Beverley DeSantis


250 372-8000

Monica Dickinson

Director of Industry
Relations + Communications


Contact Monica to discuss stakeholder opportunities, travel media relations, corporate communications or tourism industry research/data.

Lisa Strachan

Director of Destination
Development + Travel Trade

250 372-8000

Contact Lisa if you have any questions about destination development, travel trade, sports or meetings.

Amy Thompson

Director of Brand + Marketing


Contact Amy for marketing strategy, advertising, website, photography, or partnership inquiries.

Tara Look

Corporate Operations +
Events Officer

250 372-8000

Contact Tara if you have any questions about invoicing, bill payments, upcoming Tourism Kamloops workshops & events or travel trade.

Roxanne Kennedy

Business Development Strategist


Contact Roxanne for business development, meetings/conventions, sports, or events.

Lisa White

Industry Relations +
Communications Specialist

250 372-8000

Contact Lisa if you want to chat stakeholder relations, a media visit to Kamloops, communications, or how to get more involved with Tourism Kamloops.

Michelle McAleese

Social Media + Content
Marketing Specialist

250 372-8000

Contact Michelle if your request relates to social media, blog inquiries, content development or email marketing.

Candace Lewis

Web Developer +
Design Specialist

250 372-8000

Contact Candace if your request relates to the website, events listings, graphic design or marketing.

Rachel Lewis

Graphic Designer +
Brand Specialist


Contact Rachel if your request relates to Tourism Kamloops branding, graphic design or marketing.

Angie Halas

Visitor + Stakeholder Liaison


Contact Angie if your request relates to visitor information, brochure racking, and retail opportunities at the Kamloops Visitor Centre.