Blogs about Kamloops, BC

Want to find out about unique things to do in Kamloops? Or spend a day walking in the shoes of a local, finding those secret spots that aren't listed in the Vacation Planner?  These local bloggers love their city and want to share it with you!  For great tips, pictures, ideas, day trips and more - read on!

Tourism Kamloops Blog is a blog about local attractions, events, experiences and more! Be sure to check it out.

I Live To Eat is blog about local restaurants and eateries.  The pictures look mouth watering!  Take a look here.

Kamloops Outdoor Experiences is a blog that is focused on outdoor experiences that people can take part in, in and around Kamloops, BC! Click here to view.

Love of Eating is a blog about local restaurants and eateries with honest reviews, photos and customer experiences.  Click here to view.

We-Love-Kamloops is a blog about local hiking, walking and outdoor areas as well as wildlife viewing and nature photography. It is updated frequently and contains alot of great information.  Click here to view.

Exploring Kamloops is humorous and descriptive blog about Kamloops Lake & Tranquille.  Read it here.

Outsyder Adventures explores unique outdoor experiences and takes you on a ride through Kamloops' hidden gems. Check it out here!


Know of a good blog about Kamloops?  Let us know!