Sunmore Ginseng Spa & Factory in Kamloops, British Columbia


Ginseng Spa in Kamloops, BC

Engage in the ginseng spa experience and experience first hand how the natural substance of ginseng, combined with special spa treatments, can help de-stress the body and gently remove toxins. A full ginseng-infused lunch is also available after or before spa treatments.

Ginseng is effective for keeping stress out of the body, promoting cell regeneration by increasing oxygenation to the cells, revitalizing circulation, balancing and toning the skin, and detoxifying the whole body. Spend a full day or just one hour in this luxurious spa to create balance of body, mind, and spirit.


North American Ginseng in Kamloops, British Columbia

The climate in Kamloops makes for perfect conditions to grow American Ginseng, which is what attracted the Sunmore Ginseng Factory to the city. The ginseng is grown on the fertile soils of the Kamloops Valley where perfect climate and the most meticulous agricultural practices help Sunmore produce only the best quality ginseng root.

The ginseng product is shipped world wide to Canadian, North American, European and Asian markets. Sunmore Ginseng Products are grown and manufactured on premises in Kamloops, so come and take a free tour of the factory and learn all about the amazing natural root which is used to help de-stress and keep the body in top condition.


Sunmore Ginseng Spa

925 McGill Place
Kamloops, BC, V2C 6N9