Author: Lisa White

Lisa is an Industry Relations and Communications Specialist for Tourism Kamloops. She branches out on a regular basis into the role of mom, wife, golfer, mountain biker, skier, and fisher. She can also be seen frequenting the local hot spots indulging in amazing flavours.

Meet the Dogs of Kamloops

December 23, 2020

A mountain biker’s dream, an arts and culture hub, and a foodies delight are just a few of the terms many have used to describe Kamloops, but did you know Kamloops is also considered a mecca of play for our furry friends? Here's an inside scoop from a few of Kamloops' iconic K-9’s in the tourism industry and their pivotal operational roles.

It's A Date

August 27, 2020

This has been a stressful year for many, and perhaps it’s time to reconnect and recharge with your partner during a weekend getaway filled with adventure and culinary delights. Start the car, enjoy the views, and embark on a weekend of exploration to experience a taste of what Kamloops has to offer.