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February 20, 2020, Kamloops, British Columbia – Tourism Kamloops CEO Beverley DeSantis publicly announced the organization’s endorsement of the Kamloops Centre for the Arts earlier today. Tourism Kamloops believes a YES vote, is a vote in favour of future events and activities that strengthen Kamloops visitor economy, contributing millions to the local economy each year.

“The Centre will allow our city to be a destination for those that travel for arts and culture, those that travel for business and conferences, and those that are looking to add one more unique experience to their time in Kamloops. We don’t have this capacity right now – and we have significant demand for it,” says Tourism Kamloops CEO, Beverley DeSantis. “Our city is turning away conferences, events, and performances each year because we don’t have the appropriate space to host them.”

Tourism Kamloops believes that travelers are looking for experiential and transformational opportunities when they travel. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Kamloops Centre for the Arts can draw in a wide range of visitors that might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience all that Kamloops has to offer.

“We also know that this investment will benefit our locals,” explains DeSantis. “This project is a catalyst for our local economy and is a step towards significant revitalization for our downtown. This is a space that locals get to enjoy - from graduations to sporting banquets and from concerts to business meetings.”

The Kamloops Centre for the Arts is an exciting opportunity for tourism in the region and for Kamloops businesses and locals. Tourism Kamloops is excited to officially endorse this project and encourages others to vote YES on April 4th, 2020.  


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Beverley DeSantis, Tourism Kamloops CEO