There’s something about running in a large crowd that one tends to crave and there was nothing short of this at The Kamloops Daily News Boogie this year with 2464 participants! 

This was my first year in this run and the hype for me began at the registration Expo at the Interior Savings Centre (ISC) where you can enter draws, meet other participants and officially get your race package.  The organizers and venders are also really great about getting you involved and pumped up for the next day’s event!

 I’ve been running…rather, jogging a fair bit lately in preparation for The Boogie and I must say I feel good about what I accomplished. For me, the goal was to be under an hour and although I clocked 1hour, 1 min,  I still feel like I did it – I was that close!

I digress…back to race day – it came before I knew it, 7am rise and I was off to downtown Kamloops - 3rd and Victoria to be exact - to score a great parking spot (thanks Mom for the parking pass) and check out all the booths and mentally get in the ‘zone’ for my 10km run ahead of me. 

I really enjoyed the warm up session which was well needed as the weather was a wee bit chilly and it was so motivating to be a part of the giant crowd performing the same movements. 

Before I knew it we were off and running and all that could be heard was the hum of thousands of rubber shoes hitting the pavement.   As I weaved in and out, finding that one in front of me that I was going to pace, it’s all you could hear and it was mesmerising - everyone out there for a goal of their own, all running together to achieve it. 

The entertainment along the route, water stations and people cheering us all on gave me the motivation to keep with it to the finish line.  I love that I got a medal just for completing the race!  Great event…I’ll be back next year and I will get under an hour – ok so maybe I still have a goal to reach!

There are so many great races in Kamloops for those starting out to the more experienced.  From The Kamloops Daily News Boogie, to the Kamloops Marathon, Dirty Feet races and Blackwell Dairy run it seems we have it all. It’s wonderful to live in a community that has such support for these runs!  Not to mention, my dog daughter and motivational leader Teeka loves to explore all the trail systems she’s allowed off leash at.   


~Moto Meghan