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Tourism Kamloops Photography

Tourism Kamloops has an amazing collection of digital images that are used to showcase Kamloops and the region. They are used in our print and digital advertising, in our promotional DVDs, on television and on our website.

In an effort to ensure consistency into every touch point with our audience, we established a style and philosophy that harnesses all of Tourism Kamloops' photographic images to our brand.

Generally speaking there are two camps of photography: one that evokes a mood of beauty and quietness and one of activity and vibrancy. Within the first camp there are two styles: one that depicts people and one that is strictly landscape. In the first style, called "SERENE", the photographer should show people engaged in relaxing situations, preferably outdoors. The second style called "LANDSCAPE", consists of images of Kamloops outdoor vistas and natural surroundings.

The second camp called "ACTION", consists of images of people engaged in activities that depict what Kamloops has to offer.

Tourism Kamloops would like to introduce you to some of our photographers and their profiles are listed below alphabetically. We are very grateful for their professionalism and we hope you enjoy the quality of their work on our website and in our print and video publications.


Tourism Kamloops Photographer Profiles

Kelly Funk

From very early on, Kelly Funk has made the environment a large part of his life. That love has since been blended into his professional photographic career to form a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.

One of Kelly's primary strengths in his work is his diversity of skills. With experience ranging from large commercial clients, advertsing and tourism agencies, wildlife, stock work and Ecotour photography instructor, his technique is transferred from one application to another with an 'out of the box' approach that clients are drawn to. Great care and attention are paid to those clients to create the best possible result, by listening intently to their vision and working as a team to bring those visions to life. 

A lifelong resident of BC, Kelly's images have garnered him with national awards and praise from his fellow photographers. His commercial client list is extensive and his images have appeared in such publications as Canadian Geographic, BC Outdoors, British Columbia, Outside and Equinox magazines. He is currently the 'Turning Pro' Columnist and Feature Writer for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, Canada's first outdoor photography publication.

Understanding that one person cannot stand alone, Kelly has taken pride in associating himself with top professionals in the industry, in such capacities as: producers, graphic designers, publishers, editors and printers. With strong industry associates and Kelly's relentless passion for photography, a high quality end product will always be priority one. Kelly also offers photography workshops for beginners and intermediates.

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Tyler Meade

Tyler was born and raised in Kamloops, BC. After school his focus went to sports, mainly snowboarding and mountain biking and he competed professionally and coached junior development teams. At the same time, Tyler was doing the managing, marketing, web and print for all the teams.

In March of 2003, Tyler realized that his true passion was photography. Add that to 15 years of digital art and you wind up with a modern artist with an amazing digital twist. Tyler has always experimented with new styles and while not always conforming to the traditional rules of photography, he has been able to impress his clients worldwide with his fresh style and new ideas.

 Tyler has been able to establish a large client base that includes many top businesses in and around his province of BC. His clientele list also includes across Canada, international clients in the USA, South America, Europe, Middle East, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. 

Projects ranging from commercial imaging, architecture, weddings, corporate head shots, fine art, sports, maternity, portraits, glamour, families, fashion/model portfolios, babies, canvas art prints, stock images, etc.... Tyler approaches every project with the same enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. He has built his business from scratch through hard work and commitment and has been doing all the aspects of his business himself. Hard work does pay off!

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Alan Fortune

Alan Fortune has worked as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he received high honours. After graduating, he apprenticed in New York City for six years under well known photographers such as Michael O'Neill, John Madere, and Co Rentmeester.

Alan's reputation is one of quality, creativity, and consistently delivering images that surpass his client's expectations. He describes his business philosopy as "going beyond what people expect -- or ever imagined."

Alan's strength as a photographer is reflected in awards that his clients' publications have received. Alan offers multiple formats - from the speed and convenience of digital imaging, to the precision of 4 x 5, to the flexibility of 35 mm.

His areas of focus include architectural photography and photographs of landscapes and people in pursuit of sports.

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Bob Huxtable

Bob Huxtable's love of photography has taken him to many wonderful places. He primarily specializes in golf events and his photos have been published in numerous magazines and books. His portfolio includes: SAP, Cigna, Arca/ex, EDS, CSN, Telus, BMW, ADT, American Century, NBC, Miller Brewing and many other high profile companies.

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Peter Olsen

His aim is simple; to share his clients vision and to exceed their expectations. The business landscape is quickly changing and it's becoming more important than ever for businesses to clearly market their products and services.  Professional and focused imagery is part of that branding and he strives to meet and surpass that challenge each time.

Peter's past clients have also commented that he's also a good listener, flexible and easy to work with. He values your continued trust and support.
Feel free to contact Peter through Linkedin, Facebook or website email at

He is also a participating photographer with Getty Images, the world's largest stock photo agency.  Most of his work focuses on Commercial photography. Peter also enjoys Architectural, Event, Landscape, Culinary, Portrait, Industrial and Tourism photography.

His work has appeared in numerous publications and has been used by Tourism Kamloops, The City of Kamloops (including 2 photo collages in the Lobby of City Hall), ABB International, Sheraton Hotels, Tyee Windows, and numerous other local, national and international clients.
Peter has also donated images to numerous not-for-profit organizations.

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Allen Jones

Allen shot over eight hours of HD 1080i B-Roll footage for Tourism Kamloops in 2007. Some of this footage was used to create a Tourism BC produced DVD for presentation in Beijing during the Summer Olympics, a four and a half minute Consumer Show DVD and will be used to on an upcoming 20 minute Visitor Centre DVD.  As each 1080i frame can be captured and rendered into a digital image, Allen's work has provided a virtually unlimited supply of medium resolution pictures for promotional use.

Allen honed his directing, cinematography and editing skills working for ITV in Edmonton and with his own production company in Vancouver from 1977 to 1988. Since starting the Ace Film Company in 1988, Allen has become one of the busiest and most sought-after Director/Cinematographers in Vancouver. His body of work involves shooting and directing commercials, corporate presentations, music videos and multi-media productions. He has won dozens of awards for his work from 1985 to the present including his Clios, Bessie and Lotus awards.

As Creative Director, Allen leads the creative process from concept development to final edit. Noted for his beautiful imagery, Allen's most noted talent has been his extensive work with Real People, IKEA and filming dozens of TVs thrown from buildings...remember SCTV, yup, that was Allen!

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