S Since Rocky Mountaineer started their first train trip 22 years ago, over 1 million passengers have passed through Kamloops on their way to and from Vancouver, Banff and Jasper. Each of these passengers spends one night of their journey in our beautiful city which, as you can imagine, contributes positively to the entire community. These guests stay at hotels, eat in restaurants and spend their evenings perusing local shops and partaking in attractions and events.

For years, Rocky Mountaineer has operated a dinner theatre entertaining and feeding numerous passengers each night. However, the dinner theatre is no longer operational leaving guests to indulge in the many diverse dining options offered by local restaurants. As most passengers are first-time visitors to Kamloops, they rely on their onboard attendants for dining suggestions and recommendations. To assist the onboard attendants in making suitable dinner recommendations, Tourism Kamloops hosted a downtown restaurant tour to showcase some of the local diversity!

This tour was literally an equivalent to speed dating. Twenty minute stops at each restaurant with 10 people per group and a 5 minute walk time to get to the next one. Here were some of the highlights:

The Noble Pig - Pre-sampling the new Witless Blonde Wheat Beer and touring the quaint brewery with David Beardshell - a brewmaster with a passion for yeast!

The Commodore - Sampling a selection of delicious share plates including the most spectacular baked Qualicum brie our group had every tasted!

Frick n Frack - Beers from around the world (over 100 in stock to be exact) and sampling a trio of dishes from different countries. Looking for international selection - this is your spot!

Sanbiki - Ocean wise fish, organic beer and an authentic Japanese flare that is un-matched in downtown Kamloops. The mural in the restuarant is an attraction in itself... showing a condensed map highlighting landscapes from Vancouver to Kamloops!

Hot House Bistro - Fresh local produce are the highlight at this Mexican/Mediterranean style restaurant. Must try = Avocado & Lemon ice cream... an unpredictable delight! (RM Onboard Manager, Wade & I all smiles after trying the delicious ice cream).

Embers - Newly renovated, this location offered up a real 'high-end' feel. An assortment of unique tapas was the real highlight of this stop!

The Brownstone - The Sangria alone is worth the short walk - so the tempura prawns were just a bonus! Lovely ambience in this heritage brownstone building.

Dorian's - The Greeks know how to eat! We were truly spoiled with a delicious feast here. Warning: Ensure you go in with an empty stomach!

Terra - This was a triple threat... crab cakes to start, risotto and lamb for our mini-entree and the most delectable cheesecake I have ever tried for dessert. Next time you're there - ask them about the history of their basement ;)

All in all, this tour was a fantastic reminder about all the amazing and diverse restaurants we have in Kamloops.

I bet you're hungry now, aren't you?

~Kamloops Kendel