The Kamloops Bike Ranch is the largest municipal bike park in Canada and is also a premiere sporting venue in the mountain bike community. Take a look at the Ranch and the people who ride there through the eyes of local mountain bike ambassador Dylan Sherrard.

Simply put, The Kamloops Bike Ranch is a magical place. As we roll through the endless waves of dirt we discover ourselves plugged into a floating feeling of flow. There isn’t a better place on earth to enjoy the evening’s glitter and golden glow.

The kids who frequent the Kamloops Bike Ranch are growing up to be a special breed of mountain biker. With such an incredible park in their backyard and all the building blocks imaginable, their progression is quick, their skills are sharp, and their riding displays a confidence typically reserved for riders who’ve spent decades playing on two wheels.

When all the Bike Ranch kids come together to session, it’s an unbelievable sight. If the winds are low and the stoke is high, turn your eye toward the sky for an unforgettable show where these riders fly. The most exciting aspect to witness is how inclusive these sessions are. Whether your flipping and spinning through the big lines like @sorenfarenholtz, or just learning to lift your wheels from the ground, these riders have a smile.

Make no mistake, the Kamloops Bike Ranch isn’t simply a place for kids to ride jumps. When you look past the carefully carved dirt sculptures that ride the perimeter of the park, you’ll find endless flowing turns and smooth, effortless singletrack trails for riders of sizes and skill levels. The Ranch truly is a world class cycling facility regardless of the genre.

As these next few weeks are sure to be a blur, make a point to seek a little stillness on your ride and watch the world in bloom.