Dana Heyman

This fall, Tourism Kamloops presented “Meet the Locals” featuring stories and experiences from Kamloops locals who are passionate about outdoor adventure. Each story includes a video, photos and blog promoted on our website and social channels.

Phase 1 of our fall campaigns started August 22 and led with “Meet the Locals” outdoor adventure and wineries. Phase 2 started Sept 22 where craft beer, food, fall harvest and Spookloops have been highlighted. As we enter Phase 3 in November, we’ll promote Kamloops' rich arts and culture scene including organizations such as Kamloops Symphony, Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops Art Gallery, and Kamloops Museum & Archives.

Here are few examples:

Meet the Locals – Dana Heyman
Blog | Video

Dana Heyman Screen Capture


Meet the Locals – Samantha DeSouza
Blog | Video

Samantha DeSouza Screen Capture


Meet the Locals – Doug Smith & Jordan Fraser
Blog | Video

Jordan & Doug Screen Capture

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Lower Mainland Chinese Display Campaign

  • A Chinese language campaign focused on Chinese visitors and locals in Vancouver and the lower mainland.
  • Promoting wildlife, landscapes, lack of crowds, connecting with nature.
  • Landing page


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