Kamloops has attracted Hollywood producers for decades. Hoodoos, dramatic rock formations, and semi-arid sagebrush hills have been backdrops for science fiction films and location doubles for destinations like Mexico, Afghanistan, and Egypt. Here are 6 major motion pictures filmed in Kamloops.

Power Rangers

Downtown Kamloops transformed into Angel Grove for the Power Rangers movie in 2017. Many of the city's prominent downtown streets, including Seymour, Victoria, and 4th Avenue, set the stage for destructive scenes. Of course, all with a little help from computer-generated imagery. 


An Unfinished Life

This film starred the famous Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford, and Morgan Freeman and was partially shot on Kamloops’ North Shore. The local Prop & Track Recreation store doubled for a dry cleaner in the movie. If you drive by today, the dry-cleaning sign made for the movie set still hangs down the street from one of Kamloops' taphouses, Red Beard Cafe.



Who doesn’t love a Harrison Ford movie? Tranquille Beach and Cooney Bay doubled as the location of the kidnapper’s Oregon home in this crime thriller. A house was built right on Tranquille Beach during filming, a popular area for locals to take their dogs for a stroll.


Flicka 2

Flicka 2 found the perfect location at Spiyu7ul cw Ranch, just outside Kamloops, for this family-friendly film set on a Wyoming ranch. Hoodoo and sagebrush hills at the base of Harper Mountain made for the unique backdrop producers were looking for. 



John Cusack and Woody Harrelson star in this end-of-the-world science fiction disaster flick. Savona, at the western end of Kamloops Lake past Tobiano Golf Course, doubles as world-famous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.


The A-Team, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and A Night at the Museum

These Hollywood films shot scenes an hour west of Kamloops in the towns of Cache Creek and Ashcroft, each doubling as desert regions of Mexico and Egypt. One scene from the hit comedy, A Night at the Museum, transformed the area into an Egyptian tomb and archaeological dig site. A fitting coincidence as Arrowstone Protected Area, just north of Cache Creek, is an important Indigenous archaeological site that was traditionally used for hunting and food gathering.

For detailed information on movies and TV shows filmed in the Interior, visit the Thompson Nicola Film Commission’s Movie Map.

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