Curious about critters? You don’t have to travel far to see spectacular wildlife here! Situated just 15-minutes outside Kamloops, the BC Wildlife Park is home to nearly 200 animals and 65 species of wildlife. Visit the park to meet some of the new creatures that have recently been rescued or adopted from around the country.

Giddy Up To The Przewalski's Horses

Part of a special Species Survival Program, the new male and female miracle Przewalski’s (pronounced shuh-VAL-skee) horses' arrival at the BC Wildlife Park has been a long time in the making. In the 1960's, this rare species of horse from Central Asia was practically extinct, with only a few of the critically endangered species living in zoos. Conservation efforts and a captive breeding program helped to keep the species alive and the park was given special permission to bring this pair to BC from Granby Zoo in Quebec.

Pet New Pals At The Family Farm

BC Wildlife Park is also home to some furry friends in the family farm. Born on local farms, the new four-legged friends include Charu, the adorable pygmy goat and Mouse, a tiny, fluffy sheep who wasn’t expected to make it as he was born unusually small. Now, this sweet and friendly little guy can be found enjoying life with his siblings from the same farm (Morley and Barbara).

Slither Over To The Snakes

Say hi to the snakes! Two new residents recently arrived at the park in need of a new home. One little garter snake had been surrendered to the conservation officer service as he had developed an infection. He’d been run over in downtown Kamloops and rehabbed at someone’s home until he needed medical attention. Because his original habitat is unknown and he’s been in a home for over a year, his chances of survival in the wild are pretty slim.

Another new snake resident is Timothy (Tiny Tim), a gopher snake who was found in a bale of hay in Vancouver. Gopher snakes are one of BC’s bigger snakes and they are constrictors, rather than venomous. It’s not known if Timothy journeyed there from Washington or the Interior, so the Ministry of the Environment asked the park if they could take him in.

Make new furry friends at BC Wildlife Park, open daily 9.30am-5pm. Learn more about how the animal residents are rescued and rehabbed at the centre, and say hello to the new residents while you’re there!