If you’ve never taken a rail tour with the Kamloops Heritage Railway, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. In the summer, climb aboard and travel in open air cars pulled by the beautifully restored 2141 'Spirit of Kamloops' locomotive with a reenactment of the 1906 Bill Miner train robbery. And in winter, the train is decked out in holiday lights for the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ trips and heads to pick up Santa at the North Pole. But in the Halloween season, I hear things get darn right spooky.

My family and I are getting ready to come to Kamloops this year to experience the Ghost Train running Oct 13th to the 28th. From what I understand, it’s a pretty spooky trip and best suited for kids over 6 years of age. Story has it that back in 1915, a train carrying 44 passengers and crew left the Kamloops junction destined for Blue River. The train disappeared into a thick fog while passing through Wolfenden and never reappeared. Ever since the restoration of the 2141 steam train, strange events have taken place around Halloween. Have the spirits been resurrected? I guess we’re going to find out.

If this trip is anything like the summer or winter trips, get to the station about an hour before departure. This will only add to your experience where you’ll meet the characters and watch as the engineer builds the train for the trip right out in front of the parking area. Lots of steam action and photo ops! I even got to blow the whistle on the train and I swear they could hear it half way up the North Thompson! All aboard!!

Check out more information about the ghost train here.

- Mark Madryga

Tourism Kamloops Ambassador