and chocolates, what about kayaks and downtown bistros? For a romantic getaway, leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and make your way to Kamloops! This charming city is well known for its peaceful landscape and plentiful activities. Here at, we love a good romantic vacation, which is why we’ve partnered with Kamloops Tourism to present you a couples getaway guide to Kamloops. 


Candlelight and shared desserts are what romantic outings are made of. For something extraordinary, take your partner to Brownstone Restaurant. The red brick eatery is famous for their exquisite presentations and flavours. However, their theme nights are when they really shine. For instance, they might prepare a menu that was served to the first class passengers on the Titanic, while on another night, they will serve a menu based on Julia Child’s favourite dishes. Check the calendar before making reservations. For an afternoon restaurant, don’t skip Storms on the River, which rests right on the South Thompson River. Needless to say, seafood is king here. Order up some peppercorn crusted scallops, garlic prawns, and Kamloops rainbow trout, while enjoying a light breeze on the patio.


Lace up your boots, and go on a couples hike around Kamloops, one of the most popular activities in town. Luckily, there’s a ton of easy trails if you and your love are looking for a simple path with good views. Hike around McConnell Lake Loop, for instance. The distance spans 3.7 km, with an hour and a half estimated walking time. Here, you’ll spot forest trees, patchy earth, and the river’s edge. The Kenna Cartwright Tower Trail is another good option. It’s roughly 3.5 km long, with an unbeatable view of Kamloops from the summit. If you prefer pathways of a different sort, take your partner on a Kamloops wine trail. This tour includes a visit to four wineries, with flavors from the Thompson Valley tingling your taste buds. Of course, there are other Kamloops activities aside from drinking and hiking. Try out some horseback riding on a ranch, kayaking on the rivers, or indulge in a couples massage downtown.


After a day of wine tasting and exploring around Kamloops, it’s only right to have an elegant hotel room to lay your head, and has got your back. Consider a stay at the Plaza Hotel. The 67-room hotel is located downtown, with soft sheets, eco-friendly amenities, and plush bathrooms. It also includes breakfast in the morning, so you and your partner can start the day off full and happy. Another good option is Hotel 540. Here you can enjoy a rooftop pool, hot tub, and sweeping views of the cityscape. It’s a great place to unwind and get ready for a new day out on the town.

Treat your partner to a weekend trip to Thompson Valley. Between sips of wine and bites of lobster, you might just find yourself falling in love with Kamloops.

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