Rock Hounding & Fossil Hunting in Kamloops, British Columbia


Rock Hounding & Fossil Hunting in Kamloops

As a city once covered by water, Kamloops is rich in minerals, fossils, and precious stones left behind as the waters receded through geographical changes. Search for fossils, gold, opals, agates, zeolites, geodes and many other precious gemstones in Kamloops. Local guides can take visitors to treasured places to dig up some timeless keepsakes.

Here are some recommended areas:

Painted Bluffs Provincial Park | on the shores of Kamloops Lake, the 100+ hectare park protects an area of geological significance. History abounds and visitors may see first hand native copper digs, historic mine sites and remnants of the Hudson’s Bay Company Fur Brigade Trail.

* NOTE: it is always best to check with a certified guide before heading out to ensure for your safety and that you are not trespassing on private land.


Rock Identification in Kamloops

The Kamloops Exploration Group (KEG) holds "Ask A Geologist" sessions at the TRU Mountain Room. It's best to call ahead to find out the dates and times of the sessions where visitors can ask Geologists to identify rocks they've found in the Kamloops area and ask questions.

GeoTour Guide

Below is a link to download a report/map of geologically interesting sites.

Free Downloads available at: Kamloops Exploration Group 
Receive a copy by mail for $15 by calling: 604-666-0529


Contact Information

Thompson Valley Rock Club : 250-314-1944