Indulge your cravings without guilt! Dive into Kamloops’ world of nachos that satisfy cheesy, crunchy desires without the heaviness. From Señor Froggy's authentic Mexican flair to On The Rocks' sports bar twist, Tumbleweeds' communal platters, and Sandbar Grill's innovative New Orleans Lachos, Kamloops' local joints serve up nacho magic. Discover unique flavours, live entertainment, and community vibes while supporting local delights!

When it comes to comfort foods that won't weigh you down but still satisfies your crunchy, cheesy cravings—you don't need to look any further than a big plate of nachos piled high with toppings! 

Nachos might have a reputation as the food of sports bars and college students, but nacho fans know they're serious business! The simple combination of chips, cheese and toppings gets complicated fast when you throw in factors like cheese distribution (so important!), potentially soggy chips and the delicate balance of spicy salsas and cooling sour cream.

While we can't tell you the BEST nachos in Kamloops (because everyone likes something different), we can share our favourite plates from our smaller, locally-owned places!

Señor Froggy Restaurant


With multiple locations in Kamloops, Señor Froggy Restaurant has been a favourite spot of Kamloopsians for casual Mexican food for over 40 years. Prioritising an authentic homemade taste, Señor Froggy makes all their beans, salsas, sauces, meats and most other things fresh in-store. Nachos, the dish that made them famous, start with a heaping plate of house-made tortilla chips. Beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and sour cream are piled high with their secret-recipe red sauce and guacamole. For those meat lovers, add seasoned beef for an additional charge.

Local Tip: Hit up the Señor Froggy Salsa Bar and choose from one of their six salsas—mild to wild, to perfect your nacho plate!

On The Rocks Pub & Grill


A popular hangout spot, On The Rocks Pub & Grill, combines mouthwatering nachos and big-screen sports to enjoy while you eat them. For their Nachos, the menu item at On The Rocks Pub & Grill is the best version of your favourite classic bar nachos. Tricolour corn tortillas are piled high with scallions, black olives, jalapenos for an extra kick, and freshly diced tomatoes with heaps of sour cream and mild salsa. These nachos are a real crowd-pleaser! If you want to make more of a meal out of your nachos, you can add beef or chicken to your plate or keep it vegetarian and opt for their signature guacamole.

Local Tip: On The Rocks Pub & Grill is known for their live entertainment events, be sure to check their social media accounts to see who's playing there next.

Tumbleweeds Neighbourhood Pub


The iconic Tumbleweeds Neighbourhood Pub sits in the community of Valleyview on the Eastern edge of Kamloops. A hotspot for live entertainment and Saturday hangouts with friends, Tumbleweeds is known for its large portions of nachos made for sharing. They start with a stack of fresh fried corn tortillas layered with cheese, green onion and tomatoes so no chip is left untouched. Olives and banana peppers are sprinkled on top, adding salt and spice to the plate. Served with sour cream and fresh salsa, you can add chicken or taco beef for an extra fee to round out the plate.

Local Tip: Upgrade your nachos to Loaded Tumble Fries with all your favourite nacho ingredients on lattice fries (Pictured Above)

Sandbar Grill


Sitting on the shores of the Thompson River, Sandbar Grill is a local hidden gem serving no-nonsense food and drinks that are big on taste and a community atmosphere. Swapping corn tortillas for lattice-cut fries, Sandbar's New Orleans Lachos are smothered in spicy New Orleans sausage, bell peppers, onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, pickled hot peppers, and a generous layer of Tex Mex cheese complete those nacho vibes. Sandbar Grill's nachos are served with sides of salsa, sour cream, and honey mustard for all your nacho-saucing needs.

Local Tip: Sandbar Grill is cash only, and while there is an ATM onsite if needed, we suggest you bring cash!


Iron Road Brewing


Located in the university district of Kamloops, Iron Road Brewing is the go-to for locals looking for tasty craft beer and Mexican street food done right. Iron Road has 4 nacho options on its menu, and all can have vegan cheese subbed in for those who want it. A local favourite is Mexican Street Corn Nachos featuring locally made Fresh Is Best Tri-coloured Tortilla Chips topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, fire-roasted sweet corn, salty feta cheese, cilantro and a healthy drizzle of house crema with lime. Salsa and sour cream are served on the side, and their house-made hot sauce is a must. 

Local Tip: Iron Road has a long list of add-ons for their nacho creations, including grilled pineapple salsa and beer queso cheese sauce for those looking for a flavour adventure.

Looking For Late Night Nachos?


If you are a fan of classic, no-fuss nachos that don't overcomplicate it but never disappoint, Tumbleweed Lounge in the Plaza Hotel, and Barside Lounge & Grill in Chances Casino on the North Shore of Kamloops. In that case, both offer tasty nacho options with the perfect cheese-to-salsa-to-chip ratio and healthy helpings of peppers, olives and sour cream. Both restaurants are standout options for those looking to cure a late-night nacho craving.

The next time you crave a plate of nachos in The 'Loops, ditch the chain restaurant and check out one of our local restaurants! Offering unique takes on this classic dish, supporting the local community, and establishing Kamloops as a diverse hub of gastronomic delights. So, gather your friends, embrace your cheese-loving soul, and let the nacho adventure begin!