Author: Leah Adams-Chute

Leah likes to pedal bikes, wander trails, and chase snow. She spends her weekends exploring BC and all her other free time searching for cheap flights to places she's never been to.

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Kamloops has attracted Hollywood producers for decades. Hoodoos, dramatic rock formations, and semi-arid sagebrush hills have been backdrops for science fiction films and location doubles for destinations like Mexico, Afghanistan, and Egypt.
Kamloops is a growing wine destination. The first winery opened here in 2012 and over the last 6 years, has grown to include 175 acres under vine, four wineries producing award-winning varietals, and a Kamloops Wine Trail that is quickly attracting the attention of wine aficionados.
The new year means a time to set new goals, make future plans, and try new things.
Pic: Riff Stills The Overlander Ski Club has maintained 60 km (37 mi) of cross-country skiing trails for over 35 years.
“You don’t need to know a lot about beer to feel welcome at a brewery. You can just sit down and have a beer. It’s such a Canadian thing to do.”
There are over 100 lakes that surround Kamloops, and it’s the kind of BC destination where the sun seems to always shine. This makes it one of the best places in the province to get on the water.

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