78th Provincial Winter Fair at Circle Creek Equestrian Centre in Kamloops

Provincial Winter Fair is a showcase of 4-H projects and local agriculture in the Kamloops region since 1939. It focuses on livestock, photography and 4-H. The Fair is also featuring a Kids Zone, Food Trucks, Little Tykes "Rodeo", a Petting Zoo, a Farm2Chef grazing event with wine pairings, and the Sunday Farmers Market. There is also a live auction of 4-H beef and lamb, photography projects on Monday, September 26th.

Provincial Winter Fair is not in business for profit. The sole purpose of the Fair is to encourage the betterment of agriculture: livestock, field and garden crops, arts, crafts and hobbies, etc. Their volunteers do all the work unreservedly and without individual gain. They will appreciate your support in making the Fair better known and better attended.

Location: Circle Creek Equestrian Centre, Kamloops, BC.

Date: September 23 - 26, 2016

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Contact The Provincial Winter Fair

Event Location: Circle Creek Equestrian Centre, Kamloops, BC
Office: 1290 West Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops, BC

Phone: 250-578-8327