Kamloops might be known for mountain biking in the crisp autumn air and golden-hour hiking, but when it comes to its craft beer scene, it also packs a big punch! Kamloops offers beer enthusiasts a curated big-flavour experience with a collection of five microbreweries. The best part? You can tour them all over a weekend and still hit up one of our local cideries or distilleries.

Let's dive deep into the heart of Kamloops' craft beer scene!

Red Collar Brewing Co. 


Address: 355 Lansdowne St.
Website: https://www.redcollar.ca/
Instagram: @redcollarbrewing
Dog-Friendly: Patio Weather Permitting & Fireplace Room

Red Collar Brewing serves up cold beers for hops enthusiasts and fun mixed drinks for fans of harder spirits through their sister company, Gin Lane Co. The name "Red Collar" pays tribute to their beloved late labrador, Goosey, and his signature red collar, and in Goosey's honour, 4-legged friends are always welcome at Red Collar. Whether you're in the mood for their Dubbel Belgium Ale or something that celebrates Kamloops' flavours like their Apricot Sour Berliner Weisse, Red Collar's rotating taps are always ready to serve. Red Collar has a few shareable snacks on the menu but always supports the local food scene and has a fun BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) policy, letting you bring your favourite local takeout to enjoy with your brews.

Noble Pig Brewhouse


Address: 650 Victoria Street
Website: https://www.thenoblepig.ca/
Instagram: @thenoblepigbrew
Dog-Friendly: Patio Weather Permitting

The Noble Pig Brewhouse isn't just a place to grab a drink; it's where craft beer and mouthwatering cuisine collide in the most delightful way. The Noble Pig offers a journey with each drink—from tried-and-true classics like their Big Bad Wolf Indian Pale Ale to exciting, innovative flavours like their It Takes Two to Mango Radler. But the fun doesn't stop with your last sip. The Noble Pig's kitchen is whipping up dishes that taste great and have perfect beer-pairing potential, making it a foodie's dream spot. Whether you're there to stick with the brews you know or venture into their latest seasonal suds, one thing's certain: visiting Noble Pig is a must on any Kamloops beer tour.

Alchemy Brewing


Address: 650 Victoria Street
Website: https://alchemybrewingcompany.ca/
Instagram: @alchemybrewingcompany
Dog-Friendly: No

With their knack for blending unique flavours, Alchemy Brewing is whipping up some of the most unforgettable beers you'll ever try. But Alchemy's expertise isn't just limited to drinks. Their food? 100% from scratch and guaranteed to impress. Think mouthwatering disco fries or bacon jam brie pizza with caramelised onions paired with a crisp pint of their Spruce Moose Winter Lager for starters. It's a combination of passion, creativity, and just plain good vibes that makes every visit memorable. Experience a pinch of culinary and brewing magic and add Alchemy Brewing to your fall beer tour list.

Iron Road Brewing


Address: 980 Camosun Crescent
Website: https://www.ironroadbrewing.ca/
Instagram: @ironroadbrewing
Dog-Friendly: No

Tucked away just off the Thompson Rivers University campus, Iron Road Brewing isn't just any old brewery—it's where two rock-loving geologists turned their passion for local dirt into a love for the golden brews we hold in our glasses. Walking in, you're immediately met with the perfect blend of casual, modern coolness and cozy hometown pub. Iron Road is more than just a spot for a pint; it's a place to kick back, let loose, and catch up with friends and family over a cup of their Locomotive Lager or Loops Line IPA. The Mexican street food menu is a testament to their commitment to flavour, and if you leave without trying the Oreo churros, you're doing it wrong. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, they're the sweet ending (or beginning) every beer lover deserves.

Bright Eye Brewing


Address: 292 Tranquille Road
Website: https://www.brighteyebrewing.com/
Instagram: @brighteyebrewing
Dog-Friendly: Patio Weather Permitting

Located on Kamloops' North Shore, Bright Eye Brewing is where traditional brewing methods meet modern innovation. They're not just pouring beers; they're pouring heart, soul, and a sprinkle of creativity into every glass. Short Squeeze blood orange Belgian Wit? Yep, that's a thing, and it's delicious! But Bright Eye doesn't stop at drinks. They're serving up mouthwatering dishes from morning to night. The brunch is a must-try, and the Pinã Colada Creme Brûlée is the stuff of legends, with an ooey gooey center and a perfect sugar cap to crack. Bright Eye Brewing is the place where every visit will feel like an exploration, every sip, a new adventure, and every bite a delightful surprise.

Kamloops Cideries & Distilleries


For those who want to add to their Kamloops beer tour or experience something different, Kamloops is also home to 2 cideries and 3 distilleries.

At Woodward Cider Co., the journey from engineering to cider-making has given Kamloops its very first craft cidery where BC apples shine. Just 20 km from town, this family-operated cidery (and winery) offers the perfect blend of ambiance and taste. Meanwhile, the determination of Kate Garthwaite at Left Field Cider Co. to perfect cider-making has resulted in an artisanal blend of English, French, and BC apples that is simply unparalleled.

At Red Bridge Distilling traditional craftsmanship meets innovation, with a range spanning from aromatic gins to smooth-as-silk vodkas. Over at Gin Lane Distilling Co., located within the Red Collar Brewing, gin enthusiasts can savour uniquely crafted cocktails. Finally, the spirit of Canada is bottled up at Route 1 Distillery, where their triple-distilled offerings are a tribute to the iconic highway they're named after.

Kamloops is a hidden gem for anyone who loves a good drink. From the cool breweries, each with their own twist, to the cider spots using BC's freshest apples, to the distilleries making strong stuff that's super tasty – it's all here! If you're looking to taste some great local brews, ciders, or spirits and want to have a fun time doing it, Kamloops should be at the top of your list. Cheers to that!

Now if wine is more your thing, check out the Kamloops Wine Trail.