Inspired names, secret sourdough, and meaningful murals are just some of the fun facts hiding behind the scenes in these five local craft breweries. Say cheers to reopened tasting rooms and discover five facts about these Kamloops breweries.

Red Collar Brewing Co.

Owned and operated by the Beardsell family (sisters Tessa and Lara run the tasting room and their parents Annamarie and David are often on-site), Red Collar Brewing takes its name from another member of the family. Their first black lab Goosey always wore a red collar and was the ‘sweetest girl ever’. She passed away in 2016, but her legacy has been upheld by their equally sweet current black lab Diana and the family’s second dog Fidelle, who is a rescue Husky cross from Mexico.

Bright Eye Brewing

There are plenty of secrets tucked away at Bright Eye Brewing, from the woodblock wall at the entrance that was made using painted fence post scraps that were chopped up and painted, to the name of the brewery, which is actually the name of the two brewers ("Bry-Ty"). There’s more to discover too:  Spent grains get fed to owner Bryan's in-law's cows on their ranch, and the mural in the brewery is a view of the North Shore, inspired by a photo taken by Kamloops' Hayden Scott. Look closely and you’ll see that the sun rays are wheat and barley and the shore is a hop leaf. These, along with the water from the rivers, are the key ingredients in beer.

The Noble Pig Brewhouse

Did you know that the kitchen team at The Noble Pig has created a sourdough starter from the brewery’s pumpkin ale yeast and ‘she’ has been growing for over seven years? The team named her after Audrey from The Little Shop of Horrors (‘Feed me, Seymour!’) and it’s quite common to see Audrey’s "children's" names such as Olivia - Olive Bread, Wally - Walnut Bread, Garry - Garlic Rosemary Bread etc. on the menu. Look out for these secret baby sourdoughs next time you stop by.

Alchemy Brewing Company

Foodies can find the ‘best smoked chicken wings in Kamloops’ at Alchemy Brewing, where everything is made from scratch in the kitchen, including the smoked meats. Inside the brewery, you’ll find a pop art style mural of an alchemist, painted by artist Josh Makorto, and 11 taps featuring Alchemy beer.

Iron Road Brewing

Want to know something that rocks about Iron Road? Owners Richard Phillips and Jared Tarswell were both geologists working in Vancouver and the Yukon before getting into craft brewing and bringing on award-winning brewer Aaron MacInnis to open Iron Road. Visit the rail-themed brewery to try interesting brews such as the bourbon barrel-aged Northern King stout or one of their signature Juice Trains.

Behind every brewery is a special story, so next time you’re sipping on a brew, take a look around and talk to the friendly owners to find out more about their business.

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