Wakeboarding, Waterskiing & Wakesurfing in Kamloops, British Columbia


Wakeboarding in Kamloops

Wakeboarding is not just about making a 360 degree turn mid-air, perfecting moves like the Potato Peeler, Butterslide and Ollie, plus flying around over a boat's wake making it look easy, though if wakeboarders get good enough, those are the goals. This water sport is a combination of waterskiing, surfing and snowboarding where the wakeboarder is towed behind a boat on a wakeboard. Kamloops is surrounded by water which offers many opportunities to enjoy a wakeboarding session in the summertime. See below for recommended areas to wakeboard.


Waterskiing in Kamloops

Kamloops is the ideal location for waterskiing and for those just learning. The many lakes and rivers offer enough space to learn how to get up on the skis for the first time, or to perfect the technique, try barefoot skiing, monoskiing or slalom skiing. See below for recommended areas to waterski.

Places to Wakeboard and Waterski in Kamloops

> Kamloops Lake: sparkling waters and tons of space make Kamloops Lake a top spot for wakeboarding and waterskiing as well as other watersport activities.  The lake is 1.6km wide, 29km long and up to 152m deep, with the community of Savona on the west end of the lake and the city of Kamloops located a few miles east of the head of the lake.

> The North & South Thompson Rivers: the Thompson Rivers, which runs right through the city, are the perfect places to enjoy a day of wakeboarding or waterskiing as there are a few boat launches along the river with plenty of parking for vehicles.

> Shuswap Lakes: the Big & Little Shuswap Lakes are world renowned and offer wakeboarders and waterskiiers a wonderful opportunity for enjoying their chosen sport for miles and miles.

> 100+ Lakes in the Area: there are too many lakes within an hour's drive of Kamloops to mention, but the Kamloops Visitor Centre will have some excellent recommendations for lakes that allow for motorized watercraft.


Flyboarding, Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing with Kinetic Energy Sport

Kinetic Energy Sport was founded in 2016 with the intentions of getting more people out on the water and having fun this summer. They offer a variety of options including flyboarding, wakeboarding & wakesurfing. They also offer tubing and knee-boarding by request. They welcome all skill levels and encourage people of all ages to come out & play!

Whether you are a novice or pro, or you want a hassle-free alternative to a boat rental, they've got you covered! They can accomodate solo riders right up to large groups. They're happy to entertain families, work groups, sport teams, bachelorette/stag parties, date nights and more.

Location: Kamloops Lake (20 minutes North West of the City Centre)

Phone: 250-320-8397
Email: elaine@kamloopskineticenergy.com
Website: http://www.kineticenergysport.com/


Wakeboarding and Waterski Sales and Rentals in Kamloops, BC

Ocean Pacific Watersports
1168 Battle St.

Sales and rentals available from Ocean Pacific Watersports. 
Rentals are:
> $35/day