I was lucky enough to have been invited by Sun Rivers Golf Course to go try out the brand new sport of Foot Golf. As a former soccer player and a non-golfer I was really excited to see how this would work. Some logistics for those of you who have yet to try it out:

  • Footwear: I used runners but you are also able to wear indoor soccer shoes or golf shoes but NO outdoor soccer cleats
  • Dress code is the same as it would be for regular golf
  • You will play 18 holes of foot golf on 9 holes of golf (2 holes per golf green)
  • The foot golf holes are not on the same green as the golf holes and are much bigger in size
  • The distance you have to kick the ball is much shorter than the distance you would have to hit the golf ball
  • You can either bring your own ball or rent a ball for $5
  • You can use the same score card as golf and follow the same PAR rating for each hole
  • A round of 18 holes will take approximately 2 hours
  • Any and all levels can play

Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I loved how you can play the hills and kick it in what seemed like the wrong direction and have it roll down and end up within putting distance of the hole. I found the putting the most difficult part but heard from some people afterwards that it was easier if you used the front of your foot instead of the side so that will be what I work on next time. We were lucky enough to get carts as it was all part of the experience but I would definitely be willing to do it without a cart as all you really have is yourself and your ball which you are most likely chasing anyways.

I am guessing we will see much more growth in this sport as golf courses are starting to diversify in order to attract new golfers, some of whom may have never stepped on a golf course before. Of all of the people who were out on the course the same day as me, I heard only positive comments. Everyone enjoyed it. Now go give it a try!!!