It’s Friday morning and my alarm clock goes off at 6am. The snooze button is about to be hit for the first of at least three times until wait … it’s not a work day, it’s a ski day! Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to bound out of bed when the snow capped mountain tops are calling your name? The same holds true for my kids, who are normally morning people, but especially more so today. The kitchen is a flurry of activity as hot cocoa is being poured into thermoses, hearty sandwiches are being wrapped, and of course a myriad of cookies, chips and other treats make their way into the super stuffed lunch bags! Oh, we’re stoked.

The day we headed up to Harper was on the tail end of the cold snap, so when we got to the mountain, it was minus 17. Brrrr! Despite the cold, it was beautiful. The lodge’s chimney showed that the fire was already going inside and the evergreen trees laden with snow and were beautiful. We unpacked our gear and made our way inside to meet up with our group.


Our boys were taking ski lessons that day and renting equipment, and the process was an easy and smooth one. The kids love the instructors, especially the realllllly tall guy with the Scottish brogue. The nice thing about Harper Mountain is that you can sit inside the lodge if you want, and you can see the hills that the tow rope and T-bar service where the kids are skiing. Most people are used to solely going on a chair lift, but there are some pretty decent runs off of the T-bar including a black diamond and many blue runs. The chair lift is also great, but didn’t open until 12:30pm on the weekday we were there.

What I like about Harper is the family atmosphere. We don’t feel pressured to bag as many runs as we can, but ski for about an hour or two, come in to warm up, visit and snack by one of two fireplaces, and then head out again. There is also night skiing which I’m excited to try and tubing which we’re going to do with a bunch of friends for sure this year. Downstairs are a bunch of cubbies where you can keep your lunch, boots and other gear, plus if you don’t want to pack a lunch, there’s a cafeteria where you can purchase hot dogs, burgers, fries and other bevies. Harper Mountain is only 20 minutes from Kamloops, so even if you’re looking to do a half day, the cost and drive are reasonable and make it a good morning, afternoon (or all day) activity.

~ Awesome Aleece