Get ready to indulge this snowy season! We've prepared a savoury treat for you to enjoy. Dine Around has arrived in Kamloops, bringing with it a tempting array of meals carefully crafted by our local restaurants. Explore our full list of participating establishments to uncover the delectable offerings awaiting you this season. 

From January 17 to February 11, immerse yourself in Kamloops’ culinary delights as you hop from one local restaurant to the next, savouring their specially curated menus. With prices ranging from $25 to $65 per person, seize the opportunity to indulge in the diverse and delicious creations of Kamloops' restaurants.

Prepare your taste buds, here’s our list of participating restaurants for Dine Around Kamloops.


Dine Around Menus Starting at $25 per Person


MATCH Eatery + Public House

Located in Cascades Casino Kamloops

Price: $25 per person

MATCH Eatery + Public House delivers a perfect fusion of traditional pub fare with a contemporary flair. Satisfy your cravings with their Dine Around menu, featuring options such as the Reel Deal Haddock & Chips, the classic MATCH Burger, the flavourful Margherita Verde Pizza, or their southern-inspired Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

Conveniently located in Cascades Casino, MATCH provides the ideal opportunity to indulge in an awe-inspiring meal without breaking the bank. Whether you're a fan of crispy fish and chips, a juicy burger, a cheesy pizza, or a spicy chicken sandwich, MATCH caters to every palate. Reserve your table for a dining experience that seamlessly marries pub comfort with contemporary innovation – your taste buds will thank you!


The Columbia Diner:

Located in Ramada by Wyndham Kamloops

Price: $30 per person

Whether you're a traveller or a local, The Columbia Diner extends a warm welcome to an era where honest comfort food meets genuine passion.

Embark on a delightful culinary adventure with their Dine Around menu, starting with classic share favourites like Dirty Fries, Fries & Strips, or the iconic Backyard Caesar. For the main course, indulge in choices such as the timeless Smash Burger, the fiery Habanero Hot Chicken Burger, or the irresistible Ultimate Grilled Cheese. For the finale, conclude your experience on a sweet note with the Columbia Cheesecake.

The Columbia Diner is the perfect restaurant for a family-friendly outing, complete with artisan milkshakes. From Oreo to Mango Blueberry and unconventional delights like Cheesy KitKat or Cookies & Cream, their custom milkshakes promise a unique twist on this classic treat.

Step back in time for your next meal and reserve a table at the Columbia Diner. You’ll experience the perfect blend of nostalgic flavours with a modern twist that's sure to make every bite a memorable journey.


Bright Eye Brewing

Located on the North Shore

Price: $35 per person

As the first craft brewery on Kamloops' North Shore, Bright Eye Brewing invites you to savour their ever-changing innovative beers alongside delicious food. Whether you fancy raising a pint beside a UFO or trying your luck at their in-house arcade, Bright Eye Brewing promises a lively atmosphere for an unforgettable night out.

For the beer enthusiast in search of a three-course meal, Bright Eye Brewing has you covered. Their menu begins with a Dark Stout Bacon Marmalade with Goat Cheese Brulee Crostini, expertly paired with the I’ll Be Bock lager. Following this, indulge in Beer Brined Chicken with roasted winter vegetables, suggested to pair with the Cherry Maguire.

For a uniquely sweet ending, your taste buds will delight in Ginger Beer Apple Fritters with Vanilla Gelato, recommended to complement the Dubbel Dragon, a Belgian Dubbel. Bright Eye Brewing promises an exquisite dining experience on Kamloops' North Shore. Contact Bright Eye Brewing to book your table and experience their specialty menu with expertly curated beer pairings.


Barside Lounge & Grill

Located in Chances Kamloops

Price: $35 per person

Craving a welcoming atmosphere and comforting bites? Barside Lounge & Grill is your go-to spot, offering not only a cozy ambiance but also a mouth-watering Dine Around menu that promises to leave you in a state of post-meal bliss. Join Barside for Dine Around and dive into the choice between the appetizing Mologian Penne Pasta or the tempting Fried Chicken Sandwich. Elevate your experience by adding their recommended beer pairing, featuring the new-on-tap Phillips Tiger Shark – a choice that won't disappoint.

Did someone mention live music? While indulging in their savoury dishes, let the tunes sweep you away for a toe-tapping and nod-worthy dining experience. Check their website for their upcoming live performances to book a table during their next show – the perfect accompaniment to your delicious meal. Conveniently located in Chances Kamloops on the North Shore, Barside Lounge & Grill invites you to indulge in the complete dining experience, where their flavourful bites will leave you longing for more.


Dine Around Menus Starting at $45 per Person

Isagani F2T Cafe Lounge

Located in the Prestige Kamloops

Price: $45 per person

Isagani F2T Cafe Lounge offers an upscale casual eatery featuring farm-to-table ingredients, a unique fresh menu, and creative cocktails, craft beer and wines. Step into Isagani's bright, modern cafe and lounge, where small plates burst with the flavours of the Thompson Okanagan.

Embark on a culinary journey with Isagani's Dine Around menu, with your choice of Beef Pot Roast or Baked Chicken Cannelloni. These picturesque dishes echo the warmth of your mother's cooking and are skillfully crafted with local ingredients – the true Farm-to-table experience that you've been searching for. Immerse yourself in the diverse flavours of Kamloops and elevate your meal by pairing it with local Monte Creek Winery White or Red Wine.

Located in the Prestige Kamloops Hotel, mark your calendars for a memorable date night. Join Isagani in redefining Farm-to-table dining in Kamloops – an evening where every bite is a celebration of culinary excellence.

Local Tip: The Prestige Hotel is also offering a Dine & Stay Special from January 17 to February 11. You’ll enjoy 15% off your stay plus breakfast for two at Isagani with coffee, tea, or juice. Phone their office and use the code SIP to book your stay!


Casa Azul Mexican Restaurant

Located in Downtown Kamloops

Price: $45 per person

Step into Casa Azul Restaurant, a vibrant oasis that transports you to the heart of Mexican cuisine. Located in downtown Kamloops, this international gem radiates the authentic charms and beauty of Mexico. With its vibrant decor, eclectic margarita glasses, traditional plates, and homemade cooking, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo of Casa Azul is infusing every aspect of their restaurant with the true essence of Mexico.

Dive into their Dine Around menu, offering a tempting choice between Enchiladas Suizas with creamy homemade salsa verde or Baja Style Fish or Shrimp Tacos topped with pickled cabbage and pico de gallo. Conclude your culinary journey with the delectable Banana Empanada, a sweet and crisp dessert that elevates the classic churro to new heights. 

Indulge in the rich tapestry of Mexican tastes, textures, and traditions at Casa Azul, where every dish is a celebration of authentic Mexican flavours.


ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits

Located in the Coast Hotel

Price: $45 - $55 per person (depending on main course)

ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere to savour their Dine Around menu. Delight in the precision and passion behind each dish as you choose from exquisite mains like the Seared Black Cod or the Pan Roast Striploin. End on a sweet note with the Irresistible Pina Colada dessert, a coconut pineapple tart that offers a mini-vacation of tropical flavours.

Step into the culinary realm of the chef who lends his name to the restaurant itself, and book your Reservation at ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits. Elevate your dining experience by reserving an igloo for your table – it’s a winter culinary experience like no other.

Located in the Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre, ROMEOs sets the scene for a snow-filled evening, seamlessly blending warmth, flavour, and a touch of winter magic.

Local Tip: As an exclusive offer, the Coast Hotel is also offering a sip, savour and stay deal on their accommodation. Stay during Dine Around from January 17 to February 11, and you’ll receive a $25 Gift Certificate (per night) to spend in ROMEOs during your stay.


Moxies Kamloops

Located in downtown Kamloops

Price: $45 - $60 per person (depending on main course)

Experience a classic yet contemporary night out at Moxies Kamloops, where luxury meets casual dining. Located across from the beach in the heart of downtown Kamloops, their modern and inviting location is offering an extensive dine-around menu with tantalizing meal options.

Choose from their enticing Chicken Madeira Rigatoni, flavourful Chipotle Mango Chicken, aromatic Vegan Thai Curry Laksa, succulent Lemon Basil Salmon, or indulge in their New York Steak with Peppercorn Sauce for an additional cost. Moxie's also caters to various dietary restrictions, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options for both appetizers and entrees.

With a plethora of menu choices, Moxies ensures the best for everyone. Reserve a table for a modern dining experience that brings you all your favourites.


ATLAS Steak + Fish

Located in Cascades Casino Kamloops

Price: $45 per person
$65 per person, including a 3oz Wine Pairing per course

ATLAS Steak + Fish in Kamloops offers a unique twist on the traditional Steak House. Begin your dining experience with the perfect prelude to awaken your taste buds, the tantalizing Black Truffle & Brie Arancini Amuse Bouche. With a soothing ambience surrounded by luscious greenery, ATLAS is treating Dine Around guests to their choice of a Petit Filet Bearnaise, Josper Smoked Chicken Breast, Black Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna, or Wild Mushroom + Truffle Risotto.

This winter, treat your palate to a meticulously crafted meal by the visionary chefs at ATLAS Steak + Fish. Immerse yourself in the epitome of a Steakhouse experience that transcends the ordinary. ATLAS invites you to savour the artistry of their culinary creations, promising a dining experience that both delights and captivates your senses. Reserve your table at ATLAS this snowy season for Dine Around Kamloops.


Dine Around Menus Starting at $55+ per Person

Maurya's Craft Bar & Kitchen

Located in Downtown Kamloops

Price: $55 per person

To craft their Dine Around menu, Maurya's Craft Bar & Kitchen was inspired by the vibrant flavours of the Maurya family’s hometown of Lucknow City. Their exquisite menu is turning heads featuring their favourite entrees of Malai Kofta, Yellow Dal, and Chicken Masala served with rice or your choice of Naan or Roti; each dish is infused with years of passion and tradition reflecting rich Indian culinary heritage.

Renowned for its hospitality, experience the cuisine of Lucknow City with Maurya's. Book your table and join the celebration of their 20th year of bringing authentic Fine Indian Cuisine to downtown Kamloops!


Stills Co. Tapas & Cocktails

Located in Downtown Kamloops

Price: $55 per person

A newcomer to the Kamloops' culinary scene, Executive Chef Gina Davidson and Sous Chef Jade Krahn invite you to Stills Co. Tapas & Cocktails. With a commitment to bringing people together through delectable cuisine, they honour the vibrant local ingredients of Kamloops.

Step into the modern and enchanting ambiance where creative cocktail names and a hidden surprise experience add to the unique personality of Stills Co. Treat your palate and join them for their delightful menu available during Dine Around.

Begin your meal with their Chef’s Daily Soup Creation, Warm Winter Crunch Salad or Artisan Cheese Plate. For the main course, you’ll savour the Rosemary Lamb Chop or the Empress Chicken. While dessert promises a sweet finale with your choice of the Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake or the Carrot Cake Sandwich.

Still Co. not only offers a feast for the senses but also pours the true flavours of our region with local wine pairings from Privato Winery, giving you a taste of the Kamloops Wine Trail. If you're in the mood for mocktails, dive into their tempting selection of mocktails for a not-so-boozy bliss.

Located downtown on Lansdowne Street, Still Co. beckons you to satisfy your cravings and discover their thoughtfully crafted Dine Around Menu. Book your table at Still Co. for a dining experience that blends local flavours, creative mixology, and warm hospitality. And for those who love surprises, don’t forget to look for the big red button.

Cordo Resto + Bar

Located in the Delta Hotel

Price: $65+ per person

Renowned for its regionally-inspired cuisine, Cordo Resto + Bar draws inspiration from the diverse offerings of our region. They employ a modern approach to craft artful dishes using local herbs and produce whenever the ingredients permit. Paying homage to the Thompson Okanagan, Cordo derives its name from Cordillera, reflecting the intricate network of mountainous terrain marked by parallel ranges, plateaus, and diverse ecosystems in Western Canada.

For their Dine Around menu, Cordo features your choice of Wine-braised Beef Chuck, Chicken Marsala with homemade Gnocchi, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Reindeer Lake Trout, and the exclusive Prime Rib (available on Saturday evenings). Cordo’s selections of entrees are guaranteed to enchant your taste buds with a delightful melody of diverse and delectable flavours.

We invite you to book a reservation to discover the flavours inspired by the Thompson Okanagan. 

As winter unfolds, seize the chance to support Kamloops’ restaurants and explore the full spectrum of local cuisine. Join us for Dine Around and revel in the flavours and culinary craftsmanship this season has to offer!

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