Nightlife in Kamloops, British Columbia

When the sun goes down, Kamloops' night life activities just get started. Check out our variety of night clubs, go see some live music, head out with some friends to a neighbourhood pub or sports bar, win some cash at the casino or grab some friends and go shoot some pool. Kamloops nightlife has the perfect option to suit your mood. Check out our events listing to find out what's going in Kamloops right now!


May 11, 2016 - May 17, 2017 - Retro Rock Trivia @ Rockin' Firkin'

For more information phone 250-371-2328

May 12, 2016 - May 18, 2017 - Retro Rock Trivia @ Dirty Jersey

For more information phone

March 31 - April 1, 2017 - Forum @ The Blue Grotto

For more information phone 250-372-9901

March 31, 2017 - Gorden James @ Chances Barside Lounge & Grill

For more information phone 250-554-1030

April 1, 2017 - Jamesby @ Chances Barside Lounge & Grill

For more information phone 250-554-1030

April 7 - 8, 2017 - Hank Stallion Band @ The Blue Grotto

For more information phone 250-372-9901

April 13, 2017 - Burlesque @ The Blue Grotto

For more information phone 250-372-9901

April 14 - 15, 2017 - Dave Coalmine Band @ The Blue Grotto

For more information phone 250-372-9901


Kamloops Night Clubs & Live Music Venues Listing

Night Clubs & Live Music

>CJ’s Nightclub - Website

>The Blue Grotto - Website

>Commodore Grand Cafe - Website

>Sharks Club Kamloops - Website

>Duchess on Tranquille Exotic Nightclub - Website

Other Live Music Venues

>The Art We Are - 250-828-7998

> Cascades Casino - Website

>Chances Barside Lounge - Website

>The Dirty Jersey - Website

>The Downtown Grind  -  250-828-6155

>Fireside Steakhouse & Bar - 250-377-8075

>Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse -Website

 Check out our events page for dates and time of live music in Kamloops.


Kamloops Pubs / Sports Bars

As Canada's Tournament Capital, Kamloops is naturally home to many sports bars where patrons enjoy the big fight, pay per view hockey games and general entertainment. Check out the downtown sports bars after at Kamloops Blazers game, or head to a neighbourhood pub to hang out with the locals.  Sample a few different places with a Self Guided Walking Brew Tour.


Listing of Kamloops Pubs by Area

* Patio


Central Station Pub

Commodore Grand Cafe & Lounge *

Carlos O'Bryan's Neighbourhood Pub *

The Noble Pig Brewhouse *

Red Collar Brewing *

Sharks Club *


>North Shore

Chances Barside Lounge

Dirty Jersey's Sports Bar & Grill

Halston Pub *

Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse *

Rock'n Firkin Pub



Westsyder Neighbourhood Pub

Aberdeen / Sahali / Dufferin

Duffy's Neighbourhood Pub *

Fox'n Hounds Pub

Ramada Rooftop Lounge

On the Rocks Pub *

Prestons Restaurant & Lounge *

Sports Central Lounge


>Valleyview / Dallas / Barnhartvale

The Office Pub & Grill

McCracken Station Pub

Tumbleweed's Neighbourhood Pub



Bourbon Lounge








Kamloops Casino & Gaming

Cascades Casino your Kamloops entertainment destination. Enjoy exciting slots and table games and amazing dining options. Featuring Match Eatery and Public House, The Buffet and much more. Enjoy Live entertainment every weekend. Cascades Casino is fun for everyone and includes family friendly dining.

Chances Gaming Entertainment, located at 1250 Halston Avenue on the North Shore is another great place to go and have some fun in the 700 seat, state of the art Community Gaming Centre for bingo and slots. Players have a variety of comfortable seating options in the climate controlelled environment. Check out the 312 electronic touch screen bingo terminals that feature a new gaming system.

Cascades Casino - Website

Chances Gaming Entertainment - Website


Billiards In Kamloops

Many sports pubs and bars have billiards tables for those of you looking to have a couple drinks and shoot some pool.

CJ’s Nightclub - 120 5th Avenue - 250-374-7289     Website

Carlos O'Bryans - 357 Victoria Street - 250-374-4113     Website

The Dirty Jersey's Pool Room  - 1200 8th Street - 250-376-3786     Website

The Dirty Jersey hosts Vegas-rule 8-ball tournaments on Thursday nights and Vegas 9-ball tournaments on Friday nights. Registration opens at 6pm and action starts at 7pm. It costs $10 to enter and players of all skill levels are welcome.

Halston Pub - 1271 Salish Way - 250-374-1394     Website

On the Rocks Pub- 1265 Rogers Way - 250-374-9761

Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse - 843 Desmond Street - 250-376-4397     Website

Rock'n Firkin Pub - 726 Sydney Avenue - 250-376-6121     Website

Sports Central Lounge - 1430 Summit Drive - 250-314-1174     Website

Westsyder Pub - 3369 Westsyde Road - 250-579-2744     Website

For more information on where to play pool in Kamloops give the Kamloops Visitor Centre a call and they will point you in the right direction. 1-800-662-1994.


A Montly Showcase of Burlesque in Kamloops

Monthly performances on the 2nd thursday of every month, in the old Vaudeville tradition with dancers, singers and more!  Each show is a showcase of soloists and troops.

More Info

Location: The Blue Grotto (19+ Shows) 1-319 Victoria Street downtown Kamloops

Time: Doors open at 8:00pm, show starts at 9:30pm

Cost: $5 at the door, VIP presale tickets available for $10 at Instinct Adornment (VIP tickets include early entrance and exclusive floor seating)

Click here for more information.

Safe Ride Home

Getting home safe is the most important part of a night out and British Columbia has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Please plan ahead to ensure your night ends safely for you and others.

Zero Tolerance DD's

Need a safe and non-judgemental ride home? Don't want to leave your car overnight? Zero Tolerance DD's offers a unique option for a safe ride home. 2 staff members will come to your location - one member will drive you vehicle home (any licensed vehicle including motorcycles) and the other will follow in the business vehicle. 

Available for pre-booking and private engagements

Hours: nightly from 4:00pm-4:00am