As destination marketers, we know that the tourism industry is a constantly evolving, dynamic and exciting environment. We also know that travel consumers are more in control of their travel decision making than ever before. Meaningful destination development and exceptional storytelling will drive our visitor experience presenting our guests the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey, creating lasting memories and inspiring return visits.


About Tourism Kamloops

Tourism Kamloops is the organization responsible for destination marketing on behalf of the Kamloops tourism industry and the City of Kamloops. Since 2005, tourism in Kamloops has evolved significantly to become an attractive, affordable and accessible getaway for outdoor enthusiasts, families, athletes and weekend warriors. The tourism industry in Kamloops is alive and well welcoming approximately 1.64 million visitors annually and generating $377 million in economic value.




Partner with Stakeholders as the leader for strategic development support and planning through implementing innovative technological marketing strategies to promote Kamloops as a valued Tourism Destination.



Come share the experience and play like a local.



To increase tourism revenues through the delivery of innovative, results-based marketing strategies.




Tourism Kamloops' new brand invites guests to explore our welcoming city and encourages them to experience an authentic story-filled adventure.

Our brand is true to the essence of Kamloops we want our visitors to get the same feeling about our city as our locals do. Kamloops has so much to offer all year to those who take the time to discover it, and this new brand invites people to do just that.

Kamloops does not need a lot of planning. Spontaneity is the norm. Doing what feels right, right now and seeing where it all takes you. That's going Boldly Unscripted.



2018 Annual Report