Tourism Kamloops marks World Tourism Day with an important call to action to address a sustainable future

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Kamloops, British Columbia, September 27, 2018 – Tourism Kamloops is joining destination marketing organizations across the globe to observe World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day, celebrated every September 27th, is used to raise awareness of tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development.

"Tourism is a key force in our economy and in our livelihoods,” says Tourism Kamloops CEO, Beverley DeSantis. “There are more people in our community than we realize that benefit directly and indirectly from a strong tourism industry.”

Tourism Kamloops is using World Tourism Day as a mechanism to remind all municipal candidates about tourism’s importance to the city. Over the coming weeks of the municipal election campaign Tourism Kamloops wants to encourage, facilitate, and inform conversations about tourism and how to ensure its continued contribution to economic growth.

“Our tourism industry is strong in the summer months, but, the reality is Kamloops needs to do something different to ensure our tourism industry prospers in the autumn, winter and spring,” explains DeSantis. “For years our tourism industry has collectively focused on those traveling for leisure – we will continue to do this – but we need to start a conversation about the business traveler.”

Tourism Kamloops believes that a targeted approach to attracting business travelers means that the city will thrive in the shoulder seasons. Tourism Kamloops’ desire is to start a conversation about capacity and potential infrastructure that would support that segment of the industry.

“Tourism benefits all of us. It creates jobs today for long into the future and delivers non-resident funding to enhance our local well-being. We need to dig deeper into conversations that will ensure a stable and sustainable tourism economy year-round,” says DeSantis.

On World Tourism Day, Tourism Kamloops is encouraging all municipal candidates to understand the reach of the tourism industry and is asking them to voice their support of the tourism industry during the election – and after as elected officials and city influencers.

“Our goal is for our municipal candidates to be vocal about their continued support for a sustainable solution that would allow Kamloops to market itself as a destination suited for business travelers,” explains DeSantis.

Tourism Kamloops will be leading conversations, distributing information, and encouraging the community to participate in surveys and polls. 




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