Kamloops is home to one of BC’s newest wine regions and one of the northernmost vinifera growing areas. With three wineries covering six vineyards and 93 acres under vine, the growing industry is winning provincial, national and international awards that recognize the quality of the Thompson Valley wine designation. Well-drained soils rich in mineral content result in bright, crisp aromatic whites and fruit-forward, well-balanced reds that are quickly becoming a signature style in the region.

Embark on an unforgettable wine journey and discover these three hidden gems and a little-known fact about each one.

1. Privato Vineyard & Winery was inspired by Italy

Named after the Italian word for ‘private’ to reflect the winery’s idyllic setting, Privato Vineyard & Winery was inspired by owners Debbie and John Woodward’s travels to Europe in the late 2000s. They fell in love with Italy, especially Cinque Terra.

“Nestled high in the hills against the craggy shores of the Mediterranean, were five little towns each connected by a little railway stopping at each or a spectacular hike that went from town to town,” remembers Debbie. “We opted for the latter and it was one spectacular vista after another. But what was so captivating was all the vineyards terraced alongside the mountainside. They had an innovative monorail system that was their means to harvest the grapes. We would see workers passing us along the trail with a basket of grapes held high on their shoulder. It was here that the seed was planted. It took some time before that seed even sprouted, but nonetheless Privato’s inspiration has always had its roots in that scenic trip to Cinque Terra.”

2. Monte Creek Winery's four-legged friends help with sustainability

With a passion and dedication to sustainability, the team at Monte Creek Winery set up a sustainability committee to find ways to become more eco-friendly. Now the team performs waste audits to see what could have been recycled or composted and works with vendors to reduce shipping materials.

“Each department takes on goals and in the tasting room I work with merchandise a lot, so I work with my vendors to reduce their shipping materials and choose to work with those who have the same goals,” says Tasting Room Manager Danett Fisher. “We are already noticing many vendors using compostable materials for shipping their goods to us.” The winery also keeps pigs on-site during the summer that eat the restaurant waste and keep food out of the garbage.

3. Sagewood Estate Winery has the region's oldest vines

Family-owned and operated Sagewood Estate Winery was Kamloops’ first commercial vineyard when it was planted back in 2005, meaning it now has the area’s oldest vines. Grapes are hand-picked for the hand-crafted wine, using environmentally-conscious practices in the vineyard and winery. 

“Doug has hand-planted 17 different grape varieties, so this allows us to offer a wide selection of reds, whites, rose, dessert wines, and sparkling selections,” says Co-Owner Shelley Wood. “Several of our wines have been honoured with Best of Category recognition at international wine competitions.”


Together, these three wineries capture the diversity and richness of the Kamloops Wine Trail, offering a taste of local terroir in every bottle. For a truly curated experience, opt for a guided wine tour and let the experts lead you on a journey through the valley. Along the way, you'll discover the unique stories and craftsmanship behind each vineyard.

Whether you wish to enjoy a picnic, indulge in patio sipping, or take a leisurely stroll through stunning gardens, Kamloops' local wineries promise more than just a glass of award-winning wine—they offer an unforgettable experience of our region.

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