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Move Over, Here’s Mac!

I’ve never been the kind of person to think that my kids were going to grow up and be Hollywood celebrities, as I was kind of hoping that I was going to make it big. But alas, that hasn’t happened… yet. I do, however, remember growing up as a kid loving theatre camps and being a part of the Chase Players theatre group, so thought our eldest might like it. When I asked my eight year old about trying out an acting school because he’s just so darn creative and dramatic (eye roll), he thought it might be cool to try. We looked into theatre camps, and the Western Canada Theatre’s Stage One Theatre School came highly recommended, so we signed up Mac for a one week course over spring break.

Day one and Mac was nervous but super excited. My husband took him to class and exclaimed that the room was full of other little “Macs”, meaning that there were many, many other creative and dramatic (eye roll) children there as well. By lunch time, our boy was as happy as a clam, feeling very welcomed by the teachers and fellow drama school kids.

This school was held in the Old Courthouse in downtown Kamloops across from the City Hall, and what an amazing building. The kids actually got to have their classes in the old courts, sitting where the judge would preside and in the jury area, which was really cool. The school was run by Terri Runnalls, who is also an actor in Kamloops and was so great with the kids.

The kids got to play theatre games, learn how to project their voices and show true emotion and even put on a play for all of the parents on the final day of the school, which was great. The older kids even wrote their own play and performed it, which was wonderful. The caliber of this Theatre School was great and there are others coming up this August for kids 8 – 18 years of age. (info here: ) Even if you’re not into Theatre School, there are so many live theatre shows happening in Kamloops to enjoy year-round, so get out and support the arts by being involved or by being an audience member.

~ Awesome Aleece


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