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Kamloops boasts a rich history of gravity-oriented riders, with names like Wade Simmons, Matthew Hunter, and Brett Tippie hailing from here. This legacy has made Kamloops an epicentre for riders seeking to get their freeride fix at The Ranch. However, what sets Kamloops apart is its incredibly diverse network of trails, catering to every rider's preference. These trails are easily accessible within a 30-minute drive from downtown Kamloops. 
Many of us have fond memories of learning to ride a bike along the sidewalk or around the local cul-de-sac. When those training wheels finally come off, it’s a moment full of wonder and thrill. Learning to ride a mountain bike down fast and flowy dirt trails is something else entirely—thrill, wonder…and gravity.
There really is no place quite like it in British Columbia. A mountain bike mecca of sage-covered hills, pine forest, hoodoos, and perfect dirt.
If you’re lucky enough to call Kamloops home—or planning a trip for the future—you may not know that this town is one giant mountain bike playground.
A mountain biker's code of conduct includes respecting the terrain and other trail users, exploring safely and responsibly, supporting the local trail associations, and more. Ted Morton - Kamloops mountain biker, trail building advocate, bike instructor, and operator of the Canadian and BC Enduro Series - has helped prepare 10 essential tips to help beginner riders get comfortable in the saddle.
The Kamloops Bike Ranch is the largest municipal bike park in Canada and is also a premiere sporting venue in the mountain bike community.
It’s a midweek afternoon in late October and the evening sun is just beginning to fire. Robbie, their oldest son, just got home from school, the kids are ready to shred, and Matt Hunter’s loading up the bikes.

Meet the Locals - Dana Heyman

September 23, 2019

  Dana Heyman and a few friends fell in love riding Kamloops' trails about 15 years ago. Family life and careers prevented them from riding together as much as they hoped for. From that sliver of frustration, something brilliant was born - the Dirt Chix.
It’s a classic story, a couple of kids riding around the neighbourhood, pushing the boundaries of space and time while discovering their bike’s capabilities.
The Kamloops Bike Ranch is the largest municipal bike park in Canada with 12 trails for all levels

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