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Coming to Kamloops? The 360 Kamloops Kamera Krew wants to meet you!

Skydiving Kamera Krew

The 360 Kamera Krew is the personification of Tourism Kamloops' Boldly Unscripted brand and their year-long project is the brand campaign.  

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BC Lions Go Boldly Unscripted in Kamloops>

The 360 Kamera Krew Campaign is a bold and innovative way to showcase Kamloops as a year-round, multifaceted destination. The Krew is a group of fantastic individuals looking for opportunities to promote, endorse, brag, and share all that Kamloops has to offer.  You might see them around town in their black t-shirts while you are here. If you do – stop and say “hi!” You could be the next Krew star. 

The 360 Kamera Krew will be literally everywhere and anywhere in Kamloops. You might find them enjoying a sporting event, fishing, taking in a festival, hiking, eating at one of our restaurants, biking, mountains climbing, chilling at the Visitor Centre, shopping, or waiting at that gas station off the highway to meet you! They will be issuing visitors challenges and taking tourists on boldly unscripted adventures.

Have you taken the Kamloops Krew Challenge? 
1.Put a few Kamloops activities in a jar. 
3.Do the activity and capture moments by snapping photos and taking video.
4.Post your day online using the #YKA360 hashtag and tag @TourismKamloops and be entered to win a boldly unscripted getaway to Kamloops.

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View past footage here.