Hello Industry Partners,

At our last strategy session, we identified a great opportunity and need for stakeholders to share information. As the Tourism Kamloops corporate newsletter is sent out monthly, we will be sharing a post in each one that includes some industry updates (a "hot list" if you will). This is meant to be a platform for industry stakeholders to share what is new with their business whether it is a special or package, renovation, new cask flavour, new product offering, etc.  Not only will this be good information for us to share with consumers - it is also a great resource for each of you and your employees. Ensure your front of house staff members are aware as well so that when a visitor comes to your place of business and is looking for their next activity/meal/accommodation, you can provide them with a great recommendation.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted your hot list items for FEBRUARY, stay tuned!

Please email andrea@tourismkamloops.com to share what's new at your location and I'll be sure to include it!

Thanks Everyone!