Ahoy Mates! Avast ye scallywags. Okay, I obviously need to brush up on my pirate-talk, but I must say my mini golf is on par after this weekend’s family adventure. I’ve wanted to do the new 3D pirate mini golf at the Fun Factor on Kamloops’ North Shore for a few months now, so what better family activity on a Friday night than a little indoor mini golf. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’ve been to other indoor mini golf courses in the past with the kids and was disappointed by the d�cor and how run down some places tend to get, so I was super happy when I walked through the doors of the Fun Factor for our mini golf game. First, they’ve completely redone the place, so as soon as you step foot inside the doors, you have a friendly staff member welcoming you and are greeted by the cool Pirate d�cor. The boys were so excited because they could catch a glimpse of the mini golf area which was completely dark and lit by black lighting – we couldn’t pay fast enough and get the golfing going.

First, you pay for your round and get a new pair of 3D glasses for $2.00 each, which you can keep for the next time you go so you don’t have to pay for the glasses again. Then, you’re given your putters and golf balls and away you go, down a ramp into the 3D mini golf world. It’s incredible. My husband and I were looking around constantly saying, “This is so cool!”. The putting areas are lined with neon coloured blocks which jump out with the 3D glasses and it’s a somewhat challenging course, but not too hard so the kids won’t get frustrated. When you look up, you’ll see giant sharks swimming overhead and all around are wall murals depicting underwater scenes and pirate adventures and it’s, in a word … AMAZING!

There are a total of 9 putting greens and you could be golfing among shark fins and a giant shark head with a full set of teeth or among alligators acting as barriers to you sinking your putt. There’s cool lighting making some areas look like you’re underwater in a shipwreck and other areas have palm trees and a glowing volcano. The 3D glasses definitely make everything appear that much cooler - except for you, because NO ONE looks good in 3D glasses! I know that the next time I go back, I’ll see something new as there’s so much there. It’s so professionally designed and would be great for anyone to enjoy. You could truly make this a girls or guys night out if you also do the Laser Tag which is located in the same building and play the midway style games. At the end of the course, they have a pirate mural where you can put your face and take pictures which is always a hit with the kids … and the adults.


Great family entertainment at the Fun Factor! Ahoy!

- Awesome Aleece