Fast Facts About Kamloops, British Columbia


Population Data

Population - over 85,000 people

Growth Rate - 1.0 to 1.9%

Unemployment Rate - April 2013 5.8%


Climate Facts

Annual Hours of Sunshine - over 2,000 hours annually

Mean Maximum Temperature - 21°C

Mean Minimum Temperature - (-4.2°C)

Growing Season - 166 days

Annual Rainfall - 217.9 mm

Annual Snowfall - 75.5 cm

Elevation - 347 m (1,140 ft) (Thompson River Intake)


Major Employers                                       

Interior Health Authority - 2921                                                                                            

Thompson Rivers University - 1780

School District #73 - 1650

Highland Valley Copper Mine - 1256

City of Kamloops - 713

Northern Trailer (Horizon North) - 582

New Gold - 495 (plus 232 contractors)

Domtar - 430 (plus 500 contractors)                                           

BC Lottery Corporation - 400

CN - 320

Arrow Transport - 270

NRI-Distribution - 250


More Facts

Average Income - Weekly average single $843.67 CAD (Sep 2011)

Economic Drivers - tourism, agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing/retail, high tech

Railways - One of only two places in Canada where the two national railways (CP and CN) intersect in city limits

Hub of four major highways: HWY 5A, HWY 5 (Yellowhead), HWY 1 (Trans Canada), HWY 97

Time and Standard Days - Pacific Standard Time; Monday through Friday are standard workdays and Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.

City Area: 311 sq km (120 sq m)              

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Latitude: 50 41' 40" N

Longitude: 120 27' W

Location: 250 km (155 miles) north of US (Washington) border; 310 km (193 miles) northeast of Vancouver; 4,387 km (2,726 miles) west of Toronto

Housing Values - Median Residential Price = $354,000 (April 2013)

Average 2 Bedroom Rental - $807 CAD / Month


Fun Facts

There are 82 parks in Kamloops, covering a total of 1,350 hectares.

Kamloops is Canada's Tournament Capital, and hosts over 100 tournaments each year consisting of 27, 878 participants.

The name Kamloops comes from the Secwepemc word T'kemlups meaning "the meeting of the rivers." Kamloops is on the meeting point of the South Thompson and the North Thompson which, together, create the Thompson River. 

Kamloops was incorporated as a city in 1893.  Today Kamloops is 119 years old but still young and growing fast.

Because Kamloops has such a harsh climate, there is an inverted tree line.  In most places the trees won't grow above a certain level, but in Kamloops, they won't grow below a certain level due to lack of precipitation. 

In the young years of Kamloops, the river was used as a trade route for transporting goods.  There were many boats, including paddle boats, which went up and down the river carrying food, supplies and fur.

Kamloops has 13 remarkable golf courses

Kamloops has 3 new golf courses - Talking Rock, Canoe Creek and Tobiano (named Score Golf Magazine's and Golf Digest's Best New Course in Canada for 2008)