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May 17, 2017, Kamloops, British Columbia – Tourism Kamloops demonstrated its ‘Boldly Unscripted’ approach to destination marketing last night at the mysterious Tranquille laundry facility. The new brand and tag line – Boldly Unscripted – invites visitors to explore Kamloops and encourages them to experience an authentic story-filled adventure much the same as local residents do.

In spirit of the new brand, Tourism Kamloops launched Boldly Unscripted to tourism stakeholders in an unassuming location. “Launching our new brand at an unexpected venue – an abandoned building off the beaten path – is a bit of a metaphor for Kamloops,” explains Tourism Kamloops CEO, Beverley DeSantis. “Just as we transformed this abandoned laundry facility at Tranquille, Tourism Kamloops will be transforming the world’s perception of our city as a tourism destination.”

Boldly Unscripted evolved after months of research that included focus groups, stakeholder consultations and interviews with local residents and as well as visitors. The new brand captures the spirit of those conversations and the essence of Kamloops. 

“Kamloops is the kind of place where you can find an incredible adventure around every corner and you don’t need to do a lot of planning for an extraordinary experience”, explains DeSantis. “In our conversations, we were continually inspired by the energy and excitement of the locals - who all know how amazing it is to be here.”

The new brand will be brought to life through a bold and innovative marketing campaign – Tourism Kamloops’ 360 Kamera Krew. The Kamera Krew will capture real moments, with real people, all year-round. “The 360 Kamera Krew will be everywhere in our city for the next year, video taping all of the unscripted moments that happen in and around Kamloops” adds DeSantis, “Tourism Kamloops will use these moments to promote, endorse, brag about, tweet, blog, advertise and share our city’s stories everywhere and every way we can.”

Tourism Kamloops dares visitors and residents to be bold and to try something that was not in their original plans.  This challenge will reveal just how much there is to discover in Kamloops. “We will challenge people to be bold”, says DeSantis. “You will find our Kamera Krew at typical traveler stopping points along the highway where they will challenge people to change their plans - to give Kamloops a try.  If the challenge is accepted, our Krew will make them the stars of their own adventure and share their moments online.”

The new brand and campaign will be featured on Tourism Kamloops’ new website and marketing materials and will be weaved through the narrative on social media channels and other communications. Last night’s launch event was the first day in a twelve-month marketing campaign to bring new travelers to Kamloops.


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