A mountain biker's code of conduct includes respecting the terrain and other trail users, exploring safely and responsibly, supporting the local trail associations, and more. Ted Morton - Kamloops mountain biker, trail building advocate, bike instructor, and operator of the Canadian and BC Enduro Series - has helped prepare 10 essential tips to help beginner riders get comfortable in the saddle.

1. Take a Lesson

The best way to learn something new is to listen to professionals. Beginner mountain bikers can improve quickly by learning the fundamentals of balance, cornering, braking, and more with a lesson from those in the know.

2. Support Local Clubs + Trail Associations

If you call Kamloops home—or you’re planning a future visit to ride the trails—you can support maintenance of your favourite trails with a donation to the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre. If you want to join a community of like-minded riders, consider purchasing a $20 membership to the Kamloops Bike Riders Association (KBRA) and keep an eye out for when group rides and the KBRA Kids League for the little ones are able to start up again.

3. Be Respectful

Everyone should respect each other and the environment while riding. Always use designated bathrooms, avoid idling your car while getting ready, stay on the designated trails, and leave no trace.

4. Be Courteous

Mountain bikers are a friendly bunch. A courteous “hello” to those you see on the trail goes a long way. Be sure to let others pass and make way for other trails users while riding, too.

5. Stay Fueled

Most beginners forget this important part of mountain biking. Make sure you have lots of water and pockets full of snacks. This is key to having a good day out on the trails.

6. Be Prepared

Flat tires, broken derailleurs, and other mechanicals (i.e., an issue that causes your bike to no longer work) are all a part of mountain biking. Make sure you bring the proper tools with you and know how to use them, or ride with a friend who does.

7. Plan Your Route

Pre-planning can save a lot of hassle. Before you head out, think about where you will go, how long it may take, and how you will get back. The Trailforks website and app is a helpful tool for route planning.

8. Know Your Limit

It takes lots of time in the saddle to improve your skills on a mountain bike. To keep yourself and others safe, always ride on trails and over features that are within your ability.

9. Bring Your Pup

All the bike trails in Kamloops—with the exception of the Kamloops Bike Ranch—are dog-friendly. While riding with your buddy be aware of cactus and ticks (early season riding) that linger in this arid landscape.

10. Follow Safe Biking Protocols

Right now, we all have a responsibility to ride safely. Follow the Safe Biking Protocols to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.

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