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May 23, 2019, Kamloops, British Columbia – “I am about to hashtag all of my friends so they can get out to see all that Kamloops has to offer,” said Camilla Dahl, an excited Luv’n the Loops guest.  May’s Luv’n the Loops tour had no shortage of shock and awe as another random group of Kamloopsians bravely set out on the mystery tour. And, to add to the fun, hostess Jennifer Friend was back in action bringing her groovy moves and hilarious antics along.

Featuring highlights from mid-town Kamloops, the group first arrived at Iron Road Brewing for a beer tasting and brewery tours. Opened 18 months ago by two geologists turned beer enthusiasts, Iron Road’s 60-person family-friendly taproom is cozy, welcoming and a great place to grab a pint. 

Flavours flowed through the second stop at Brown’s Socialhouse for blind tastings. A great spot for patio cocktails, draft beers and share plates. Owners, Rob and Michelle Groom served blindfolded tour participants beverages and bites seeking correct guesses for each sample. “We knew our Luv’n the Loops buffs would come in handy,” laughed Angie Halas, tour organizer. “Not only are they a great souvenir from the trip, but they work great as blindfolds!” As a thank you and souvenir of the tour, each participant is gifted a branded buff.

The final destination was the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC) for a scavenger hunt. 14 clues were hidden in and around the Fieldhouse giving participants a full tour of the facilities. Challenges included locating Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame athletes, opening lockers with hidden keys and filming a video of a team 100m sprint. The hunt ended in a 3-way tie – 3 teams collecting 13 of 14 clues. A rock, paper, scissors showdown appropriately determined the ultimate champions.

While at the TCC, the group was also introduced to 5 BC Lions teammates in Kamloops for their annual training camp. Always good spirits, the BC Lions joined the group for a game of touch football.  When asked about his BC Lions football experience, participant Doug Methot exclaimed, “You can’t beat that!”

Another successful Luv’n the Loops tour has Kamloops locals boasting about an amazing afternoon. “As far as my favorite part, I think the group itself was the best. A whole group of strangers were so welcoming and treating each other like family by the end of the afternoon,” adds Methot.

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