Author: Carolyn Ali

Carolyn Ali is an award-winning freelance writer. She has travelled to nearly 60 countries and is always happy to return home to BC.

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“There’s an amazing amount of stuff that goes on behind the scenes at a ski hill,” says Norm Daburger. His family has owned and operated Harper Mountain since 1973, which he now runs with his wife, Lisa. “We wear a lot of hats,” he says, and he doesn’t mean just toques. “We maintain a small staff, so we do a lot of things ourselves.”
When you want to explore Kamloops and the area, but need to be back by sundown, consider a trip along Lac le Jeune Road. A more laidback alternative to the mighty Coquihalla Highway 5 heading south, Lac le Jeune Road leads to three provincial parks with plenty of activities to bring you back to nature. When you’re done, loop back to Kamloops on the Coquihalla. Here are a few places to get out and explore and activities to try.
Want to try something new? Birdwatching is easy, accessible, inexpensive and a great way to get out into nature while maintaining physical distancing. It’s also endlessly fascinating in Kamloops, according to Tom Beeke, a local high school geography teacher who has been birding for 15 years and is “obsessed” with the hobby.
Updated June 2022 We know that your trip to Kamloops has been full of adventure – but everyone needs to plan for a bit of downtime while experiencing the best region in interior BC. Plan a day of relaxation - leisurely breakfasts, mid-morning strolls, and light-filled afternoon drives. Here’s a recipe for a laidback day in and around Kamloops.
Pull over and take in the view. This 296-kilometre loop takes you on the scenic route through Merritt, with desert and lakes everywhere you look. Make a day of it, with stops for farm-fresh produce, hand-made bannock, and craft beer or cider to take back to your hotel for an evening in.