Beer Tasting and Tours in Kamloops, British Columbia


"I am proud to be born and raised in Kamloops where I can enjoy hiking, snow skiing, boating and great summertime patios with locally brewed beer!" - Maeghan Summers, General Manager and Partner of The Noble Pig Brewhouse.




Self Guided Walking Brew Tour in Kamloops, BC

Kamloops' downtown is home to many great watering holes which offer a diverse selection of local and international beer. Follow the map below for a self guided walking tour through our downtown spots. Be sure to check out our Beer Tasting Tips and Etiquette as well!



A) Kelly O' Bryan's Neighbourhood Restaurant

Kelly O'Bryan's offers a great atmosphere combined with a great selection of drinks and food. 

  • Irish favourites
    Guinness, Harp and Kilkenny
  • Try their best mixtures!
    Shandy, Black Velvet and Snakebite
  • Tourism Kamloops picks: black n' tan onion rings and Irish onion soup.

Kelly O' Bryans
244 Victoria St



B) Carlos O' Bryan's Neighbourhood Pub

Irish and beer go hand and hand and even better with a seat on a rooftop patio.

  • 100's of drinks on the menu
  • Four 1/4 glasses of brew for $7.50
  • 2 for 1 appies after 9pm
  • Tourism Kamloops picks: pachos and chicken lips

Carlos O' Bryans
357 Victoria St



C) Sanbiki

Japanese Brew?  Yes Please!

  • Popular Japanese beers
  • Local craft beer on tap from Sorrento, BC
    Crannog Ales is certified organic, unfiltered and has rich flavour
  • Variety of artisan sake
  • Tourism Kamloops picks: ebi chili and pork gyoza

120 5th Ave



D) Frick and Frack Taphouse

Imagine the best collection of craft & artisan beers, the most uniquely inspiring beer selections exclusive to Frick and Frack. 

  • Learn about beer!
    minimum 4 people - $35 each includes appies
  • Largest selection of single malt scotches
  • Tourism Kamloops picks: sticky ribs and sweet thai chili prawns

Frick and Frack Taphouse
577 Victoria St


E) Noble Pig Brewhouse

The first stop on your Brew Tour is the Noble Pig Brewhouse.  Kamloops' newest and only micro brewery open to the public. 

  • 7 beer made in-house
    Try their tasting flight!
  • Reasonably priced appies
  • Tourism Kamloops picks: deep fried pickles and mini-stuffed yorkshire puddings

Noble Pig Brewhouse
650 Victoria St.





New Brew Options!

blue. Dining + Lounge - Downtown

  • blue. offers a great selection of local beers and microbrews.
  • Casual and comfortable dining in the heart of Kamloops.
  • Try their craft beers on tap!


blue. Dining + Lounge
540 Victoria Street

Red Beard Cafe - Northshore

  • From breakfast to beer: Freshly roasted coffee, loose leaf tea, local and international craft beer, wine, and amazing food made in house.
  • Bring your bike! Red Bread offers bicycle parking for those on two-wheels!
  • Check out their awesome Tap Takeover events!


Red Beard Cafe
449 Tranquille Road


Red Collar Brewing - Downtown

  • Red Collar Brewing is a craft brewery with a small taproom in the heart of Kamloops.
  • Newest brewery in Kamloops!
  • Keep your eye out for Goosey, their black lab whom the brewery was named after!


Red Collar Brewing
355 Lansdowne Street



Beer Tasting Etiquette

People are entitled to their own opinions about beer. Don't force a beer on someone - what's good for you may not be good to the next guy.


Never order a "beer" - Order by style, by variety or by a specific name (as the late Micheal Jackson said, would you order a "plate of food"?)


Use a coaster.  If your bartender or server doesn't give you one, ask. 


Always remember that it is about flavour.  Alcohol is a component to flavour; beer is not an alcohol delivery medium.


Push your chair or barstool in after you get up!


Beer Tasting Tips 

In order to get the most of this brew tour experience, here are some tips on how to properly taste beer.  First, make sure the beer isn't too cold as it makes it harder to taste.  Next always pour beer into a glass to release the aromas and CO2 and finally relax and enjoy your beer.  Taking a moment to smell it and let it linger will make every beer a rewarding experience. 

Appearance - Hold your beer up to the light or in front of a white surface.  The clarity of a beer can vary from brilliant to cloudy.  Head can tell you a bit more about the beer.  Beers that aren't extreme in their alcohol content should have a good head retention (the foam doesn't collapse immediately).  Head retention often indicates a well-crafted beer, made with quality ingredients. 

Aroma - Smelling beer is one of the most important steps in beer tasting.  If the beer has no discernable aroma, agitate it by swirling it around in the glass.  This will release some carbonation which will carry the aroma to your nose.  Things to note:  How intense in the aroma?  Is it sweet (malt), sharp (hop) or a balance of different notes? 

Flavour - The flavour of a beer should be a natural continuation of the aroma.  There are a few added dimensions that will appear, most notably bitterness.  Swirl the beer around your mouth before swallowing it.  Take a note of any flavours you taste, compare these flavours to other flavours you know. 

Mouthfeel - Mouthfeel refers to the texture and weight of the beer, as opposed to the actual taste.  High alcohol beer can have a warming quality, not unlike the hard alcohol, while bitter beers can sometimes be astringent.  The weight, or body, of beer can also vary from being light and watery, to being full and heavy.

Finish - Take a moment to pause between sips.  Does the flavour of the beer linger, or is the finish short?  The after-taste can be sweet or bitter, and can take on many flavours, either in succession or all at once.  Also notice the intensity of the finish.