Hey fabulous folks, it’s Nic from Tourism Kamloops, and buckle up because we’re about to embark on a 48-hour adventure throughout all corners of Kamloops, located in the heart of British Columbia. This itinerary is inspired by the vibrant spirit of the local queer community (who knew, right?). 
Dive into refreshing waters, soak up the scenic beauty, and embark on new adventures. And that's just the beginning! June in Kamloops is packed with exciting events, from sports tournaments to cultural celebrations and plenty of spontaneous summer shenanigans. Experience the best of nature and a calendar full of event excitement in Kamloops this June.
Get ready for outdoor culinary adventures in Kamloops! We’ve rounded up some of the best patios in town for you to sip and savour while enjoying the warm sunshine. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a casual drink spot, Kamloops delivers some of the best patio vibes around! Kamloops' local patio scene offers stunning city views, refreshing drinks, and a vibrant outdoor atmosphere to enjoy the summer weather.  
Kamloops boasts a rich history of gravity-oriented riders, with names like Wade Simmons, Matthew Hunter, and Brett Tippie hailing from here. This legacy has made Kamloops an epicentre for riders seeking to get their freeride fix at The Ranch. However, what sets Kamloops apart is its incredibly diverse network of trails, catering to every rider's preference. These trails are easily accessible within a 30-minute drive from downtown Kamloops. 
May is the perfect time to visit Kamloops and experience the city come to life. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and patios are open. Uniquely situated where the North and South Thompson rivers meet, Kamloops offers a diverse mix of ecosystems and breathtaking scenery. Experience the beauty and bounty that the Thompson Valley has to offer in the Spring, from its stunning landscapes to its outdoor adventures. 
The Thompson Valley might be known for its rugged mountain biking terrain and golden-hour hiking, but when it comes to its craft beer scene, it also packs a big punch! Kamloops offers beer enthusiasts a curated big-flavour experience with a collection of five microbreweries. 
As the days grow longer and warmer in Kamloops, so does the desire to get out and enjoy the spring weather. Stretch your legs, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on these top 5 spring hiking trails.
April is the perfect time to visit Kamloops and experience the city come to life! With the snow melted away, it's time to enjoy the vibrant colours of the season, the refreshing breeze, and the exciting activities that await you. From hiking trails to scenic drives, Kamloops has got you covered. Keep reading to discover what's in store for you. 
Spring in Kamloops is calling all explorers to dive into a season rich with discovery! With its mild weather and blossoming landscapes, spring is a prime time to experience the full spectrum of Kamloops' diverse landscape and boundless outdoor activities — just before the heat of our summer sun.  Strap on your adventure gear; it's time to tick off those dreamy spring endeavours from your bucket list. Here are our top 10 things to do in Kamloops in Spring, each providing a unique glimpse into the beauty of the Thompson Valley. 
As the last vestiges of winter retreat from Kamloops, vibrant anticipation fills the air, heralding the arrival of the ice-off fishing season. This period is not just a transition; it's an invitation to anglers everywhere, offering a unique blend of challenge and reward as the ice gives way to flowing waters teeming with life. 

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