Well after a few days of what felt like arctic winter torture we are back to our balmy temperatures ranging from 0 to 5 degrees predicted for the weekend. Not only will it warm up but it will snow! This is great news for someone like me who has a countdown every week until Saturday when I can get up to the hill in hopes for some fresh tracks. Last weekend left us with 30cm of fresh powder to play in and this weekend is shaping up to be about the same!
Both Sun Peaks and Harper Mountain have lots of the white stuff for everyone to enjoy. For the familythats new to the sport and looking for a great family outing for a bit less of the green stuff check out Harper Mountain. For those of you who want a mountain resort feel with 5 chairs, 2 T-bars and a beginners carpet, head on up to Sun Peaks Resort.
So...I am going to share with you some of my favorite runs which always gets me in trouble with my friends because they want to keep them all to themselves…..but I’m going to tell you anyways!

Lets start with Harper Mountain. I grew up skiing at Harper and always loved Midway and kept left to hop onto Little Bend. These are both blue runs and have some excellent play on the sides where you can find some nice powder. There is a great tree run that falls in between Midway and Little Bend that brings you out at the bottom of Midway. You can see it on the map but it has no name.
Now for Sun Peaks, It's quite a big mountain and has a lot of secret spots that the locals try to keep secret. One of my favorites is off the Sundance Express. If you head down Homesteader and look to your left you will see tracks that head down through the trees. Its not too tight and seems to always have lots of powder. Another great run is Chute. It is a black diamond run so can be steep in parts. Head up the Sunburst Express then over to the Crystal Chair and follow the signs to the Chute. Keep left and you will find some good powder!
So, I hope this helps some of you who plan to come up for a family getaway to do some skiing or boarding. Maybe I will see you on the slopes!