This week we were lucky enough to be invited to learn to curl at the McArthur Island Sports Centre with some great curlers who are also great teachers. It seems as though we all walked in thinking it was pretty easy and all it took was chucking a rock from one end of the ice to the other. Guess what!?!? There is more to it than that! I don’t mean to make it sound difficult or that you have to be an excellent athlete to participate. I mean to say it is a wonderful challenge and since there are so many variations to throwing the rock they have made it a sport that anyone can participate in, whether you choose to use the aids available is up to you.

What I really enjoyed about learning to curl was that they show you one step at a time. If I were to just walk onto the ice and try to throw a rock, I imagine I wouldn’t be as graceful as I may think I could be without some tips from the pros. We went through each step of the game and learnt how to do it the proper way. Afterwards we split into 2 teams and had a mini game. With 6 sheets of ice it is possible to have 48 people participate at the same time.

This is a great team building opportunity for groups of almost any size, ability or age. You start with some instruction and then jump into a mini tournament. There are some surprise twists you will find as the game goes on that keeps things fun and exciting for both teams.

So, as the game goes on I imagine you will be getting kinda hungry and possibly even a bit thirsty! Curling and beer do go hand and hand for some and one of the perks of this venue is the fact that you are allowed to bring your beverages onto the ice with you. It might not be the smartest decision, but it’s allowed! If you make your way up the stairs you will find the Bread Garden Lounge. If your team has a break you can sit and watch through the windows onto the ice, or watch one of the TV’s located over top of each house while sipping on a hot chocolate and enjoying a delicious soup and sandwich!

For those of you who are interested in trying the Learn to Curl program or the Corporate Curling team building offered by the McArthur Island curling club here are the contact details.


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