Tranquille Farm Fresh in Kamloops, British Columbia

Tranquille Farm is a historic farm site over 149 years old, located in the city of Kamloops British Columbia, 15 minutes from downtown.  It is located in a stunning setting nestled between the shores of Kamloops Lake to the south and the famous Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park to the north.  The protected Tranquille Wildlife Management to the east and the Tranquille Ecological Reserve to the west complete a quartet of neighbours most farmers would die for.

The Tranquille Farm is being reborn as a leading edge urban farm that will be integrated into the Tranquille on the Lake development.  Forty one thousand square feet of magnificent historic barns and other farm buildings have been restored and will be serving the new community as a market centre where urban food research, crop production, value added food production, and culinary skills will be pursued and celebrated.  Simply put, their vision is to be the industry leader in the art of urban farming inside of a sustainable master planned community.

NEW - Guided Tunnel Tour "CROSSROADS" starting Sept. 11, 2015

Tranquille Tunnel Tours presents 'CROSSROADS' starting September 11th, 2015 written and produced by Andrew G. Cooper from Chimera.

"After over fifty years of fighting against tuberculosis, the King Edwards VII Sanatorium is being closed.
Les King might lose his job and his wife, a former teacher who has contracted tuberculosis, is being transferred to another facility in Vancouver on short notice.
The battle for Tranquille's future is about to begin as the debate between the betterment of the community and hidden personal agendas ignites.

Tickets available at Kamloops Live Box Office


Tranquille Farm Fresh Market

Visit the Tranquille Farm Fresh Market housed in the newly restored calf barn! 

Stay tuned for 2015 information!


If you don't have time to head out to Tranquille Farm Fresh you can still find them Wednesday mornings at the Kamloops Downtown Farmers' Market.



Corn Maze

Starting September 5th, 2015!

This 6+ acre, mind-bending experience at Tranquille Farm Fresh challenges explorers of all ages. Paths are cut through 10 foot high corn and clues are provided to help navigate through the maze. Click here for more information.


Corn Maze Extravaganza

October 23rd to 25th, 2015

With actors, fog, lights, music and scary sounds, the Corn Maze Extravaganza is a Halloween favourite! Click here, for more information.

Check out the video of Tranquille Farm Freshs' Corn Maze!



Tranquille Farm Fresh Guided Tours

Tranquille Farm Fresh offers a variety of guided tours sure to entertain and interest everyone.

How do I book a time and purchase a ticket?

Booking may be done through Kamloops Live Box Office or by visiting the Tranquille Farm Fresh market on the weekend and purchasing tickets directly. If buying directly at the market, it is recommended to call first to check availability. Be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled and confirmed tour time!

Please note that tour times are subject to change without notice.

Guided Heritage Tours

A heritage tour that unpacks 6,000 years of history including:

  • Aboriginal hunters & gatherers
  • Early days of the Hudson’s Bay Company
  • River Commerce of the 1800′s
  • The tale of two family’s empires
  • The betrayal of a widow
  • The rise & fall of two medical institutions
  • Read the stories and the names in the tunnels of other visitors
  • See the fire hall and the 3 restored vehicles from the vintage car club
  • A walk through a section of the tunnels and learn about their history and purpose

TOUR TIMES:  Starting August 1st, 2015 until late October. Saturdays at 10am.

You can buy your tickets at the market. Dress appropriate for the weather. Tour times are subject to change without notice. The tour takes approximately 1.5 hours

Wheelchair friendly trailer (please notify us in advance so we are prepared).

For more information, please click here or call Tranquille Farm Fresh at 250-574-7474.

Guided Bird, Wildlife and Eco Nature Tours

Experienced guides Rick Howie, Cindy McCallum, Joan Best, Frank Ritcey and Ken Lipinski from the Naturalists Club in Kamloops will guide you on two hours of adventure and fun observing and photographing the birds and wildlife of Tranquille. Learn about the Bobolink, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Great Blue Heron, Pelicans, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Painted Turtle, Black Bears, Deer, and California Big Horn Sheep that ebb and flow across this ancient fertile delta. These tours are walking tours, please arrive dressed for the weather and the terrain.

Please click here for specific dates and tours available.


Guided Gold Panning Tours

Two hours of adventure and fun searching for gold in the waters of the Tranquille River, working in the shadow of the miners who discovered 3,000 ounces of gold there in 1857. Use century-old gold panning techniques and learn about the impact of Placer mining on the natural environment of the Tranquille River.

Gold Pan provided or bring your own.

Please contact Tranquille Farm Fresh (250-574-7474) to confirm dates and times and to book your tickets.



Contact Tranquille Farm Fresh

4600 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC

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Phone: 250-574-7474

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